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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

John 11:38,39 – Jesus therefore again groaning in himself cometh to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay upon it. Jesus said, Take YE away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days. 

When Jesus Christ wanted to raise Lazarus from the dead to fulfill the Will of the Father, first something had to be done. The stone had to be rolled away. It is not that rolling the stone away was a precondition for raising Lazarus. Rather, there was no point in raising Lazarus without first rolling away the stone! What good would it have been to raise Lazarus without rolling away the stone? First of all, it would have done Lazarus no good, because he would have been resurrected only to soon die for want of thirst. Second, it would have done the people no good, for they would never have seen Lazarus risen and hence believed upon Christ as the Son of God and also in the power of God to deliver them. Look, every verse, every word that is in the Bible is there for a reason. The rolling the stone away for Lazarus represents a BREAKTHROUGH.
Look, Jesus has already died on the cross, risen again, and ascended into Heaven. By His stripes you are already healed, you are already delivered from evil spirits, your marriage is already saved, your children are already blessed, your ministry is already growing, you already have prosperity, you already have the Word of Faith and all power in Christ’s Name, you are already an heir and joint – heir with Christ Jesus, you are already in the Kingdom of Heaven. Those things are already yours, but you just need to receive them. It is like someone buying you a birthday gift. You may not even know about it (surprise party), who is giving it to you, or what it is, but it is still yours. You just need to go to your party, have the gift placed in your hand, and unwrap and open it to A) know that you have been given the gift B) know who gave you the gift C) know what the gift is and D) begin to benefit from it. Now that gift might have been bought on clearance 11 months ago by a forward – thinking birthday gift shopper. So that gift has been yours for almost a whole year, but it took all that time for you to receive it: when you were ready for it because it was your birthday. Even though it was yours, before you could get the giver had to decide it was the appropriate time to give it to you; that it was an appropriate time for you to receive it. And then there is another scenario: if the giver of your gift cannot make it to the party and put it into your hand. So he mails it. The gift is already yours, it was when the giver bought it for you. And the giver has already gone through the act of transferring it from him to you. You just have not received it yet. It is in transit. Even when it gets to your house, you still have to go home to get it.

So sometimes your gift hasn’t been given to you yet because it is not ready. Sometimes it has been given to you but it is still in transit. And sometimes your gift is right there waiting for you, but you are in the wrong place. In all cases, your gift is right there, but you need a BREAKTHROUGH to get what God has in store for you! You need a BREAKTHROUGH before you can be ready for God to transfer your gift to you. In those cases, you just need to mature in Christ: to learn to walk in faith, charity, and obedience consistently no matter what. Or you need a BREAKTHROUGH for the given gift to arrive, especially if it is being withstood by agents of the enemy (see Daniel 10:12-14). In those instances, you need to fight for it with fasting, prayer, and spiritual warfare in order to remove the obstacles that are preventing your gift’s arrival. Or, you simply need to go home and get your gift, or maybe to the post office to sign for it and pick it up. In that case, you are stuck in a dry place, like in a church, relationship, place of work or residence, etc. that God does not want you to be in, and you have to follow God to where He wants you to be before you can receive the promise, which was the case of Abraham having to leave His family and His country.  

But here is the hard part: most Believers know this already. So why are they not receiving the peace and power of God? Because they are neglecting the key part of the Scripture up there, the part that I have in red: Take YE away the stone! So many of us fall for the trap of the false faith doctrine. We are told about faith, but we are not told how to use it. Rather, we are told how to misuse and misapply it. Consider Noah. In order to be saved from the flood, what did Noah have to do? BUILD AN
ARK! NOAH ACTUALLY HAD TO DO SOMETHING! But we get into believing that God has to do everything for us supernaturally. We are so afraid of getting out there and doing works to claim our blessing because we have had it beaten and drilled into us that “Christianity is not a works religion.” All that means is that our spirits are not saved by works of the flesh. But we still have to get out and do works! If we did not have to do works to get blessings, we would not have to pray. Oh, you did not think that prayer was a work? Or is prayer only a work if you pray too long and intently? Is there some rule that you cannot pray over a certain time limit and you cannot exceed a certain emotional threshold, or else it is a work? Oh, and incidentally you “we are not a works religion” people, how did you get saved, give your life to Christ? By saying a prayer, right? Christianity is not a WORKS OF THE FLESH religion. It is every much a WORKS OF THE SPIRIT RELIGION. Even the works that your physically body actually performs are actually commanded, motivated, instructed, and guided by the Holy Spirit. When you have the fruits of the spirit of charity and kindness in you, causing you to greet people with a smile and a salutation of “God Bless You”, that is a work of the Holy Spirit! It is just using your body as a vessel; manifesting through your body!

But because of this misapplied “having the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains” doctrine, we will sit and beg and pray to God for 100 years to roll the stone away for us. Or we will misuse the Word of Faith and spend 100 years to command it to move. Now eventually God will have pity on us and intervene, but that is His Permissive Will out of mercy and grace to give us what we need and ask for, not His Perfect Will to give it in the manner and at the time of His Choosing for the purpose of maturing our souls. So many people never grow in Christ because they are never taught HOW to grow in Christ. They are told to have faith, which they mistake for believing something extra hard and professing it extra often and vigorously. Well as James said, works are the evidence of your faith (James 2:14-26). Evidence of faith was Noah building the ark. Evidence of faith was Abraham being ready to sacrifice Isaac on God’s Command because he had faith that God said that he would raise up of Isaac a mighty nation. Evidence of faith was David going into battle with Goliath with no sword or armor because he knew that God wanted him to win that battle and deliver
Israel through him. Evidence of faith was Moses going before pharaoh and saying “Let my people go.” Evidence of faith was Joshua leading the children of Israel around the walls of
Jericho, and Gideon defeating a massive army with 300 men armed with trumpets. And evidence of faith was Jesus Christ coming from Heaven, taking on man’s form and man’s sin and dying on the cross, knowing that God would raise His Soul from hell and His Body from the grave after 3 days.

Faith is not passive. Why not? Because faith is a work. A work as an active assertion of your free will. It does not come by osmosis, it comes by doing and seeking. Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God, and hearing is a passive activity? Well receiving that Word is a conscious free will choice, which is active. So is discerning whether that word is sound doctrine or not. Going through the effort to make that word relevant and applicable to your life and situation is definitely active, and so is believing that following that word will have a positive change on your life instead of a negative or neutral one. If nothing else, getting up out of bed and going to the church to hear the preacher (or even turning over in bed to listen to the preacher on the TV or radio) is a work! You have to use your faith, you have to exercise your faith, you have to walk in your faith, you have to live your faith. You have faith because you do things, and you do things because you have faith!  

And that gets us back to the stone in front of Lazarus’ grave. Now, Jesus could have snapped His Fingers and the boulder would have rolled away. Or He could have gotten some angel to do it for Him. Why didn’t He? It would have accomplished the same thing, right? The living Lazarus would have still been able to escape the tomb for all to see and believe. As a matter of fact, seeing Jesus supernaturally remove the boulder or seeing some strong angel respond to His Command to remove the boulder would have been even more proof that He was the Son of God, right? So then, why did not He do it? Again, please keep in mind that every word and detail in the Bible is there for a reason.  

Christ told MEN to roll away the stone because he wanted MEN to do it. It is not so much that Christ merely wanted men to participate in the miraculous event. No, remember, the stone being rolled away represents a breakthrough. It represents a door being opened so someone can walk through. It represents a stronghold being torn down, a demon principality or power being defeated. And how did this happen? Because they did what Jesus Christ told them to. Maybe they had faith that Jesus Christ was going to raise Lazarus. Maybe they had faith that SOMETHING was going to happen. Maybe they had no idea what was going on. Or maybe they had no faith at all but merely acted out of obedience! Yes, God will reward faithless obedience for He is a merciful God, and He knows that a Christian who obeys out of unbelief in spite of himself will often belief once the obedience produces results. And in this instance, their obedience, faithless or no, was sufficient to facilitate the working of the miracle, and upon seeing the miracle they believed! But it happened AFTER they did what Jesus told them to do, AFTER they obeyed. After they made a free will exercise. AFTER they performed A WORK at the commandment of God. 

And hence that is why WE have to do works. When we obey the Holy Spirit and do works, we roll stones away for others. We facilitate the blessings of others. We help others get their breakthroughs. We help others mature to where they can receive their blessings. We help defeat demonic and witchcraft obstacles that delay their blessings. And we help others move out of the dry places and go where they can GET there blessings. We open doors so that others can walk through. Someone else sees us get saved and they join the altar call. Someone else sees us get healed and delivered from demon spirits and they go get in line. Someone else sees us receive prosperity and they start believing on Psalm 112. And that is just one way. When we do God’s Works, that just increases the raining down of the Holy Spirit. It just steamrolls right over demons and witches. It breaks down the fear in people’s minds, the hardness in their hearts, and the obstinancy and rebellion in their wills. That clears a path for people to walk right up to the Tree of Life and start picking, whether beforetime they were weak or strong. That is what happens when you allow God to use you and follow His Perfect Will. 

God wants you to work in His Perfect Will so that the process by which you receive your blessing helps others AND that when you receive your blessing you will have the knowledge, mindset, power, and faith to help someone else. Say God wants you to have a million dollars. If you do what God wants you to do, others will see you working hard towards getting that financial blessing and emulate it. The productive work that you and others do seeking a financial blessing from God will cause economic growth and create jobs for still more people. That increased economic activity will cause investors to come into that area to loan people money to buy homes and start businesses, which creates even more economic growth. And to top it all off, when you get your million dollars you are going to give $100,000 to the church as tithes (allowing them to open up a daycare/job training center), $100,000 to the poor as an offering (keeping them from being evicted and put out on the street, allowing them to get the new jobs because you have to have an address to apply for most jobs), use $100,000 to pay off your debts (giving your creditors the resources to expand, hire more people, and lend more money to people who want to start businesses and own homes), and use the remaining $700,000 to start a job training/staffing firm of your own, which gets even more people off skid row and into stable homes and families, and grows into one of the nation’s largest and most prosperous companies of the sort, which will cause other people (including other Believers, church groups, and charitable organizations) to attempt to replicate your efforts. If ONE RIGHTEOUS MAN will STAND UP AND DO WHAT GOD WANTS HIM TO DO, GOD CAN USE HIM TO START AN ECONOMIC BOOM AND TRANSFORM A WHOLE NATION JUST AS JOSEPH SAVED EGYPT FROM THE DROUGHT! BUT JOSEPH HAD TO SPEND TWENTY YEARS AS A SLAVE AND IN PRISON TO GET THERE! 

But when you are walking in God’s Permissive Will, you only help yourself. Eventually God is going to give you that $1 million because you keep asking for it and He has to give it to someone and would rather it go to someone who loves Him through His Son. But no one is going to see you strive and work hard to get that blessing from the Lord and emulate it. You will be just another person who hit the lottery, married rich, or otherwise got lucky. And you will not have the mindset to bless others with that $1 million, let alone multiply it. You will either not tithe and give offerings or only do it grudgingly (i.e. holding back the “before tax” portion), making it an unacceptable sacrifice and blocking your future blessings on that money. And you will spend most of the rest on lusts and vanities, leaving just enough to pay off a creditor or two. Or you will just hoard it; put it in the bank. That would be the equivalent of you telling Jesus “when you roll away that stone there will be a stench and maggots and flies, and I have a weak stomach and just ate lunch, so I am out of here.” Lazarus does not stay in his grave, for God’s Will shall be done. It would have just happened another way at another time and result in someone else getting blessed. But the result is that the people who would have been set free had YOU demonstrated faith and obedience and followed God’s Perfect Will stay bound. For instance, imagine had David never faced Goliath. God would have still delivered Israel, and David would have even still been king. But it would have come at a price:
Israel would have had to have been ruled by the Philistines for a time. And God would have perhaps even used another line to use for Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, even using David’s line for Jesus Christ may not have been God’s perfect will, for God never intended for
Israel to have a king. Israel rejecting God’s Perfect Will and choosing His Permissive Will in asking for a king may have delayed Jesus’ coming for hundreds of years, and the rapture and the second coming still more! And the result of that delay: Satan being given that much more time to have dominion over the earth and to vex and destroy more and more of God’s Creation.

If you realize and accept that fact and what is at stake, not only for you but for the entire Body of Christ, you will start to want to use the action of your free will to do works of the spirit to provide evidence of and fulfill your faith just as spoken of in James 2:14-26 and as did the heroes of the Bible and of the faith (including God’s Own Son). You will start seeking and doing God’s Perfect Will. You will start rolling stones away so Lazaruses can come through. And in you God will be well pleased, and He will bless, justify, and exalt you exceedingly because He will be able to use you to bless and deliver so many of His Beloved Children. Is that not what you want for your God and yourself? If not, why not? I entreat you precious fellow Believer to commit yourself to seeking and doing God’s Perfect Will for you through the Holy Spirit today.  



Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, may Your Believers seek and perform Your Perfect Will through the Holy Spirit so that You might use your Believers as You please to do things according to Your Plan. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


The demons that work in this area are false doctrine, false teaching, laziness, and complacency. It causes Believers to be passive instead of active; to settle for less than God’s best. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

James 2:14-What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?Make no mistake, we are saved, sanctified, and justified by grace through faith alone. I have to be honest here: some of the confusion over the Bible that contributes to skepticism and various doctrines and denominations are to a degree legitimate. Some of it is due to having to interpret ancient texts that came out of cultures and traditions of the day. Also, there is the issue of context: certain things included in the Bible were written to specific people at specific times to address certain circumstances. The latter is particularly instructive when you consider that the Mosaic Old Testament law says to Honor thy father and thy mother (Exodus 20:12) but Jesus said in the New Testament: “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law” (Matthew 10:35). The former was clearly intended in general terms, but the latter was explaining how becoming a dedicated Believer would mean rejecting and being rejected by the world, especially when you consider the more extreme (and seldom spoken of) comment of Jesus: “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:26). Lacking proper context, Luke 14:26 not only clearly contradicts every other doctrine and concept in the Bible, but is also INCONTROVERTIBLY EVIL; something that a fanatical cultist who would command his followers to commit homicidal violence would say. Which, of course, is why Luke 14:26 is seldom spoken of, even among Believers who are “extremists. 

Hence, there is the issue of reconciling Paul’s letters, which proclaim salvation in believing in The Son of God’s death and resurrection alone, and James 2, which proclaims that faith without works is dead, and further goes on to state that while a man is saved by faith, he is justified by works. It is so easy to create false doctrine by taking the letters out of context. Paul was writing to new Believers who were in danger of being corrupted by legalists and Judaizers, both of whom claimed that salvation was either by works, or by some combination of faith and works. Such Believers were very vulnerable because prior to their conversion to Christianity they were pagans, and pagan religions are works religions. So, the legalists and Judaizers were offering them the temptation to revert back to the faith structure and culture that they were already comfortable and familiar – the wide path, the wide gate, the easy road – rather than commit themselves to something totally foreign to their way of life and thinking because it was completely unconditional and spiritual – the hard narrow road and the strait gate. The way of the Judaizers and legalists was easier to grasp, comprehend, follow, and maintain, and hence required less faith. But the tradeoff was denying the very grace by which they were saved. 

James, on the other hand, was addressing a different problem. The new Believers were trying to live by faith alone. This is a rejection of the fact that God wants us to DO THINGS FOR HIM. Jesus Christ gave His disciples a long list of activities, which included but are not limited to evangelizing, ministering, healing, spiritual warfare, keeping the Communion and the Sabbath, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting those in prison, advocating for widows, the fatherless, orphans, etc. As a matter of fact, Christ explicitly said that Believers who did not do those things would not enter Heaven (Matthew 25:32-46). More explicitly is Matthew 7:19-23, where even people who believed in Jesus Christ and did mighty works in His Name were not saved because they were evil and brought forth evil fruit. In stating that faith without works is dead, James was saying that if a person truly has faith, the evidence of that faith will be good fruit. Place it in the context of the entire chapter. In James 2:1-6, he warns about Believers who engage in class discrimination, which no one with charity will do. In James 2:7-12, he warns against legalism and Judaizers, just as does Paul (and also notes that the legalists and Judaizers were hypocrites in their own faith for engaging in class discrimination, which is against the law), declaring it to be blasphemy against Jesus Christ. The “works are necessary” part is James 2:13-26, wherein false Believers were using “faith” in order to evade mercy. People were coming to these Believers with real needs (food, shelter, etc.) and these false Believers were turning them away, claiming that A) their bodily needs were illegitimate because the spiritual needs were all that mattered; that dying of starvation, exposure, or disease would be perfectly fine because they were going to go to Heaven anyway if they were saved, and if they were not saved then they were in need of salvation and not material things anyway or B) if these people truly had faith, they could pray for these things themselves and God could provide, or the people being asked for help would merely pray for the needy and tell them that God would grant their prayers and supply their needs if they were truly faithful. Either way, these “Believers” were falsely using the Name of Christ to justify not providing aid to needy people, and in so they were no different from the Pharisees, scribes, and Sadducees. Jesus Christ knew that this would happen, which was why He not only stated Matthew 25:32-46 and Matthew 7:19-23, but also Matthew 5:20, which reads “For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.” 

Quite simply, the “salvation by faith alone” folks cannot get around the teachings of Jesus Christ on the matter. They do not DENY the teachings of Christ, indeed they say that it is very good indeed to keep them. But they error in not associating His teachings with salvation, as Christ clearly did. The result is that most people go away thinking that “Well, it is good to do these things and I will be blessed if I do them, but I do not HAVE to do them to go to Heaven, so I won’t do them. Or, I won’t do them consistently; I will only do them when I need something from the Lord or when it is easy, convenient, and beneficial to me.” There is no way to reconcile the “salvation by belief alone” doctrine and the words of Jesus “If you love me, keep my commandments”, “love God with all your heart and soul and also love thy neighbor”, “love thy enemies”, etc., not to mention the exhortations to be fruitful. These things are not merely GOOD THINGS, but they are NECESSARY THINGS. 

No, I am not being a Judaizer or a legalist. Such people attempt to achieve or improve upon God’s righteousness with a strict set of rules, and for such people the rules become more important than God. Works are not rules. Works are the product of obedience to the Holy Spirit. You have to obey what the Holy Spirit tells you to do, because the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit; part o the trinity. Disobeying the Holy Spirit is disobeying God, and no one who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will be saved (Matthew 12:31). But you cannot do what the Holy Spirit wants by observance of laws and rituals. You have to discern, trust, and obey what the Holy Spirit puts into YOUR SPIRIT, and that is the meaning of John 4:23-24. Is it possible to enter Heaven without receiving the Holy Spirit and being obedient to it? I dare say that you are better off not trying to find out! That is why you are better off with a personal relationship with Christ, and not a religion that depends on either doctrines and traditions or on charismatic emotional experiences. The former is actually INFERIOR to Judaism, and the latter emphasizes FEELING the Holy Spirit rather than HEARING and OBEYING it on a daily or continuous basis. 

It is vital, Believers, to understand that the Bible must be placed into context to be properly understood. Just as no man is an island, no Bible verse, book, or doctrine stands apart from its context. Further, each Bible book, verse, concept, doctrine, etc. has to be in an agreeing context with everything else in the Bible. If James does not agree with Paul, then the Bible is not true and our faith is in vain. So rather than selecting out – of – context statements by Paul and James because it agrees with your preferences and with what you were taught by your religious traditions, you are supposed to work with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to get them to agree with each other, and not in an artificial way. Failure to reconcile Paul and James has led to such false doctrines as predestination and abuse of grace.
Now, this is the patience of the saints that requires understanding. One of the main points of the predestination theology is that man cannot choose his salvation for himself because the very act of accepting Christ is a work, and man cannot be saved by works! These people so misunderstand. For true faith is itself a work. Indeed, true faith is the chief work! And Paul, the alleged works – denier, says so himself.
Hebrews 11:6 reads “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Only after you put on faith, the belief that God is, will you attain the secondary work, which is charity, a love for God with all your heart and soul and then a love for your neighbor and your enemy. It is AFTER you obtain faith and charity that all other works come, but make no mistake, faith and charity are indeed works that a person must consciously choose to have and exercise. And what does Paul, the alleged works denier, say about faith, without which it is impossible to please God, in Romans 10:7? “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” So faith, without which it is impossible to please God or be saved, is dependent upon hearing the Word of God. And is not hearing the Word of God a work? Of course it is! Were it not, why would Jesus Christ have beckoned His followers to come hear and follow Him? Why did Jesus tell Martha to stop worrying about being a party host and to come hear how to be saved like Mary (Luke 10:38-42)?  

The other side of the coin is the abuse of grace doctrine, which states that once you accept Christ you can pretty much do whatever you want because your spirit is made clean. That again is something that comes out of taking Paul’s letters out of context. Paul was addressing those who were contending that the spirit was made clean by LEGALISTIC RITUALS; in essence the spirit being redeemed by the flesh with things like strict observance of the Jewish dietary laws and by getting circumcised. Paul was imparting the point that flesh cannot redeem spirit, but rather only the spirit can redeem the spirit. As a matter of fact, the flesh cannot even redeem the flesh, only the spirit can. The spirit and flesh of man were never made clean by the law. The spirit and flesh of man were made clean by the Holy Spirit of GOD by virtue of man’s keeping God’s Commandments through the law. Of course, it was impossible to keep the law perfectly, but God’s grace and mercy redeemed the shortcomings of those who loved God and their neighbors, had faith, and tried their best. That is what Jesus Christ tried to tell the Pharisees and Sadducees; despite their strict observances of the law they were still sinners who needed to be redeemed by God and always had been, and the only change was that the way for redemption had been changed from God conferring it on whoever honestly tried to keep the law to conferring it on whoever honestly believed on Christ Jesus.  

And this is what is really going to burn your religious bacon. The Pharisees and Sadducees did not reject Jesus Christ because they did not believe that He was the Son of God. Such was undeniable after Christ’s Resurrection! The empty tomb PROVED that all that Jesus Christ said was true; it PROVED His Righteousness before God. God would NEVER raise an unrighteous man from the dead, and if Satan could he would! So if Jesus Christ had lied about being the Son of God, despite His being a prophet who did many great works He would have been a sinner that God would have rejected like Balaam. And they obviously knew that the body had not simply been misplaced or stolen. A huge stone was placed on the tomb, the tomb was sealed, and it was guarded night and day by Roman soldiers, who could not fall asleep or abandon their post under penalty of death. So when the Roman soldiers all gave the same account of an earthquake and an angel rolling the stone away, it was not disputed, and the soldiers were not executed. And why should they have been? Have people forgotten how absolutely wild Christ’s crucifixion was? It became dark as the darkest night in the middle of the day. There was a huge earthquake. The thick heavy veil in the temple ripped from top to bottom. And oh yes, the graves came open, many dead bodies of saints arose and came into
Jerusalem in plain sight of many (
Matthew 27:51-53). It was OBVIOUS that he was the Son of God; even the Roman soldiers knew it (Matthew 27:54) so why execute them? And as such, the scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and chief priests did not even seek the lives of the guards from the Roman officials as they had successfully sought the death of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. They merely bribed them to say that Jesus’ disciples had stolen the body. So YES, the Pharisees and Sadducees KNEW that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.

What the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes rejected was Jesus’ TEACHINGS. They insisted upon believing that man justify himself with the law, and if they kept the law they were not sinners. Christ was telling them that there was no self – justification through the law or any under means, but only justification by God. They were so determined to believe that they were capable of making themselves righteous through the law that they rejected even the resurrected Son of God. Why? Because to them, it had ceased to be God’s Law; it had become their law, and calling it God’s law was only the formality of tradition. The best evidence of this is how they allowed moneychangers and animals to defile the temple, showing their lack of love for and fear of God. They did not care about God or His temple, they only cared about THEIR RULES. Further proof of this was when they took the adulterous woman before Jesus, about to stone her. When Jesus said that the person without sin should cast the first stone, and they left (FROM THE OLDEST TO THE YOUNGEST) that proved that they KNEW that they were sinners, AND that they did not care, because self – justification through legalism or by any other means inevitably leads to learning to walk in agreement with sin. 

So again, we have to address what salvation means. Salvation is not mere belief. For instance, in virtually any nation where Christianity is the dominant faith and religion plays a major role in the culture, tradition, and history, you are going to have a huge number of people who believe that Elohim exists, that Jesus Christ is His Only Begotten Son born of a virgin, that He died on the cross for the sins of mankind, rose again on the third day, and ascended to Heaven to the right hand of the Father, and is returning one day for His Believers, and that there will be a final judgment. How can that not be the case, with so many people growing up going to church and continuing at least irregular church attendance throughout their lives? With the Christmas and Easter specials that come on TV each year? With all of the Bibles and crucifixes that are sold? So there are a lot of believers, and I would dare say that in some countries and at some times in history the overwhelming majority of the population was believers.  

But this was the point made by Bruce Barnes, the critical character in the Left Behind series: belief is not sufficient! Bruce Barnes believed. After all, he was a minister in a fundamentalist church! But belief is not a work. Belief does not require faith. It does not require charity. It does not require dedication. It does not require sacrifice. You can believe that Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross for your sins and rose again, and it not make a single change in you whatsoever. After all, this would have to be the case. Why? How else do you explain so many people who believe not having the Holy Spirit, and hence not having a lick of mercy, charity, forgiveness, patience, or longsuffering? How else do you explain so many people who believe not being able to understand the Bible, or even caring to study it, or whose only interest in studying it is to confirm a pre – existing belief taught to them by their religion, tradition, or culture? How else could so many people who believe participate in such crimes as the Inquisition, African slavery, and the Holocaust? 

What is sufficient is what comes AFTER belief, which is ACCEPTANCE. When you make a conscious decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. That only comes out of faith in God. That only comes out of submission to God. That only comes out of fear of God. That only comes out of love of God. It only comes out of a decision that you are a sinner; and that you are not good enough on your own through your own power. It only comes out of a decision to choose life over death; good over evil. And if that is not a work, I do not know what is! I mean, you can pray, tithe, minister, and mission until you work your fingers to the bones. Did not Cain do the same when he worked the ground to grow fruit and offered it to the Lord? But until you set yourself under God’s Authority, it is meaningless. That is what Cain did not do! Until you do the first work, all the other works are vain. But it is a work! 

But here is the key. Once you do the first work, the Holy Spirit will come. And so long as you do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit when it comes, other works will inevitably follow. Why? Because you will have set yourself under God’s Authority, which will mean obeying the Holy Spirit. Now ask yourself: does the “saved by belief and confession alone” doctrine cause people to blaspheme the Holy Spirit (which includes denying it or failing to seek God through it)? Hmmm … 

And you further have to consider the reality that accepting the doctrine of salvation by faith and confession alone renders virtually everything that Jesus Christ said and taught to be null. If belief and confession is in and of itself enough, why do you have to keep God’s Commandments? If you do not keep God’s Commandments, you do not love Him. So if you do not love God, how can you be saved by Him? And if you do not love God or obey Him, precisely who or what did you make a confession of belief in? Certainly not God! Or even if you did, God will reject it as an unacceptable sacrifice. The only way to make it an acceptable sacrifice is to follow your confession of belief with personal acceptance. That is why Paul said that God rewards SEEKERS. You do not have to be seeking anything when you believe something. Belief in something merely requires a decision that a particular fact is more sensible than all other alternatives. And in some instances, it merely means not denying the ONLY POSSIBLE CHOICE, as was the case with the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Romans when confronted with the amazing scene at Christ’s crucifixion and with Christ’s resurrection 3 days later. But their very act of deciding to cover it up shows that merely inward acknowledgement of undeniable fact is not personal acceptance. It is not a work. Were mere belief sufficient, then they most certainly would have not covered up the resurrection of their Savior, for they would have loved their Savior and the God who sent Him, and would have wanted everyone else to be saved by Him. This is evidence that mere belief, or even belief included with confession, does not equate salvation. Only acceptance does, and acceptance is a work. 

Why is the work necessary? Simple: free will. You have to DO SOMETHING! You have to make an active exercise of your free will in order to be saved. You have to accept God’s righteousness, you have to admit and reject your unrighteousness, and you have to give up self – rule and submit yourself to God’s Authority. Make no mistake, it is a surrender. Consider two nations that are fighting. One nation cannot merely decide or believe that the other side is stronger and defeat is inevitable, or that the entire conflict is senseless and counterproductive no matter who wins. Why? Because the other nation will still continue to fight, to attack, to destroy your nation and kill your people. Consider
Japan in World War II. It was long obvious that they had lost, as Germany and Italy had abandoned them and they were besieged by the United States,
Britain, and other allies. And oh yes, we dropped two nuclear bombs on them! But the Japanese had to DO SOMETHING other than merely acknowledge defeat; to merely acknowledge that the continuation of hostilities would be fruitless and counterproductive! They had to SURRENDER! They had to SUE FOR PEACE! They had to sign a PEACE TREATY! That was the ONLY WAY to get the Allied Forces to stop bombing and shooting them, even after we dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and
Nagasaki after they were already beaten! As a matter of fact, many historians and war experts claim that dropping the second atomic bomb in particular was thoroughly unnecessary because Japan was obviously beaten after the first, but
Japan did not SURRENDER until AFTER THE SECOND, so we DROPPED THE SECOND BOMB! So, when you accept Christ in your life, you are not only surrendering, you are not only suing for peace, you are not only signing a peace treaty, you are not only unconditionally agreeing to the other sides’ terms, but YOU ARE JOINING THE OTHER SIDE! Realize that after
Japan surrendered, sued for peace, signed a peace treaty, and even gave up territory that they had taken in the war and agreed to provide compensation, they did not become our 51st state. Neither did Germany become part of Britain, or Italy part of
France. But when you accept Christ into your life, you join yourself to God! You knowingly, willingly become a citizen in the

Kingdom of
Heaven! As a matter of fact, you do more than choose citizenship, you become part of the family. You become a joint – heir with Christ Jesus because you become part of the church that ultimately marries Christ.

This is not passive; it is a conscious active exercise, a work. It is the greatest work that you can ever do, and the only work that will ever truly mean anything. It is the only thing that you have to do to get to Heaven, but if you are going to get to Heaven you are going to have to do it! Do not be deceived. Every man has to be made a lie so that God’s Word can be true, and what Jesus Christ, His Disciples, and everyone else who has surrendered themselves to the Holy Spirit of God has spoken is true. Every word. Salvation by confession of belief alone clearly contradicts so much of what is in the New Testament, from Matthew to Revelation. As a matter of fact, the false notion of salvation by confession of belief alone is why so many people think that they can just cast off the Old Testament, despite the fact that the New Testament clearly says that people who commit the sins enumerated in the Old Testament (i.e. lying, whoremongering, stealing, witchcraft, fornication, adultery, murder) will not enter Heaven. Have you, perchance, seen the 15th verse of the last book in the Bible? It reads For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” Yet you have people who are still doing that stuff and claim that they are going to be “saved by grace”, as if God is going to allow them to make His Word a lie. And why did Paul deliver a man who would not abandon his sexual relationship with his mother to Satan as a last resort to end his life to save his soul (I Corinthians 5:5) if the man was going to be saved by grace anyway?  

Excuse me for allowing my Bible to get in the way of your precious religious doctrine and tradition, but make no mistake: God’s Word is true. You just have to find a way to understand, believe,  and fulfill it, and Heal The Land Ministries is here to help you. Please start with saying the Salvation Prayer today, and then move on into studying God’s Word and praying and obeying the Holy Spirit for yourself so that you will not be deceived by false doctrine. 


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, may people truly receive salvation by believing in Your Son’s Resurrection and accepting Your Son in their hearts today. May those who are being deceived by false doctrine be deceived no longer. May people know the difference between a work of the flesh and a work of the soul. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


The demons that work in this area are false doctrine and false teaching, which cause people to believe that they can enter Heaven without totally submitting themselves to God’s Authority and tricks them into believing that salvation and faith merely requires an exercise of choice or intellect rather than an active expression of free will. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Acts 17:21 – (For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.)Give me that old time religion, give me that old time religion, give me that old time religion; it’s good enough for me! Great song, but bad doctrine! I did a web search on the televangelist Joyce Meyer so that I could find her website and sow a seed into her ministry, which had blessed me and my family (turns out it was http://www.joycemeyer.org, pretty simple enough). Of course, whenever someone does something good for God, the enemy tries to oppose and discredit it. So in addition to Joyce Meyer’s website, I noticed a site that purported to “expose the many changing views of Joyce Meyer.” I immediately began to have second thoughts about sending Joyce Meyer a contribution after seeing that website advertisement, which of course was the desired reaction of the demonic powers that motivated website’s creation and creators. But those demons immediately had to leave me, because the Holy Spirit took over and before I knew it I began PRAISING GOD for Joyce Meyer’s changing views! The notion that a minister who changes his views is somehow illegitimate is a device of the enemy designed to fool the weak and unknowing, which is very effective. But those of us who are elect and strong know better!  

Listen, God’s Word does not change. But the world changes, and man changes. You hear people talk about how they are solid rocks, unchanging. Well, rocks aren’t alive! We are supposed to be! Or maybe they describe themselves as trees. Well trees are certainly alive and can grow very tall, but are stuck in one place! We are supposed to go to and fro about the land, teaching all nations, subduing the earth for our Lord! If you are the same place that you were spiritually 50 years ago or even 5 months ago, you are not bedrock in your faith, your faith and spiritual development is stuck in a rut! You and your dry bones need to move to some place where the Word is being preached and the Holy Spirit is moving so that your dry bones can be made flesh! You are not the same person that you were back then. Just as you are supposed to be growing in knowledge, wisdom, maturity, and finances, you are supposed to be growing spiritually. You are supposed to be finding out that some of the things that you thought were true in the past are not true. You are supposed to be finding out that you were viewing a lot of your truths in the wrong context. You are supposed to be finding out that you have been ascribing to your truths the wrong meaning, that you are using them the wrong way, and that you are neglecting the big truths in favor of the little ones. It does not mean that God was wrong, it meant that you were wrong. And even when you were right, your accuracy was not as useful to you as it should have been because you did not know how to apply and exploit it, and many times it was even a hindrance to you. And a lot of the truths that were so pressing yesterday have been pushed back because the time for other truths have come. These are things that the Holy Spirit should be revealing to you on a continuous basis not only because of the changes in you and your situation but the changes in the times and in the world!  

This is the 21st century. We have the Internet, iPods, automobiles that run on sugar, and the ability to clone animals and to grow tissues and organs on them that can be transplanted into humans! So why are we still living on 15th century revelations? Of course, the Bible is still true. But when we read the Bible, the Holy Spirit should reveal different things to us than it did to Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Isaac Newton, William Tyndale, Smith Wigglesworth, Watchman Nee, William Carey, and Martin Luther (especially when you consider that THEY received THEIR revelations because THEY THEMSELVES were looking for something NEW)! Should we know MORE about God than they did? I never said that. I merely said that YOU should know more about God than YOU did five months ago! Rather, we should know DIFFERENT things about God than they did, and those DIFFERENT things ought to equip us to be where God can use us to project His Love and Power in this DIFFERENT world! 

When strongholds get broken down and breakthroughs come, you cannot just close your eyes and keep going on as if everything is the same. Living in denial does no good! Continuing on as if nothing changed will only hurt you. Because real Believers are out there with a hunger for knowledge and power. They are using that knowledge and power to draw the unsaved into the flock, and since the new Believers were brought in under the new revelation, they will actually start further down the line where you are! After spending a little time getting some background, grounding, and maturity, they will be doing things that people who have been in the church 60 years did not even think was possible! And when that happens, what do the old – timers say? “That ain’t of God! That’s false doctrine! That’s witchcraft!” Well, I have to tell you people, Bible codes that predict the future are real. Faith healing is real. Speaking in tongues and prophesying is real. The prosperity message is real. Spiritual warfare is real! The new insights into the Bible based on new archaeological discoveries and better knowledge of ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic are real! The “home church” movement is real. And the Christian movement to study and better understand Judaism to obtain more spiritual power and better Biblical insights is real! And if you are not familiar with these and many other happenings, then it obviously means that you are not a seeker. You are either content with where you are right now spiritually, or you think that by doing the same thing over and over again (following the same rites and rituals and saying the same prayers) you will get a different result. You need to come out of that! You need to have a hunger for more and more and better and better. You need to stop loving the things of this world, and that includes man – made religion, and become a lover of God’s Spirit. Ask God and you will receive. Seek and you will find. And what you will find is that change is good. 

Have you not read the Scriptures? Did you not understand what you read? If you read and understood, you will see that things were NEVER stagnant! Circumstances constantly changed, and with each change there was a new revelation to match the circumstance. Or there was a new revelation to bring about a new circumstance! (That’s right, Christians should not be reacting to change all the time, Believers should be causing the change!) After all, what was the New Testament but a new revelation, passing from the law to grace? And even that did not just up and happen. There was a steady progression from creation to Adam’s fall to Abel (who made the first acceptable sacrifice to the Lord) to Enoch (when men began to call upon the name of the Lord) to Noah to the Tower of Babel to Abraham to Jacob to Joseph to Moses to the Judges to David (who instituted worship) to Solomon (who built the temple) to the prophets! In the New Testament even, you had the apostles adapt from being disciples of Jesus to proselytizing the Jews to taking the gospel all over the world! When dealing with the unreconstructed flesh of the pagan Gentiles and the corrupting influence of Judaizers and legalists, Paul resorted to relaxing his prohibition against eating things sacrificed to idols in I Corinthians! And under the heel of severe persecution by the Romans and particularly after the deaths of Peter and Paul and the utter destruction of
Jerusalem, the discussion went from building and maintaining churches to individual Christian character and eschatology! Now it was all God’s Word, but it manifested itself in different ways at different times.

That is why we must seek to justify God’s power, love, and grace rather than our own heritages, backgrounds, and experiences. People living in other times and cultures with different challenges and experiences are not going to relate, and they are not going to find what we insist is part and parcel to Christianity the least bit useful or helpful. Seriously, think back several hundred years ago. Purchasing a Bible cost a year’s wage, and back then the books were not even divided into chapters and verses! And yes, there was the time when it was illegal in some places to translate the Bible into a commonly readable language, or to even read the Bible without permission from a church leader. So, our current Christian walk, based on memorizing specific Bible passages and applying them in our daily lives, would have been completely inaccessible to a Middle Ages Believer. (As a matter of fact, it is still inaccessible in the many nations either owning a Bible and Christian worship is illegal, or the Bible has not been translated into their language. The same goes for cultures, or where illiteracy is high.) So are we to still worship as they did in the Middle Ages? Of course not! So why are you going around pretending that Asuza Street never happened? Why are you ignoring the explosive growth in the number of Messianic Jews? Why are you going to a church that is not on the front lines in taking on the challenges presented by the changing political, cultural, and economic landscape?

When the Jews first heard Jesus preach and saw Him perform miracles, they said “What new doctrine is this?” When God enlarged the

territory of
Israel, the psalmist said “Sing unto the Lord a
new song for He is worthy to be praised.” When Moses was being challenged in the wilderness by insurrectionists, he asked for a new thing from the Lord to punish the dissenters and quell the rebellion. God specifically told Isaiah that the former things have come to pass and he will show him new things. Joel prophesied a new thing; the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that happened in Acts and has been repeated at various times throughout history. Jeremiah said that God had created a new thing in the earth. Paul said that if a man accepts Christ He becomes a new creature. And in Revelation Christ said that He would make all things new.  

Realize this: without faith, it is impossible to please God. So you must seek God’s face and have faith that the new revelation that He gives you, the new place that He takes you to is good and you will prosper there! The

Kingdom of
Heaven is not some old shoe! Do not get comfortable in your religion rut in the flesh. Seek a new thing, a new place, a new revelation in the spirit! So please today, seek a new experience in God. Take care that you not be misled or deceived. Follow no one who claims a “special unique revelation”, who seeks to mix or “enhance” Christianity with other things, or who denies that Christ is the risen Son of God through belief upon Him alone is how salvation is conferred. Accept nothing that cannot be supported by contextual Bible interpretation, but reject nothing that can be! Be encouraged, for Your God is Almighty, All Powerful, All Righteousness, and All Love. He will never leave you nor forsake you; He will not allow any sincere elect seeker to fall (lest that description dissuade you, if you are anything BUT a sincere elect seeker how will you STAND?). But with people who seek increase in their walk with God and who seek to be all that God has intended and ordained them to be through the Holy Spirit God will be very well pleased with and reward indeed! Remember, God doesn’t want much: just your body, soul, and spirit! After all, He owns those things already for they were bought with a price: His Beloved and Only Begotten Son on the cross! It is time to stop holding those things back and start finding
NEW ways to give God what is rightfully His! 


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please instill it in your children to seek a deeper, more intimate walk with you so that you may lead them where You want them to go. May they not follow man or their own hearts but You. When new revelations or people who have received new revelations are revealed to them, may they not deny it but seek it and all such things that are good. May they have faith that You love them and will not allow them to be deceived and to fall. Rather, may they recognize that stumbling on the way to greatness is better than standing firm and remaining in mediocrity. Please Lord, raise up Believers who are willing to put themselves on the line and go the distance for you, and may others follow in their path, but may they not be following the Believers but the Holy Spirit that those Believers will have unleashed by breaking down strongholds and barriers and seeking Your Face so that you will open up the windows of Heaven and pour out blessings so great that we do not have room to receive them. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 


The demons that work in this area are complacency, faithlessness, fear, false doctrine, and false teaching. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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The Meaning Of God’s Word

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007


John 1:1 – In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 

Jesus Christ, The Word of God, has always existed. The Word of God is a part of God, and the Word of God is God. It was with The Word of God that all things were created. It is with the Word of God that life is granted. And it shall be by The Word of God that evil – meaning that all who reject God by rejecting His Word – will be destroyed. God’s Word cannot be described or imagined because it cannot be contained. The universe itself is not big enough to contain God, for God Himself created the universe, and it was by and with The Word of God that the universe was created. The eternal infinite Word of God took on the form of a temporal finite man and dwelled among us for 33 years in the form of Jesus Christ. Though the Word of God was with us, it never departed from God, not even when The Word of God took on the sins of mankind and God had to turn away His face. And God reclaimed His Word from hell and death when He resurrected Jesus Christ. 

You must understand that there is no difference between the old covenant and the new covenant, because both covenants are the Word of God. Of course One God is going to have One Word, so for there to have been two covenants there would have had to been two Gods. But we know that such is not true. There is no Jewish God and Christian God. There is no kind God and angry God. There is no Catholic God and Protestant God. There is no charismatic God and ceremonial God. There is only One True God with One True Word and One True Covenant, and the covenant with God can only be accepted through acceptance of the Son. The Son contains both God’s Law and God’s Grace. Rejecting the Old Testament means that you reject The Law. Rejecting the New Testament means that you reject Grace. You must accept both the Law of the Sovereign God and the Grace of the Loving God in order to accept God’s Complete Word, which is Jesus Christ. You must accept Jesus Christ to be saved and avoid destruction in the lake of fire. The God of Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Joseph, Moses, and the prophets is the same God of Peter, Paul, Philip, Luke, and Matthew. Jesus Christ came not to destroy the law but fulfill it. The law is not the end of grace or understanding but the beginning. Both the law and grace were fulfilled and completed in Christ, and by accepting Christ we both fulfill the law of the Old Covenant (which is being men after God’s own heart as was God’s servant David as well as being friends of God as was Abraham) and receive the grace of The New Covenant (which is all of our sins being paid for through Christ). 

By receiving The Word of God, we are all prophets. We are all rabbis. We are all priests after the order of Melchisedec (Hebrews 7:21). We are the adopted sons of God and people of God, not by genetics or religion but through the Holy Spirit of God. Christians must recognize that the Old Testament is not mere history. Jews and others must recognize that the New Testament is not a rejection of The Law, the prophets, the patriarchs, or Jehovah. God’s Word is continuous and complete, and rejecting any of it means to reject all of it. Meanwhile, accepting any of it in spirit and in truth means that you accept all of it. God is good, and if you have the goodness of God in you, you will love both His Commandments and His Grace and desire that others love and receive it also. But if you do not have the love of God in you, you will always seek some separation between God and man, and will erect arbitrary barriers of religion and tradition. You will not accept what you do not understand, and you will not understand what you will not accept. God is not trying to cast off the Jews or the Gentiles for it is His Desire that all men be saved. Jesus Christ did not come to destroy the Sabbath, the Passover, Purim, etc. for all of those things were given in God’s Word which was Christ Himself. Christ could not destroy or diminish even a part of Himself, and God will not violate any part of His Word for that will create a division in the Godhead and a house divided against itself will fall. And for God to cast off Jews, Christians, or anyone else who calls upon His Name with a sincere heart would result in the violation of His covenant, which would violate His Word and cause a division. All who Believers of Jehovah must look to God’s Word to confirm God, His Word, and His Spirit; not to deny any of it and not to deny any of His people.  

Look to the Heavens. Observe current events. See the prophecies of God’s prophets coming true! Look for the truth in God’s Word. Do not be so faithless as to call others liars and charlatans simply because you yourself do not believe. Do not be afraid to touch God, taste God, hear God, feel God. You in your heart know that God is real, and your spirit knows as well. Allow yourself to experience God as God desires to be experienced by you, and as your spirit desires to experience God, which is through the spirit! And I am not talking about some emotional charismatic experience. We mistake emotionalism for spirituality because our society and culture teaches us to bottle up our emotions. That is unhealthy and unGodlike. Seek a Godly outlet for your emotions, including confessions before God and praise and worship services. But worshipping God through the spirit is a matter of faith. You must BELIEVE that God is there and you must BELIEVE that you have a spirit and you must BELIEVE that your spirit is communicating with your God. That is the first step. The second step is to believe and act upon the fact that there is a connection between your spiritual and your physical. That is where most charismatics go wrong. They believe and teach that the natural comes first. They believe that worshipping in the natural activates the spiritual. What they are teaching is how to reach an emotional ecstatic mind state, which is easily imitated in paganism, spiritism, witchcraft, and occult. It is actually a state of self – hypnosis. Many of the pagans use drugs to enhance this emotional state, but it is all to easy to reach it without them, for the brain itself produces chemicals that can cause the euphoria, as well as uncontrollable body movements and hallucinations. Because it is an unusual experience, people mistake it for a spiritual one. But it is all too possible to have such an experience without believing a whit in God, and certainly not believing in God’s Power or His Word. True worship in spirit comes by faith, not by physicality or emotionalism. A great many of you charismatics need to stop being so emotional and physical and start getting serious about what you truly believe and whether you have a true understanding of God’s Word, which is Jesus Christ. And I am not talking about truly understanding the Bible, I mean if you truly understand and believe what God Himself is writing into your heart, and whether your heart is the stone tablet of unbelief and rebellion or the flesh of love and faith. It is not hard; it only requires you to believe that God is there and that God is speaking to and through you. Once you believe, you will be able to worship God in spirit in any situation naturally, without trying, while your body does regular everyday tasks like eating, driving, housecleaning, or working, and no one else need know what you are doing unless you tell them or unless God tells them. You can have a bunch of faithless charismatics and the only way you will know that they ever pray or praise God is when they are all sweating, shaking, and rolling around. But you can have two people who truly love God and have faith, and they can be sitting in a room with one another silently, and one will at times spiritually HEAR what the other is silently praying!  

Do not be taken aback. It is all in God’s Word, and to truly receive God’s Word you do not need intellect, experience, or prowess of any sort; just faith. You have to have faith that what you see is real, not your imagination. You have to reject all of these humanistic explanations for all the things that you see, hear, feel, and experience, for all the “unexplained phenomena.” There is no such thing as “unexplained phenomena”; there are only people who reject the explanation, and that explanation is that God is real, the spirit world is real, and the war between good and evil over your soul is real. And it is all in God’s Word. 

What is God’s Word anyway? God’s Word is the will of God, what God wants to do. God’s Word is the power of God, how God works and moves and what He does. God’s Word is the nature of God; His personality. God’s Word are The Commandments of God; His instructions to us. And God’s Word are The Promises of God, such as His covenants and prophesies, and not just those given to the people in the Bible but that which He gives to everyone who will believe and accept it. God’s Word is His right hand, and his right hand has gotten Him the victory through the might and power of God Himself. God is a just and righteous God who cannot sin or lie, and He is a jealous God who demands that His children serve only Him, for serving any but God means inevitably sinning against Him. And everything that God tells us, whether we take it for good or for evil, will come to pass. These things must be so, will be so, and are so because they are God’s Word. People who set themselves against God’s righteousness, God’s goodness, God’s wrath, God’s judgment, God’s grace, God’s law, God’s authority, God’s work, and God’s power are not setting themselves against people who have a certain doctrine, theology, or interpretation that they disagree with. No, they are setting themselves against God Himself by setting themselves against God’s Word. Such people are not rejecting the counsel of humans, but the very work, nature, will, promises, commandments, and authority of God Himself, and unless these people repent they will be destroyed.
Jesus Christ is there whenever God speaks. Genesis 1 and 2 talks about how God spake and the universe was created out of nothing. I suppose that such can be interpreted as whatever God wants done, Jesus Christ does it with the power of the Holy Spirit. So, God wanted the debt for Adam to be paid in the form of a man born of a virgin, and God wanted that man resurrected from the dead. It was what God wanted, and so The Word of God became a man and did it. Otherwise, The Word of God remains a spirit with God and does God’s bidding in the spirit realm, which manifests itself in the natural realm. All power is given to and by Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ is God’s Word, and God’s Word is what God wants to get done.

God’s Word, Jesus Christ, is the link between the Father and the Spirit. Both the Spirit and the Word are subject to the Father. Both The Spirit and The Word are of The Father. Both The Spirit and The Word are distinct from The Father, with separate personalities. Why do they have separate personalities? Because they have separate jobs. But though they have separate personalities and separate roles and are distinct of the Father and subject to The Father, they are still of The Father and one with The Father. Too strange to understand? The best aid is actually found in the first covenant that God made with man through Noah: the rainbow. A ray of light is one, but when you shine it through water or through a prism, it breaks up into various colors each with its distinct wavelength. Looking at light further, you see that it is not composed of “rays” at all but particles, photons, each of which has energy. So each light particle breaks up into a bunch of frequencies and wavelengths all with their own characteristics and their own purposes. When we read the Bible with understanding or when God speaks to our hearts, we are looking at God through a prism, breaking Him up to see all of His parts which are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and we can further still see the components and characteristics of each. There is more to God than His Word, but it is only by God’s Word that God is revealed to His creation. That is why Jesus Christ said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).  

We have to know that God is loving, righteous, good, generous, merciful, and fair. We have to know that God cannot look upon or tolerate and will ultimately destroy sin. We have to know that God is sovereign; the only true authority and power. We have to know that God created all things according to His Will and Purpose. We have to recognize God’s Self Will: that God is a function of Himself alone and answers to and depends upon no one or nothing else. We have to recognize that God created us and not we Him. We have to recognize that we can enquire of God, but we cannot judge or accuse Him. We have to recognize that God has the ability and desire to keep all of His promises to us, and therefore He will, and further that fact is a good thing to all who trust in God. And we have to recognize that we have to do everything that God says without question. We have to do all these things to accept God’s Word, and we have to accept God’s Word or else God will reject us. It is incumbent upon all Believers to come to grips with the meaning of God’s Word, and that meaning can only be revealed to us with sincere supplications and prayer.  


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please help me have faith in Your Word, and please reveal Your Word to me. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 


The demons that work in this area is faithlessness, and it heavily attacks all members of the Body of Christ, causing us to seek things which are not God’s Word and which are against God’s Word. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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What Is God’s Word?

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Genesis 15:1 – After these things the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward. 

It may seem odd that the theme scripture for a discussion in our Jesus Christ series comes from the Old Testament, especially Genesis, for many Christians are taught by religious tradition and Bible scholars that two thirds of the Holy Trinity – Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit – are not present or are explicitly mentioned in the Old Testament or during the old covenant except glimpses and brief ethereal mentions during the prophetic books. Now, such incorrect teaching is precisely what leaves so many Christians, those who have been going to church two and three times a week, with so little knowledge and faith. It leaves them susceptible to atheists, devil – worshippers, and witches masquerading as “revisionist” theologians and historians who claim to “discover” that notions such as the divinity of Jesus Christ, literal interpretation of scripture, and the Holy Trinity being inventions of the first century Catholic church. But the truth is that Jesus Christ was always present, and the Holy Spirit was always present. God is the Father, the Creator, the Source. Jesus Christ is the Word of God. And the Holy Spirit acts on The Word of God to do the Will of God. Have you heard the humanistic “philosophical” statement (which is reality the sin of idolatry and vanity through self – worship) “I think, therefore I am”? Well, God is the thinker. Jesus Christ is the words that God thinks. And the Holy Spirit is the “I am!”God decides what He wants to do. Jesus Christ is that decision. The Holy Spirit is what goes out and gets the job done. 

That is why the Holy Spirit is within us. God decides what He wants of us. Jesus Christ is what God decides. And the Holy Spirit in us tells us how, when, and where to do what God wants. Once a Christian realizes that, he should know that he cannot fail should he merely do the will of God! Once a Christian realizes that, he should know that refusing to do the will of God is folly! Now realize that The Word of God, Jesus Christ, does not return empty. It cannot, for Jesus Christ is not empty. It was not some empty suit up there on
Calvary dying for your sins. It was not some dry bones healing the sick,  raising the dead, and casting out Satan. It was not some pronouncement, some amalgamation of myth, superstition, and tradition from some Vatican Council teaching in the synagogues at the age of 12, walking on water, feeding the five thousand plus women and children, turning water into wine, rising on the third day and ascending into Heaven. It was The Word of God! It is the Word of God that is going to come back one day to rule the nations with a rod of iron. It is by believing on the Word of God that we have all power, including over devils, sickness, man, and death. It is by believing on the Word of God that we are saved. It was the Word of God that was rejected, spat upon, mocked, beaten, betrayed, denied, abandoned, and slain. It is by the stripes on the Word of God that we are healed! So, of course God’s Word is not going to be made null because you decide that you want to act up and not do right. The Holy Spirit will just find another person, another way, and that person or way will be the one blessed on earth and in Heaven for doing the Will of the Father. Either way it is going to get done, so why not make it you so you can get the credit?  

You must understand that Jesus Christ could not fail because He was the Word of God, and as the Word of God He was inextricably tied to the Holy Spirit of God, and hence God would not allow Him to fail. So if you accept the Word of God through believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died because it was the Will of God and rose again through the power of God, then you have that same Holy Spirit within you. You have that same connection to God that Jesus Christ did. So whatever you do at the Direction of God, in the Will of God, in the Name of God, it cannot fail! A lot of people have been given false teaching about how it is a function of your faith. IT IS NOT A FUNCTION OF YOUR FAITH! They tell you that you cannot do certain things because you lack faith because that is what Satan wants you to believe. Satan wants to either stop you from trying, or to get you to work in the flesh on his turf. But God does not depend upon you. You are not a function of God. God does not depend on you. Man did not create God, God created man! So doing the Will of God is NOT a function of your faith; it is a function of your OBEDIENCE! So why do you need faith? You need faith to OBEY! You need faith to keep trying, without giving up, until that breakthrough comes!

Satan MUST yield to the Word of God and the Will of God. Whenever an agent of
Babylon comes up on someone with strong faith, they know that they have no chance so they leave immediately. But when an agent of
Babylon comes up with someone with weak faith, they decide, “Hey, maybe if I will stay here and be persistent, that person of little faith won’t put up much of a fight.” When that happens, it is not God’s will failing! What happens is that YOU lapse into DISOBEDIENCE because of YOUR lack of faith! If God wants that mountain to move and you go and tell it to move, if you have to stand there for 100 years telling it to move, do it! That mountain will move for God’s Will shall be done! Receive the Word of God through Jesus Christ. Find out the Will of God through Jesus Christ. And allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to enact the Will of God. It is not by you that these things are done, it is through God. God just wants a man on the ground, a physical body to work through in the spiritual realm. Why? Why ask why? It is so because that is how God wants it to be. That is all that you need to know.  

People in the Body of Christ tell you that you have Christ in you, but they do not tell you what it means. They tell you that you have Christ in you, and then tell you to go read the Bible to get The Word, or go listen to a preacher to get The Word. You cannot get The Word from a fallible man. You cannot get The Word from a book translated and published by fallible man. When you have Christ in you, you already have The Word in you! Does that mean that you should not listen to preachers or read the Bible? God forbid! Those things are exceedingly useful and helpful to you. But your Bible did not die on the cross for you and rise again, and neither did your preacher. Jesus Christ did those things, because Jesus Christ is The Word, and you need to believe upon and accept Jesus Christ even if you never hear another preacher or read the Bible again in your life. Christ is the Word, the Word is Christ, and it is through The Word of God that we are given life, that we overcome, that we will do God’s will and never fail, and we will rise again (or be raptured) and live forever with God in Heaven!  

But let me tell you something else. This might offend many in the Christian community, go against all theology and doctrine, and just turn all these churches inside out, but it is still true. OBEDIENCE is more important than faith. If God tells you to do something, then obviously it is something that He wants done. But since God’s Will depends upon HIM and not on YOU, then if you go do it even without believing, it will be done anyway! Why? How? Because it is God’s Will! Do you think that God will decide something and then just change His Mind just because YOU don’t believe? Why? You are not God! You are not God’s equal! God does not bow to you and serve your pleasure! You bow before Him and do His bidding! Or at least you will if you have any brains about you at all! The best example of this is Sarah. God told Sarah that she was going to have a child. Sarah never believed. She even had Abraham father Ishmael with Hagar because she did not believe. She thought that Ishmael was going to carry on the line and be the recipient of God’s covenant with Abraham. Because of her unbelief, she would later have to throw out her faithful servant and a young child to die so that Ishmael and Hagar would not take the family name and inheritance with her son. Fortunately for Hagar and Ishmael, God did not punish them for Sarah’s faithlessness! But despite Sarah’s lack of faith, she still obeyed. She continued sexual relations with Abraham. And yes, she had Isaac. Isaac was not the fruit of her disobedience! God forbid! Isaac happened because it was GOD’S WILL, and GOD’S WILL was going to be done!  

So do not ever let anyone tell you that you cannot do something because you do not have the faith. All you have to do is accept Christ, hear your Word from the Lord through the Holy Spirit, and do what the Holy Spirit says. Even though you may be weak in the knees, scared gutless and witless, all tongue – tied and graceless, if you do what God tells you to, it will be done! The people who tell you that you cannot do something because you lack the faith, it is THEY who lack the faith. Those people are still trying to mix oil and water, spirit and flesh. They are still trying to make things a function of man. They look at these great ministries that God has used people to build up on this earth and say “That must be a great man of God.” Quit putting MAN on a pedestal! Quit worshipping MAN. Quit making these preachers into idols! That is not what the preachers themselves want! Worship GOD! Know that these preachers did these great things and received great things not because of their greatness! They did and received these things because they OBEYED the One God who is great! And so as they did, so can you! So go, in the Name of The Word Of God which is Jesus Christ, and do His Will! 


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please help me to have faith in Jesus Christ, which is your word, and then to obey and do your will. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 


The demons that work in this area are idolatry, false teaching, false doctrine, disobedience, and faithlessness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

John 1:14 – And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. 

Whenever the issue of Christ Jesus arises, even those who believe upon Him, His existence, His birth, His identity, His miracles, His death for our sins, His resurrection and ascension, and His return to conquer and rule the world have questions. Why must we pray in His Name? Why is all power given unto us in His Name? Why can salvation only be accomplished through acceptance of Him? Why does accepting Him liberate us from the curse of the law? How is it that He was present from the beginning? And if He was present from the beginning, was there previous mention made of Him other than prophecy? 

Answering all of those questions is difficult if one only sees Jesus Christ as he is usually presented in most sermons, movies, artwork, and books; that being the anointed savior; God’s only begotten son born to a virgin who performed many miracles, died for our sins, rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven, and will one day return. Knowing this is all that is required to enter Heaven, but ending the knowledge there unnecessarily limits the power that a Christian can operate in, especially in the spiritual realm. From getting a clearer understanding of the scriptures to becoming more effective in the Five – Fold ministry, getting the complete picture of who Jesus is can be extremely edifying. 

The problem is that Christians generally go by how Christ is portrayed by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Paul. Not only are the many prophetic references to Christ not given justice (other than by those in the fields of apologetics and eschatology), but in – depth discussions of how John Mark presents Jesus Christ in The Gospel of John is rare outside of Bible colleges and seminaries. But John plainly spells out to all who read with understanding: Jesus Christ was and is the Word of God! People who have been brought up to revere the Holy Bible with all its versions as the Word of God might see right past this. People who are comfortable with the phrase: “Go to church and hear the preacher give the Word of God” may do the same. But the Bible is not the Word of God. Sermons are not the Word of God. Jesus Christ is the Word of God! The proof of this is Romans 10:17 – “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” How can this be so when so many people pore over the Bible and hear several sermons a week and still do not believe? I am not talking about the belief that everything in the Bible is basically true, but the belief that they can function as a Christian without needing to be told what to do by a pastor and without moving in concert with a congregation? Why do so few believe that God can work all things possible through them, and instead believe that great works and miracles – if they happen at all – can only be done by “special perfect people”?  Such people lack faith, because though they read the Bible and listen to the preacher, they do not hear The Word, which is Christ Jesus, and they do not hear Jesus Christ because they have not set their hearts after Him to seek Him. Such things are not going to just fall into your lap. What does? Do jobs, educations, spouses, children, wealth, influence, or even personal pleasures? No, you have to seek them, and often quite earnestly! So then, you must seek The Word as much or more so. Only when you have a heart to know The Word will The Word be known to you, and that is when you start to move from basic faith to real faith, and that is when you will start to have power. What is your motivation? Maybe you want to go to Heaven. Maybe you want to overcome some sin or thorn in your side. Maybe you want something from the Lord. Maybe you want to do great things for the Lord. Maybe you want to do the things that Christ and his disciples did. Maybe you want to confirm your own faith or increase the faith of others. Maybe you want to help others. So long as your desire is pure, that is seeking to please God rather than to advance yourself, you are on the right track.  

I say this not to denigrate the Holy Bibles, preachers, sermons, churches, etc. But understand: those point you the way to Jesus Christ. Your relationship to Christ must be personal. The Word must be embraced by you and live in your heart, and this must be so in a complete vacuum, apart from any other tradition, institution, person, or circumstance that you may have in your life. If everything else changes or passes away, The Word must be yours. You must come to realize that The Word is not only all that you need, but it is all that you truly have! Furthermore, that realization should comfort, strengthen, embolden, and motivate you to do the Will of The Father. Recall that Jesus Christ stated frequently that His only role on Earth was to do the Will of The Father. Why? Because He was the Word of God. So, God’s Will was all that he could do. That was why Jesus Christ, despite all of the trials, rejection, temptation, and his certain painful humiliating death, was absolutely guaranteed to redeem Adam’s original sin. Adam’s original sin could only be paid for by another perfect human like Adam. Yet, this perfect human could not succumb to faithlessness, rebellion, selfishness, and vanity as Adam. If Adam, who had been given every possible advantage, would not yield to God, then what man would? Only a man who was God’s Word Himself.  

Some might say “Well, so what. Christ had an advantage. He knew what was going to happen. He knew that the things that He would suffer would only be for a time, and that His God would deliver Him and bring Him back to paradise where He would rule with God forever. So, Christ did not have to go through what we go through. Heck, Christ saw God, was with God. We struggle to even know if God is real half the time.” Well, did not Adam have those advantages? Did not Adam regularly talk to God? Was not Adam already in paradise? And as for us, we know what is going to happen. We know that the things that we will suffer will only be for a time, after which God will deliver us, take us to Heaven, and we will rule with Him forever. And yes, deep down we know that God is real for our spirits cry out for Him, and when they do not the very rocks do. Not only that, we know that God will deliver us ON EARTH from our circumstances because He has in the past. After all, are we not still here? Apparently, God has been healing our diseases, removing our mental and emotional anguish and torment (which causes suicide and stress – related death), shielding us from disease and accidents and wars and crime, and feeding and clothing us. Lots of other people – good, innocent people – have suffered those things and been taken away from us, but we are still here! God has delivered us! So if God delivers us on Earth, why do we doubt that He will deliver us in eternity? Jesus Christ had no particular advantage due to knowledge over us or even the people living in His time. Why not? Because they had that same knowledge! Did they not have the prophets? Even eschatology, what will happen in the last days, is spoken of in Daniel, Joel, Isaiah, Nahum, Ezekiel, etc. all of which serve as a preview of the Revelations to John Mark. But we reject all of that and choose to live in rebellion against God, which leads to faithlessness, fear, and death. Why? Because we want to be like Adam. 

And that is why we need Christ. We need Christ because once the Word is in us through Christ, then like Christ WE BECOME THE WORD. Once we become The Word through Christ, we will inevitably do the Will of the Father! Now, we will still not be perfect like Jesus Christ. So we may yet still fall. But it does not matter. Why? Because we will be a member of the Body of Christ. So when we fall, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ will pick us up. Even though we fall and do what we are not supposed to do, the prayers that we did, are doing, and will do in the future are still working even though we are in our temporary state of rebellion. God hears those prayers and applies them through the Blood of Jesus Christ to the other members of the Body. The other members of the Body pick up and do the things that we aren’t doing. The other members of the Body stand in the gap until the Good Shepherd comes with His Rod and His Staff and pulls us back up where we are supposed to be and begin laboring anew. When you accept Jesus Christ into your life, you do it on an individual basis and you are supposed to seek, cultivate, and strengthen an individual bond, relationship, and faith in God through Jesus Christ. But you do not stand alone! Not only do you have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but you are part of the

Church, the corporate body of Christ! You and all of  your fellow – servants are the Word! Remember when John Mark saw the messenger of God and fell at his feet to worship him, and the messenger said “Don’t do this, because I am just like you (Revelations 19:6-10)”?

Once you recognize that Jesus Christ is nothing other than the Word of God, then you realize that you can receive the Word of God and be the same. That is when you will stop accepting corruption, defeat, failure, sickness, oppression, and temptation. Why? Because Jesus Christ did not accept those things. He didn’t have to. He was the Word of God, and as the Word of God He could destroy those things by doing the Will of His Father. Well, if you receive the Word of God, have the power of the Word of God, and become the Word of God, then you do not have to accept those things either! You can defeat them just like Christ did! You should defeat them just like Christ did! You will defeat them just like Christ did! You can, should, and will do the very same things that Jesus Christ did, just as Christ said that you would in John 14:12. You do not believe? Jesus Christ was not a liar. He could not have been even had He wanted to be, for He was God’s Word! God’s Word is true! 

You are already doing things as great as or greater than what Christ did. You just do not know it yet. Or at least you did not until you read this. God is taking your prayers and taking your spirit and using them to do things in the spiritual realm that you cannot even imagine, and those things spill over into the natural realm. Whenever you pray, whenever you read your Bible, whenever you hear a sermon, whenever you tithe and give offerings, whenever you show charity and forgiveness and selflessness and submission, whenever you praise and shout, whenever you give guidance or encouragement (or reprove) to someone using either a Bible verse or principle or a word from God, and whenever you prophesy, minister, evangelize, preach, or teach, and whenever you use one of the gifts or fruits of the Holy Spirit, then it goes right up to Heaven, right into the spiritual realm where God uses it. That is why God tells us to pray without ceasing. That is why God tells us to have His praise continually in our mouths! We are already casting out devils, interceding, healing, raising the dead, walking on water, making the blind see, releasing faith, etc. without even knowing it on a passive basis.  

But are you going to settle for that? Why, when you can start doing those things on an ACTIVE basis? Why not seek The Word, accept The Word, become The Word, and become a knowing, willing, active miracle maker as God commands you? Why not desire and seek after becoming someone who can say “Take up thy bed and walk?” Or “Lazarus (or Leroy or Michelle or Miguel or Xiang), come forth!” Remember, you will not be doing this of your own accord. You will have The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit with you every step of the way, and if that is not enough you have the corporate actions and faith of the entire Body of Christ from the foundation of the world! What does “from the foundation of the world” mean? It means throughout all time! Remember, the natural world is limited by time, the spiritual world is not. So all power is lent to you through the Body of Christ via Christians who died hundreds of years ago, and Christians who have not even been born yet! The great prophets of the past? Accept that you are The Word, and you can stand on their works. The great soldiers that God is going to raise up in the last days, the 144,000 that are going to be marked by God? Accept that you are The Word, and you can stand on their works. You do not merely have to read about these great works in the Bible and about saints in history and think about the people who are going to stand, to be slain for the testimony, and the people who right now are being oppressed and slain for the testimony in Africa and Asia for just inspiration! Now there is nothing wrong with inspiration, but inspiration is not power! You can read about those brave souls resting in the bosom of Abraham and RECEIVE POWER from their faith, their prayers, their works! The Christian woman in Rwanda or Saudi Arabia or China who is being brutally beaten and raped to try to get her to renounce Christ who says “Forgive them Father and save their souls” before yielding up the ghost, her martyrdom can travel in the spirit world without regard for time or place or politics and empower you to go out and get those criminally inclined youths hanging out on the streetcorner in the part of town that you never enter to give their lives to Christ! It can happen if you will only believe The Word, seek The Word, become The Word, have faith, and put your faith in action all in accordance with The Will of The Father, the same Will that Christ did. 

If you recall nothing else, recall that Christ is more than just The Son of God who was and is with God in Heaven who was born of a virgin, died for our sins, rose again on the third day, and ascended into Heaven. That is true, and we should love and embrace Christ for all of that. But that is not personal, because we are not those things. We were not with God in the beginning. We have not beheld God’s face. We were not born of virgins. We did not die for the sins of all mankind on the cross, rise on the third day, and ascend into Heaven. And all power and salvation is not conferred onto others by people believing on us in our name. So, we can love Jesus Christ for that, we can appreciate Christ for that, but it is not 100% personal. Why? Because we cannot be that! It must be something for which we must put Christ on a pedestal, stand back in awe and reverence, and appreciate from a distance, however short it must be, but yet a distance. We must treat that as the children of Israel were to behave in the Holy Temple, in the tabernacle, and in the presence of the ark of the covenant; where they were not even allowed to open the ark and look upon the tablets on which God gave The Law to Moses.  

But Christ being the Word, that is the New Covenant! That is what makes it personal! That is what can live in our hearts! It is more than what we can just appreciate and be thankful for, it is what we can appreciate and become! And that is the meaning of the communion. You did recall that Christ said “You must eat my flesh and drink my blood to have salvation and eternal life”? You know the saying “You are what you eat”? Well that is true! We can become incarnations of Jesus Christ, The Word, within the context of the Body of Christ by consuming Christ. By bonding with Him, by personalizing Him within us. By deciding that we want more out of life and our relationship with God than just sitting on pews Sunday after Sunday and doing all of the churchy religious things and that we can actually get up and do the things that Christ did by worshipping God through Christ as He is … a spirit. By realizing that God is a spirit and we have spirits … indeed, our true selves which will live forever are spirits … and learning to worship and interact directly with God through our spirits. Our human bodies will never see God BUT OUR SPIRITS WILL! Only when we eat the flesh and drink the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by having a burning desire to actually be a manifestation of Him, to do as He did, to BE HIM will we truly understand. Not by ritual, not by association, but rather by the true desire of our hearts can this happen. As they say in athletics, “You have to want it to get it!” You have to take it personal, make it personal, and then allow God to make it happen. Please, let God work on you so that you can become The Word, an active miracle worker for God today.  


If you have not said the Salvation Prayer (or another version of it), please do so now. If you have, then please say this prayer: Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, right now I am seeking you in spirit. Right now I am wanting my spirit to bond with you. Right now I am seeking a personal relationship, a spirit to spirit relationship, with you through my spirit with the Holy Spirit as the mediator. Lord God, I wish to receive directly from you true revelation and true understanding. I want to do your will, God, in the way you want it done. I want to do as and be as Jesus Christ did, and not in a figurative or allegorical or indirect sense, but directly. Please Lord, bond with my spirit. Please, Lord, multiply my faith so after this happens I will go and do your will, and once I have done it I shall believe. Please Lord may I be baptized in the Holy Spirit and receive your anointing. Lord, please lead me and guide me to instruction as regarding the true meaning of Your Word so that I may learn how to be Your Word in the Body of Christ and operate in it to do your will and please you. I know that all things are possible through Christ Jesus, and by your will I am naming and claiming the impossible through you and for you! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

The demons that operate against Christians knowing and acting as The Word of God are complacency, fear, skepticism, faithlessness, worldliness, and false doctrine. The goal is to try to get Christians to limit what they think that God can do and what they can do in Christ, and to try to seek solutions in the natural realm. You are required by God to go into and/or seek spiritual warfare for deliverance from these evil spirits for yourself and for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

John 1:1 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

Virtually everyone, even atheists and secular theologists, acknowledges the existence of Jesus, son of the Joseph from the royal line of David and of Mary. The existence of such a person is not only accepted by Christianity, but also Judaism and Islam. Further, the existence of such a person is mentioned in writings of the time, not only by Jews but Romans, Greeks, and various others. The Roman Empire, of which
Israel was an unwilling part, was literally the center of the human world at the time, and Jesus Christ was a central figure in it. That made Christ’s existence an undisputable part of not only history, but of the recorded written modern part that people living today – especially those of us living in Western culture – can relate to. Because of the place and time in which not only Jesus but His Apostles and disciples were born, no one can claim that He was a myth, symbol, or allegory, as many do with much of the Old Testament. It was obviously the will of God for His Son to be born in such a way that no one can deny the existence of His Son, even those who deny the existence of God Himself! Why? So that even people who struggle with the existence and nature of God can still be saved by believing on Him whose existence they cannot deny and whose nature – as Jesus was 100% man – they can relate to. All that is left for debate is whether Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and whether His doctrine of salvation and power exclusively through His Name is true. No matter what anyone says, if you believe the former you will inevitably believe in the latter. No one who truly believes that Jesus is the Son of God denies the existence of God, Heaven, salvation, etc. or claims that the way to God, Heaven, or salvation can be accomplished any other way. People who claim otherwise are merely closet atheists who are pretending otherwise in order to retain relevance and influence in our overwhelmingly Christian society for the express purpose of doing Satan’s work by trying to get true Christians to abandon the Truth and faith therein and replace it with false doctrines, institutions, traditions, works, rituals, etc.; to replace the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost with religion.

The amazing thing is that even among the faithful, the learned, the devout, most who know and call upon the Name of Jesus The Christ do not know who Jesus is. Such people are no doubt saved and on the way to Heaven, yet they do not truly know the way by which they are saved and will get into God’s Kingdom. How can this be? The same way that you can climb into a car or board an airplane, train, bus, or cruise ship and ride as a passenger to your destination. To get there, you do not have to know the way. You don’t even have to know the identity of the driver. You can even go to sleep, miss the ride and everything about it, and wake up once you arrive, and you get there just the same. All that is required is to know where you want to go – God’s Heaven – and how you get there – salvation through Jesus Christ. Once you accept Christ, you are already onboard being carried to your destination, and all that you need to do is remain obedient and faithful so you don’t panic and jump overboard when the storm comes!

Now there are some who are not satisfied with merely being passengers. They don’t want to just take their seats, read a good book, look out of the window, and take a nice nap on the way to Heaven. No, these people want a bigger role. They want to serve meals and clean out the bathrooms for the guests. They want to swab the decks, man the sails, work in the navigation or engine rooms. They want to teach the exercise classes, run the nurseries for the kids, and be lifeguards in the swimming pools. They want to encourage people who get scared in the storms and keep them from jumping off. They want to locate the secret agents onboard who are headed to the other destination and take others with them, and to throw them overboard. They want to temporarily get off the ride, go and get as many people who missed the ride as are willing, and bring them aboard too!  And there are even some who help in ways that surpass physical means! And yet many of those people, the exceptional chosen remnant, who do not truly know or understand who Jesus Christ is. How can this be? Well consider the driver of the vehicle. Does he have to know how the engine works, or how to repair the steering column, in order to reach the destination? No, the only knowledge that the driver need have beyond that of a regular passenger is how to drive. He need not even know the way if he has the aid of a map or navigator! In a similar fashion, the engineer who operates and maintains the engine and steering need not know the least thing about navigating, and the navigator need not know how to drive!  

That is the amazing thing about entry into God’s Kingdom. Jesus the Christ said that we must become as little children to be saved. That may be interpreted as being born again in spirit by accepting salvation through Jesus Christ, true. But the real meaning is faith. A little child does not know where the next meal is coming from. He or she certainly does not know about the whole process by which the meal was produced: how it went from the farm to the plate, or the biological processes that happen once it is eaten. The child just knows that when hunger comes, Mommy or Daddy brings food, he or she eats, is filled and happy. But consider this. Unless the food is also provided, what good would the knowledge do? What if when a child became hungry, you were to explain to the child Creation, agribusiness, food preparation, digestion, energy production, and waste elimination, but provide no food? You would not be meeting the child’s real need. Were you to continue in this manner, the child will surely die! On the contrary, you could feed the child without EVER revealing the process by which food is produced, and he or she could reach an old age without that knowledge! 

So, realize that intellectual knowledge or even in – depth spiritual discernment of Godly things is not a requirement for salvation. It is not a requirement to live as a Christian. It is not even a requirement to enter Heaven. No, all that is required is faith. Paul in Hebrews 11:1 calls faith the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Merriam – Webster calls it complete trust; something that that is believed, especially with firm conviction. It also calls faith firm belief in something for which there is no proof. If you believe sincerely that the historical person named Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph, was and IS the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One, the only begotten Son of God; if you believe that through him is the only way that you can be saved; if you believe that he died on the cross for your sins and rose again; and if you accept salvation through him, then you are saved. You are on the ship, train, airplane, or bus. You are on the way to Heaven. Belief with faith and conviction is all that is required. 

Perhaps an adult cannot recall the simple but total faith of a small child. Maybe an adult might think that such faith is misplaced anyway; the result of a lack of mental, physical, educational, and psychological development, and too few experiences. An adult might truthfully say that human parents all too often fail and betray their kids; or that even the most dedicated loving parents cannot help their children in many situations (i.e. extreme poverty or illness). I think that children are smarter than we think! A child remembers when a parent gets frustrated and spanks him unnecessarily out of anger. A child remembers when he does not get the toy that he wants. A child remembers when the parent fails to feed her or change her clothes in a timely manner. And if a parent abandons his or her responsibility and runs off for a time, when the prodigal one returns the small child will accept him or her with open arms. The child does not love and have trust in his or parents because they are perfect. Rather, the child loves and trusts the parents in spite of their imperfection; in spite of the parents’ failings and flaws. That is true love; that is true faith! 

The child forgets about the time that the parent lost control of his emotions and have him a spanking, and will run and hug that parent five minutes later. The child forgets about the times that the parent failed to feed or change her or him, and continues to ask the parent for food when hungry or for dry clothes. The child forgets about the days, weeks, or months that the parent was away, and will go home with the absentee parent in a second. Why? Because the child loves that parent. The child has faith that no matter what happened in the past, the future with that parent will be better. The child has faith that even if the parent does not give him or her everything that he or she wants or needs, that the parent still loves the child and is taking care of him! No, it is not until much later that the child gets cynical, disillusioned, angry, resentful, and, yes, faithless. It is only much later when the child determines that he or she needs to place trust elsewhere, including oneself and other idols. 

That is the faith that we have to have! And you know what? We are not putting our faith in a selfish, irresponsible, neglectful, or abusive parent. We are not putting our faith in a parent that, no matter how loving, cannot help in every situation. We are not putting our faith in a parent who makes mistakes. No, we are putting our faith and trust in God! A God who loves us so much that not only does he pardon us for our disobedience, but he sent his only perfect sinless begotten Son to die for that disobedience, for our willful corruption! We are putting our faith in trust in an all – powerful God who will never lie, deceive, or fail. And even though life will get hard; even though God will not see fit to grant us everything that we pray for; even though there will be disappointments, heartbreaks, and tragedies, we have to be like the child who still loves and believes in Mommy and Daddy no matter how messed up Mommy and Daddy are! We have to believe that God still exists. That God still sent his Son for our salvation. That God is still the Supreme Sovereign with all power. And that God still loves us, and everything will work out for the best for all who love and follow Him through the Son no matter what happens, especially when we all get together in Heaven! 

How can you believe all this, especially when it seems that life is so unfair, with innocent good people suffering and dying horrible deaths while the wicked prosper? When it seems that evil is on the march? When it seems that so many things can be explained by science and philosophy? When so many of the world’s religions seem to be so similar? When so many things of the Bible are so hard to believe and understand, and so many others seem unfair? When you have questions like “How can a person who has never been preached the gospel be sent to hell? And if a person who is preached the gospel is able to enter Heaven, does that not put people who have heard the gospel at a disadvantage? Either way, is that not unfair or unequal?” Or more fundamentally “How can a loving God create a human and then cast him into the lake of fire forever; just for the crime of failing to believe on his Son?” It is simple. You just have to believe, and know that you are saved only by God extending you his pardon by virtue of your belief. Your belief in and of itself should not be enough, but if you do, then God merely grants you a waiver. Is that so hard to comprehend? What of those who never get the opportunity to receive the waiver? You really cannot much think about that. You just have to take care of yourself, and trust God to be just, fair, and true with all people. You have to believe that if God will do right by you regarding your own soul, he will do the same for everyone else. You have to not consider yourself to be special, but rather GOD to be special! The same must apply to the mysteries of the Bible. You need not know HOW regarding Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, or Noah and the ark. You must just believe and move on.  

How can you do this? The same way that you can drive your car without having intricate knowledge of how it operates! If one needed the background in physics, chemistry, and engineering to truly understand the workings of a car in order to drive one, the roads would be empty. If one needed to know merely basic concepts, or even how to do simple maintenance on a car, the roads would still be practically empty. Even a requirement that a person have a detailed plan of what to do in case the car breaks down or there is an accident would prevent most people from taking most trips. If you can drive a car (or use a computer or watch TV) every day of your life without having all the answers supplied to you, why cannot you do the same regarding God, Jesus, and Heaven?  

Now, you can have KNOWLEDGE but not faith. You can INTELLECTUALLY KNOW who Jesus Christ is, and still not believe. You can have a detailed, scholarly understanding of the entire Bible, from the historical to the allegorical to the spiritual, and still not believe. Many learned men, indeed prominent theologians and preachers, know the Bible cover to cover, intricate details of the lives and personalities of Biblical and religious figures, and a multitude of doctrines. They even know what is true (i.e. salvation by grace) from untrue. But they do not believe! If that describes you, then your knowledge is worthless. It is faith that saves you, not belief. If you have faith, then knowledge gives you great power! But if you have not faith, then knowledge is a detriment, a snare to you. Someone who has knowledge but lacks belief is as the scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees in the time of Jesus Christ and apostles, and such a person will invariably act as they did! Even believing some things that are wrong – for a time – is not spiritually fatal, so long as one believes in salvation comes only from the Father through the Son by grace, and one is willing to receive instruction and correction when it comes. But the person who knows right from wrong but does not believe is still cursed, even if you act according your correct knowledge. Why? Because we are saved not by works, but by grace! There is no hedging of bets with God, who knows your heart. It is better to believe and be wrong than to be one who is faithless and right.  

Does that render coming into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ meaningless, even dangerous? A thousand times no. Knowledge is power to those who believe. But once you believe and have true faith, you should seek knowledge. Knowledge of God and his ways combined with your childlike faith will empower you to do God’s will. Indeed, the combination of your knowledge and faith will mean that all things that are God’s will shall be possible for you! So first, become a true believer. Say the Salvation Prayer. With God on your side, contend with and overcome all of the doubts and fears that you have that prevent you from total belief. Know that God is always faithful, just, true, and good. Above all, know that God loves you and all, and that your eternal soul is more important than your temporal earthly existence! And then you will be able to seek power through knowledge. Next week: who Jesus Christ is! 


If you have not said the Salvation Prayer (or another version of it), please do so now. If you have, then please say this prayer: Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, please give me total and complete faith in you. I want to believe all things in the Bible, all things that you tell me, all things that people whom you speak through tell me. I want to have complete and total faith in You and Your Word. I want to know that I am saved, and I want my faith to empower me. I want the knowledge that you will give to me to mix with my faith and empower me so that you can use me to do all that you wish for me to do. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

The demons that operate against Christians having faith are fear, doubt, religion, and false doctrine. Major demons in the area of ecumenism and unitarianism, the lie that all religions and faiths are equal, also attack churches and denominations. Intellectualism and skepticism also attacks current and potential believers, and such has also taken root in virtually every church movement and denomination. They try to get Christians to deny or ignore whatever parts of the Bible that they cannot explain, and try to come up with human, scientific, or philosophical explanations for the supernatural and spiritual. You are required by God to go into and/or seek spiritual warfare for deliverance from these evil spirits for yourself and for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Romans 6:16 – Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? 

Sin is mentioned many hundreds of times in the Bible, with the first being in Genesis 4:7 when God spoke to Cain after he murdered Abel. The origin of word comes from the name of the main false god worshipped by the forerunners of the Islamic peoples in the north African – Middle Eastern area. Contrary to the popular claim, Ishmael, the son of Abraham and the Egyptian slave Hagar, was NOT the father of Islam, and Allah and Jehovah are NOT the same! Such is a lie originally trafficked by Muhammad and his followers to try to steal Jewish and Christian converts that has now been resurrected in modern times to support the political aims of Muslims and those who oppose Judeo – Christians (i.e. “Palestinian statehood” and “multiculturalism” advocates); the true people of the One True God!  Islam was once a polytheistic religion with a system of false pagan gods similar to that of nearby
Egypt. A difference is that where the main Egyptian deity was “Ra”, “the sun god”, the original main Islam deity was “Sin” – also spelled “Zin” -, “the moon god.” What Muhammad did was convince the fellow – worshippers of their already long – existing paganism to give up their other lesser “gods” and to instead concentrate their worship on “Sin” only. The lie that these people were descendants of Ishmael – and hence a legitimate alternative way to God and Heaven given by the One True God to a descendant of Abraham as part of God’s covenant with Abraham – was merely part of a propaganda campaign of lies that continues to this day! So Christians ought not to be duped into attempts to find “understanding” with Muslims as with Jews, and should instead view Islam as no different from Scientology, Buddhism, New Age, and so forth. As with everyone else, the only way to love a Muslim is to convert him, and they have no legitimate claims to anything except salvation through Jesus Christ and citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven should they choose it upon it being offered to them. And as Christians, it is our responsibility to do the offering to each and every one!

The “Sinites” named various geographical regions after their “moon – god”; among them the Wilderness of Sin (in which Moses, Joshua, Aaron, and the children of Israel wandered for 40 years after coming out of Egypt before entering the Promised Land) and Mount Sinai (where God gave Moses what is commonly called The Ten Commandments). Of course, God instructed the children of
Israel not to imitate or partake of any of the practices of the Sinites. The children of
Israel began to refer to the Sinite abominations as “sin”, after their false pagan “moon god.” The word was then applied to all idolatry and witchcraft in general, and ultimately the word was applied to all things that God commands one not to do. And the term is appropriate, for the First Commandment is “thou shalt have no other gods before (meaning in addition to) me.” That includes anything that you make a god, including yourself. It includes anything that you prefer to God, including yourself and your own will. Excepting the ignorance of those who have not heard The Word of God, the only reason for disobeying God is placing SOMETHING ahead of God, your love for him, and desire to obey and please him. In that context, the behavior, no what it is or its motivation, makes it a violation of the First Commandment; idolatry, or worshipping another god!

Sin is anything about a person that is against God’s commandments, will, desire, and nature. We must differentiate, however, between “sinning” and “living in sin.” “Sinning” is an act. It is something that true mature Christians should paradoxically war against, as we are to aim for perfection, and not consider much, for we all sin but are saved by grace through our acceptance of Jesus Christ as the only way to God the Father and his Kingdom of Heaven. What we instead aim for is a perfect heart, not perfect actions, as actions are of the flesh. (We attain a perfect spirit when we accept God’s authority by salvation through Jesus Christ.) On the other hand, “living in sin” is a state! It is an existence apart from God’s divine presence and grace whether by choice or ignorance. You come into God’s divine presence and grace by truly accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. So realize, brothers and sisters, that you are not defined by the actions of your flesh! You are defined by your spirit; whether you have accepted Christ or not! You can live an ideal life free of any sin, and still go to the lake of fire because you are still in your sinful state by virtue of your spirit. Meanwhile, a person who for whatever reason wages a losing battle against various behaviors but still LEGITIMATELY WANTS TO OBEY GOD AND HAS ACCEPTED SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST will receive God’s Heaven and rest from behavioral and all other flesh – vexations.  

How does one get to the state of “living in sin?” Simple … everyone seeded by man was born into it. Only three humans who have ever walked the earth were not born in sin. The first two were Adam and Eve, who were not seeded by man or even born, but rather created as adults perfect in body and spirit … Adam as clay and Eve from Adam’s rib (and presumably clay). The third was Jesus Christ, who was born a baby of a woman but to a Virgin, seeded by the God Himself with the Holy Spirit, making Jesus Christ both God’s spiritual and carnal child. As Christ had not only God’s Spirit but his actual physical DNA – making him God’s flesh – he could not sin!  

Like Adam and Eve (and unlike his mother and foster father) Christ Jesus was perfect in body and spirit. Unlike Adam and Eve, Christ had the perfect heart that we Christians strive for! Why? Because Christ received the mind, heart, and will of God … the soul of God … from his father! Meanwhile Adam and Eve’s minds, hearts, and wills … their souls … were of their own. Now did Christ have free will? Yes! Otherwise, he would not have been human. But all humans receive their will to some extent from the seed, the father. Where all born of natural man receive the corrupt seed of Adam, Christ received the incorruptible seed of The Father In Heaven. (I should also point out that all are heavily influenced by their mothers, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a woman of strong virtue and faith who accepted her Son as her Lord and Savior and believed in his Resurrection!) So, again paradoxically, where Christ had free will – and was hence subject to temptation – he would inevitably use that will to never sin! Impossible? Illogical? Contradictory? Well here is something that you can understand to prove this assertion! Everyone born of natural man’s seed also has free will, yet despite the freedom of will shall inevitably use it to sin! Those born of natural man are doomed to sin because of the corrupt seed. The One born of the Holy Spirit of God was blessed to never sin because of the perfect seed of God! Ye of little faith, have you never read Matthew 7:18 and pondered its deeper meaning? Have you not discernment and revelation? Even if you lack those, then rejoice for you have them through me on this issue this day!  

But alas, where God gave Adam and Eve perfect bodies and spirits, he gave them their own wills; their own hearts! Why? Because they were made into the image of God and those like unto him! Just as Satan had the right to disobey God out of his corrupt will and heart, so did Adam and Eve … and so do we. However, God did not create Satan to sin. He did not create Adam and Eve to sin. They all chose to set themselves against God by their own free will. All humans seeded by man were then endowed with will that is both free and not free. How so? Our will is not free with regards to sin, which we will inevitably choose! But our will is free with regards to salvation through Jesus Christ, which we may or may not choose! Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only thing that can remove our spirit from our sinful state! Though the body may sin and naturally die because of it, so long as we retain perfect hearts towards God and his will, our spirits will remain clean and live forever! That is the promise given to all who will accept of Christ dying on the cross as payment for the sins of all humans who have ever lived! 

How is it possible for one man’s singular action to redeem all the sinful actions of the entire race? Again, Christ did not die for your sinful actions. One is not a sinner because of sinful actions. One is a sinner because of a SINFUL STATE. When Adam disobeyed God, his perfect spirit and flesh were made corrupt. Further, they were made corrupt not by his actions but his WILL, his DESIRE to do evil! (Recall that so as a man thinks, so he does?) Suppose Adam had WANTED to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil but had been somehow prevented? I am not talking about being tempted and resisting (as even Christ did), but wanting but for whatever reason not being able to? He would have still sinned in his heart, in his will! Thus, the sinful actions of Adam that came out of his will went forth and corrupted his spirit and flesh. That corruption was genetically transmitted into every other human seeded by a man – that is every other human but Jesus Christ! One can debate on whether the corrupted flesh and/or spirit is inherited as well as the corrupt will (or nature), or whether the inherited corrupt will later corrupts the spirit. Or perhaps one may receive it from a divine revelation. Regardless, the end result is the same.  

And also, let us go back to the word “sin” being an extraction of the word “idolatry.” Why did Eve eat of the fruit of the tree of life? Because the serpent told her that she would be as God if she did. Eve committed vanity, or self – worship, wanting to make herself a god before God, a violation of the First Commandment! And why did Adam eat of the fruit? Because Eve offered it to him. With that act, Adam either violated the First Commandment by obeying Eve instead of God and thereby making Eve a god, or because Eve was his primary source of pleasure and he wanted to continue to feed and experience that pleasure unthreatened, making himself a god, or because he too wanted to be as God as Eve did. It was likely a combination of the three, as Eve was perhaps also motivated to both curry favor with Adam AND to be as God and thereby escape Adam’s God given authority and power over her. In any event, both Adam and Eve wanted some combination of making themselves and each other God. In a similar fashion, Satan rejected God’s authority and wanted to be as God! The original sin, hence, idolatry … borne of vanity! As the original sin was idolatry, the First Commandment was a prohibition of idolatry of all sorts, and as such the word for idolatry of all sorts became the all – encompassing word for sin! 

Since the actions of one man, a special man with a perfect flesh and spirit from origin, was able to plunge all mankind into a sinful state through his corrupt seed, another special man born with perfect flesh and spirit required to redeem all mankind! By redeeming the original transgressor, the inheritance debt is paid for the inheritors, thereby making all who accept the payment of the debt inheritors of the Kingdom of the God of Heaven, heirs and co – heirs with Christ, rather than inheritors of iniquity, death, and destruction, which is the portion of all who refuse the offer and reject and disbelieve in favor of their idolatry! While perfection of flesh and spirit were necessary ingredients to produce equality with the original transgressor and hence stand in as a substitute, perfection of WILL, which caused Jesus Christ to bow to and obey the Father despite AND because of being God himself, was the ingredient final ingredient needed to make it all happen.  

Now recall that in law given to Moses, the only acceptable sin offering was a life! So the life of Jesus Christ was an acceptable sacrifice unto God under the covenant of the time; the law; the Old Testament! No other sacrifice would have been acceptable for the grievous rebellion of Adam that introduced sin and corruption into mankind and the world save that of Adam’s equal or superior. (Recall that under the Mosaic law, the worse the sin the bigger the sacrifice of atonement.) And there was no other way that the debt was able to be paid, for God was bound by his covenant with man, and God is One Who Cannot Lie, Break Promises, Or In Any Wise Rebel Against Himself (God is not double – minded)!  Further, the only reason why the law as given to Moses was needed was because of Adam’s actions! Only after Adam’s actions were paid for could the law be fulfilled! Note that I did not say removed, but fulfilled, completed, matured, “grown up”, for the law is God’s commandments, and the maturation is salvation by grace through acceptance of Christ Jesus! When one accepts the actions of Christ and the Authority of God, though our flesh remains corrupt, our spirits become as Adam’s was … clean. However, we are not inferior to Adam even in his original state, because when one truly accepts Christ in knowledge, love, faith, and power, where Adam had a perfect body but lacked a perfect will, we have the converse. So where it was possible for Adam to corrupt his spirit (and ultimately his body) through his actions (again the fruit of his corrupt will), so long as we believe our spirits will NEVER be corrupted no matter our actions because our wills have been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ along with our spirits! 

You wish for evidence of this? First, though Adam was the first man, God made no covenant with or through him! Rather, God’s first covenant was actually with Adam’s son Cain, when God promised sevenfold vengeance upon anyone who touched him! Further, God’s first covenant to anyone serving as an ambassador to mankind was Noah! Second, God did not require any atonement for Adam’s sin! He did not ask any sacrifice, or even any repentance! God merely instructed him to labor and multiply! Though Eve continued to acknowledge the Lord, there is no record of any further communication between them and God! Why? Because God did not WANT Adam to attempt to atone for introducing sin into all man seeded by man. The error of Adam’s ways was so grievous that Adam could not atone for them even with his own life! Also, even had God commanded Adam to give up his life for his seed, because of Adam’s imperfect will, there was no guarantee that Adam would obey!
More to the point, God wanted perfection to redeem imperfection! Realize that God allowed common animals to redeem the routine sin of corrupt man. Not that animals were the equal of man even in the corrupt state, but man nevertheless was corrupt still, making animals a suitable sacrifice acceptable before God. But to SPIRITUALLY MANKIND ITSELF, rather than to pay for specific flesh actions of specific flesh men, GOD REQUIRED THE LIFE OF A PERFECT MAN! Why? Because God is perfect. God cannot sin nor look upon sin. Why? Because sin is rebellion. Were God to countenance sin, he would be divided against himself! So it took a perfect, sinless man to reconcile mankind with the perfect, sinless God!

Christ put no god before The Father, even to the cross. Not only did there walk a man on the earth who never broke the First Commandment, but the same man’s death redeemed all who did! That is … all who did that will accept Him! So for mankind, the debt created by the Original Sin is paid, and by that all other sins are washed away. Again, that is, if you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. If you have not done so, please, do not delay. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior today! Say in your heart, believe in your heart, and be sincere in your heart our Salvation Prayer, just for you! If you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then please remember to close the deal by seeking, acquiring, and maintaining a perfect heart! Why? Because part and parcel of salvation through Christ Jesus is bowing to the sovereign God and to his commandments! He must be total complete unquestioned ruler over every area of your life! God wants all of you … and it is really nothing to ask when you consider what you get back in return!


If you have not said the Salvation Prayer (or another version of it), please do so now. If you have, then please say this prayer: Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, please give me a perfect heart towards you! Whatever it takes Lord, please cultivate this perfect heart within me, and please help me, guide me, goad me into retaining it before thee! Lord, I renounce all but you, I bow to no one but you, I seek to be found righteous by no other standard but yours alone for the rest of my life on earth so that I may live forever with you in Heaven. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

The demons that operate against Christians having perfect hearts are idolatry, vanity, and lack of knowledge. You are required by God to go into and/or seek spiritual warfare for deliverance from these evil spirits for yourself and for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Fear No Evil

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007


Job 5:19 – He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.


When God made the heavens and the earth, they were perfect. In them there was no embarrassment, no shame, no death, no disaster, no lack, no contending. Everything was perfect, healthy, and orderly; all of creation enjoyed a perfect relationship with its Creator.  And look at us now. Hate, violence, strife, death, and confusion walk freely on the earth doing almost as they please. Even the Body of Christ – saved, sanctified, Holy Spirit filled Believers – are not totally immune. And as bad as things are now, it is only going to get worse, and the Book of Revelation to John tells just how. 

And as if the things on a global scale are not enough to affect us, we all have personal issues to deal with too. First off, most people are fundamentally ill at ease with the things that go on in their own heads: the little sick depraved thoughts and temptations. Such people do all that they can to suppress, ignore, deny, and distract themselves from the internal torment with things like television, materialism, sports, work, sex, food, family, etc. And then there are the immediate surroundings; issues like personal health, finances, and security and that of those that you love. Still more, people look around at the world and no longer recognize it. The things that defined their existence and gave them meaning and comfort either no longer exist or are becoming corrupt. We wonder how long life as we know it is going to endure. We wonder if life as we know it was ever worth enduring in the first place, or if it was all a lie. And we wonder if the new life that we and our children will face will be better, worse, or just a bigger lie.  

Do not be deceived. These issues plague all people no matter their race, language, nationality, religion, sex, educational status, or income level. And these issues are a primary root cause of all the strife and dissension in the human race today. We tell ourselves that some other group of people is the source of all the trouble, or that if we only had what some other person had we would find some rest, some peace, some security. Or we deny our own problems and find false security and happiness by telling ourselves that we are better off over here than those people over there. And yes, many religions – including some forms of Christianity – feed into all this by keeping the focus on yesterday and/or tomorrow rather than telling people how to handle today. Or they give people a meaningless feel – good pick – me – up without telling people what is really going on and giving them what they really need, which is Jesus! 

How did we get into this sorry state? How did we pass from being perfect and care free in communion with God to living in a world where not only true Believers but even the Son of God Himself had to suffer so many things in order to overcome? It is tempting to blame God, who is all – powerful, but God did not do it. God is the Holy One, that which is just, truth, order, love, and righteousness: the one who cannot fail or lie. This world is corrupt, confused, and destined to die, and corruption, confusion, and death does not come from God! After God, we then try to pin the blame on the scapegoat that gives us so much comfort; the dragon, the devil, Satan. Well Satan is a liar, tempter, and accuser, and he is the ruler of this world, but so what? Satan has no power except that through cunning and lies. Satan did not have the ability to turn a right world wrong. If he did, then that would imply that he had the power to create a righteous world – or anything else for that matter – to begin with; that he is God’s equal or competitor. Those are not true. Indeed, it is in Satan’s interest to get people to blame him for the condition of the world. Though Satan is a vain being, he does not care about his reputation, and does not have sensitive feelings! Getting people to blame him for something that he did not do causes people to a) cede to him more power and authority over this world and their lives and affairs than he actually has and b) abdicate the true power AND responsibility that man has, both individually in terms of their own lives and affairs and “being your brother’s keeper” and collectively. No, the fall of the earth from perfection to corruption was the doing of MAN, specifically Adam. Jehovah gave MAN his image, power, and nature, and then told MAN to use that image, power, and nature to be the keeper of the earth for Jehovah! And when MAN used the power that God gave him to reject God, that action alone is what created Satan’s phony kingdom and doomed the earth to corruption and death.  

And knowledge of that fact, children of God, is what should set you free from fear. Make no mistake. Fear is the lack of faith. Fear is the lack of faith that there is a God. Fear is the lack of faith that God has all power. Fear is the lack of faith that God is righteous, true, and loving. Fear is the lack of faith that a righteous, loving, true, and powerful God will intervene in your life to save your soul, body, and all that God has given you stewardship of from death and corruption in this world AND the next. Fear is the refusal to confess those things and to submit yourself to God’s authority. Fear causes you to reject God’s authority because you will not admit that you are better off under God’s authority anyway! Where deliverance is the bread of God’s children, fear is the bread of the foolish. And the most amazing thing is that even among the Body of Christ there are still those who have fear, because though they have been given God’s Knowledge through God’s Word they do not walk in it, and instead follow the path of foolishness which is fear.  

Realize that your fear would be justified if the downfall of the world and the bad things in it came from God. After all, we are SUPPOSED to fear God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom, and the failure to fear the Lord is the sum of all foolishness. But you are supposed to fear God because God IS! If you do not believe that God exists, then you are not going to fear Him. So hear the prophetic interpretation of fear of the Lord: FEAR OF THE LORD IS FAITH! So when you fear the Lord, it only means that you believe in Him! It is NOT a fear that God is going to do something bad to you. The fear that God is going to do something bad to you – or to someone else – is actually a demon, and regrettably that class of demon (fear of God, fear of hell, fear of death) runs rampant through many sects of Christians because of false doctrine, false teaching, false practices, and the fact that even many Christians who do receive sound teaching put their trust in rituals, churches, symbols, denominations, and pastors rather than having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and worshipping God through the Holy Spirit. People, God is good. God is the source of all goodness. Blaming God for this messed up world and using that as an excuse to fear Him because “God is so mean and bad such high standards that I cannot meet and one of these days He is just going to get tired of my flaws and punish me” just puts distance between you and God, keeps you from walking in the promises of God and receiving His blessings, and prevents you from effectively and effectually caring out His Will. So stop being afraid of God and start believing in Him, and believing in God means believing in His Love, Forgiveness, Goodness, and Grace! 

And yes, if the bad things in the world came from Satan, then yes your fear would be justified. Why? Because Satan is evil. Satan hates you and all that is yours. Not only is he hateful, but he is also vain. Even though God’s blessing to you is just between you and God and none of Satan’s business, Satan still hates it because Satan cannot stand for anyone to glorify God, because Satan wants to receive all of the glorification. Satan cannot stand for anyone to receive a blessing, because if it is not him getting magnified, then he does not want to see any magnification at all. So, if Satan had the ability to curse the world, you should indeed be very fearful, for that would mean that Satan would have real power, and would use that power to crush everyone, starting with those who reject Satan and Babylon and love God. But that is not the case! Satan did not plunge the world into destruction! Though Satan is the ruler of the world, he has no real power over it. The only power that Satan has over the world is that which he stills from man and redirects; that which he manipulates and uses man to do. That is why Satan is always trying to get man to worship him. Worshipping Satan transfers your power in the spirit realm to Satan, giving him that which he would never have any other way. And that is why Satan is always trying to manipulate man to do his bidding. There was no way that Satan could have possibly killed six million Jews during the Holocaust. Satan does not have that power in the natural realm to stretch forth his hand against anyone, and especially not against the seed of Abraham. But Satan was able to get HITLER to do it, and was able to get the people of Germany, Austria, and
Poland (which included not a few Christians I might add) to either go along with it or be silent. Satan needed man to get the job done, and without man’s help and man’s power,
Babylon is NOTHING! Remember what God told the serpent in the Garden of Eden? You shall bruise man’s heel, but man shall bruise your head! That means that even with the power that Satan is going to get from man, the people of God will still be more powerful! Why? Because Satan’s power comes from MAN. Man is mighty powerful in the spiritual and natural world, but God is even more powerful.

If Satan tries to magnify himself against you, then you can defeat him with the concert power of God and the power of man! How does the power of God and the power of man work together? Well, the lesser but real power of man activates the greater power of God. Consider a spark plug in a car. Yes, a spark plug produces power, able to generate an instantaneous burst of several volts from a battery. That is the power of man; great and important but wholly insufficient. But that spark ignites gasoline, which operates the engine, and that is where the power of 400 horses to propel the car comes from! That is the power of God; greater AND wholly sufficient. Now they did not have automobiles in the time of Jesus Christ, so the Word of God Emmanuel used his analogy of a mustard seed to describe how something starts out small but becomes great (Jesus Christ also used the example of a small amount of yeast leavening bread). But the principle still holds. Not only that, realize that Jesus Christ walked the earth under the old covenant and was governed by it. So it was appropriate for Him to use relatively slow moving examples such as plants growing or bread being leavened. But we are under the new covenant! We have the power of the Holy Spirit! God is still God, but through the freely given and poured out Holy Spirit, we have, well, bigger better and more efficient spark plugs. So the Body of Christ should be able to expect results that are greater and faster, especially in these days where human knowledge is also rapidly expanding. But instead of using that increased human knowledge to better understand the Holy Spirit through reading the Scriptures and prayer, we use it to deny the Scriptures. We choose to rely on the spark plug rather than on the engine. The only result of that is failure and fear, and for that reason we are actually doing LESS than what was being done in earlier periods of the church age, not more. But in the Name of Jesus Christ I bind that fear and false knowledge, declare this humanist phase in the true church to end, and command and declare that the Body of Christ is about to fear no more but instead walk in the promises and power of Jehovah! But the main thing to realize is that you should not fear Satan, because Satan has no power save that which he is able to steal from man. 

And should you fear man, if for no reason than Satan is able to use man against you? A thousand times no. Again, though man has real power, God is more powerful. Here is an example. Revelation 12:7-9 says that when there was a war in Heaven between Satan and his demons and God’s angels that God’s angels prevailed. Realize that GOD HIMSELF did not even have to join the fight! Satan AND his demons were defeated by GOD’S ANGELS ALONE! That proves that Satan is not equal to or even a competitor with God; Satan is no more powerful than any of God’s angels, and man is ABOVE God’s angels (which shows the folly of some strains of Christianity as well as other religions who tell us to pray to and worship angels in one form or another). But the key portion of Revelations 12:7-9 is “NEITHER WAS THEIR PLACE FOUND ANY MORE IN HEAVEN”! So Satan has no more access to Heaven (as he obviously did at one time; see the Book of Job), and neither do any of Satan’s demons or his people. Satan, his demons, and his people will have no part of Heaven in this life or the next, but instead their portion is the lake of fire! But Satan is the ruler of this world, right? True. BUT GOD STILL HAS ACCESS TO THE EARTH! God’s angels are all over the place. So are God’s people, Believers. And yes, God Himself comes to earth! He came to earth and walked among us for 33 ½ years in the human personification of God’s Word Jesus Christ, and Satan couldn’t touch Him. After Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven, God returned to live in His people in the form of the Holy Spirit. God came to Jacob and wrestled with him. God came to Abraham in the form of three men just before he destroyed Sodom and
Gomorrah. God came to Moses in the burning bush, passed by Moses on the mountain to allow Moses to see his back, and dwelt in the ark, the tabernacle, and the temple! So even with the power of man, Satan’s kingdom is fake because not only are God’s infiltrators everywhere, but God Himself treads on Satan’s turf whenever He wants. But God’s kingdom is real, because God’s enemies have no access to Heaven now and will not have it EVER! So even with the power of man at his side, Satan cannot challenge God. Therefore, even with Satan at his side, a man of Satan cannot challenge a person of God who has the power of God within him and the protection of God around him! Man is great, BUT GOD IS GREATER! GLORY BE TO GOD! This life is great, but the next one will be greater! Glory be to God!

Just like Satan only has whatever power that man gives him, another man only has whatever power over you that YOU give him. The amazing thing is that we give other people power over our lives when other people do not ask for it or even want it! Take stalkers. They pour themselves into other people, giving those people all sorts of undesired and unwanted attention. The object of these stalkers’ attention do not desire for such people to have continuous tormented thoughts and desires of them, or to commit crimes because of them (as a person obsessed with the actress Jodie Foster shot President Ronald Reagan). God gave man power and free will, and that includes the power and free will to decide to be ruled by others. That is everything from a parent or spouse totally centering his or her life around a child or spouse to someone giving themselves over to an economic or political system. When the anti – Christ and the false prophet arrives, virtually everyone on the planet is going to surrender their power to the anti – Christ, who is going to use it to take over the world and do all sorts of evil. But that is only going to happen because people are going to surrender that power. The anti – Christ will not be able to take it, because even with the power of all man given to him, he will not have the power to violate a single person’s free will. And for that reason, many will defy the anti – Christ and be saved, even at the cost of their very lives. So no, you should not fear man, because even the collective power of every man raised against you cannot overcome the power of a single man’s free will. Why is that? Because YOU are made in God’s image with God’s power, and just as God cannot be overcome unless God decides to allow it, you cannot be overcome unless YOU allow it. Take Jesus Christ. Man did not overcome Jesus Christ. Christ willingly came to earth as a man. Christ willingly was betrayed and crucified, and willingly gave up His life. It was not going to happen any other way. Christ was a man just like you, and the same spirit of Christ, God’s spirit, the Holy Spirit, is within you. So if Christ had the power to yield only by choice, so do you! And when you decide to fear man, you yield up your power to Satan through your lack of faith. It should not happen, it does not have to happen, and it only happens if you allow it. It will only happen if you forget that God is greater than man: that GOD IS THE GREATEST! 

You fear because you are lovers of this life and this world. Well, if Jesus Christ, who could have had any thrill and pleasure there was in this life and this world FOREVER if He wanted to, decided that the next life and the next world were better and decided not to fear Satan, hell, or death, why should you be any different? You are Christ’s servants; is the servant greater than his master? If Christ being God submitted to God, why cannot you as a man with the image of God and access to the Spirit of God submit to Christ’s example? By loving this world, you are loving corruption. Remember, Christ said that whatever a man loves so a man IS. So if you love corruption, you become corrupt. If you love this corrupt world, fear comes into you, and your lack of faith has the potential to give the enemy license to destroy you. Now God is a loving forgiving patient God, so He is not going to remove His protective covering every time you decide to reject his power and promises and walk in fear. But it can happen and does happen. But when it does, do not ever say that God did it. Do not ever say that Satan did it. Do not even say that some other man did it. Say that the person who it happened to did it. That person lost their faith, acquired fear, and gave up their power to man and the enemy, and that person used that man’s own spark plug to ignite their demise. Of course, this is not the case in ALL SITUATIONS. Truly innocent people, such as babies, die. So do people who live exemplary lives before God, as did many of the prophets and apostles in the Bible. God has a will, and his will shall be done. But failure to accept that fact is fear. We have to realize that those innocent babies and those prophets and apostles, no matter how much they might suffer while on earth and no matter how much we might grieve over them and miss them when they are gone, have gone on to a better place. And we need to realize that unless we cast off our fear, we will not be joining them! Why not? Jesus Christ said so in the Revelation to John: the fearful are not going to Heaven! I say it again, fear is the absence of faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God! It is impossible to be on God’s side without faith! 

Realize that we are in this world for one reason only: to be on God’s side, to do His Will, to fear God, to live by faith. A lot of people think that we are on this earth to have a good time. They say that simply accepting the evil that is in this earth is a copout. Not only do those who deny and reject God feel this way, but there is a lot of false Christian doctrine to this effect too, and no I am not only talking about the liberation theologists. You have mainstream traditionalist Christians who will not and cannot accept that experiencing pleasure is NOT our purpose on the earth. Do not get me wrong. God will bless us with prosperity, favor, His presence, and all manner of good things through His Goodness and Mercy by our faith while we are here, but that is not WHY we are here. We are here to do His will, and even the prosperity, favor, presence, and good things that God gives us for us to enjoy are to be used to do His Will! Yes, God did initially put man on the earth to have a good time, but man messed that up. After man messed it up, man was driven from the Garden of Eden, and God put a plow in his hand and told him to till the earth. That did not just mean that man had to work to feed himself; it meant that God wanted man to work for God and to even use God’s blessings for God. That is why we tithe. It is an example of how God gives us blessings for the purpose of our using those blessings to do God’s will. It is an example of how we exist to please God and not God existing to please us. Now, of course, in the new heaven and the new earth things are going to be restored and man is going to go back to being allowed to hang out and have fun all the time. But we have to get there, and the path to getting there is pleasing God while we are in this life. Folks to not want to accept that, and they resist. Every time something bad happens to them, they reject the notion that in this life it is not given to us to feel and experience good all the time; that is for the NEXT LIFE, and in this life we are supposed to tread the bad under our feet and give God the glory because we know that good is coming. But folks do not want to accept that. So whenever bad happens, they think that there is something wrong with themselves, and that there is something wrong with God, or even that God cannot exist if bad happens. That gives rise to fear, fear gives rise to sin, and sin gives rise to death (James 1:12-18).  

So Believers, do not fear, for fear itself is sin. Fear itself indicates not believing in God. Fear itself indicates that you love yourself; your own life in this world, more than you love God. How can you love a life that is filled with so much sorrow and disappointment in a world that is so filled with evil and corruption that you reject the perfect happy life in the perfect happy world to come? The very reason why people do not believe is because of the imperfection of this world. They decide that because this life and this world is so flawed and painful that they are not going to believe in the next life, the next world, or the God that gives it to them. You would think that the dire circumstances of this life would cause people to cling ever more to the hope of the next one, but with so many people the opposite occurs. You would think that anyone who has lost a child or a spouse or who has failed in marriage, education, or business would be comforted with the knowledge that their little baby is with God or look forward to a life where there is no loss and pain and failure as there is in this one, but the opposite happens. People who have already lost or failed fear losing and failing again; too selfish to realize that if they got through the last loss or failure they can get through the next one. And instead of running to God to leave the fear behind, they choose the fear over God and even make a false god out of that fear. Rather than look forward to the day that God will give them a new life, they renounce God over what happens in the current one. It makes absolutely no sense. It would be convenient to blame it all on Satan, the one who deceived the whole world, but we really cannot. Again, Satan does not have that power. It is all man. The same nature of man that caused Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is what causes man to reject and resent God over what happens to us. It is what causes us to choose this life over the life to come and rebel against God; to be so proud and selfish that we are only going to live and act in what we think that we can see or know. We cannot even see the angels around us that are protecting us from the demons and witches day and night, yet we think that we can see well enough to judge God? That is not Satan’s doing, it is man’s, and man needs to decide that he loves God more than he loves himself if he is going to be free from fear and enter God’s kingdom. For if you choose fear over God and suffer God’s wrath forever in the lake of fire, it will not be God who did that to you. It will not be Satan who did that to you. It will not be man who did that to you. You will have no one to blame but yourself, for yourself is the image of God with the free will and power therein, and you used that will and power to put yourself above God. Do not let it happen to you.Say the Salvation Prayer and start living a life based on the rejection of fear today.  


Father Jehovah in the Name of Jesus Christ, I know that you have already given me the victory, so I need not fear or worry. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I hereby claim the victory that you have given me over sorrow, suffering, and death and will walk in that victory all the days of my life. I will also do all that you bid me Lord God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ to set other captives free with Your Power given to us by the Blood shed by Your Word. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen. Higgaion. Selah.  


The demons that work in this area are fear and faithlessness. It seeks first to keep people from giving their lives to God so that their souls can be saved, and second to erect barriers to those who are saved to prevent the people of Jehovah from doing the mighty will of God in the name of His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Stand against fear in yourself and others! Do not let these fear demons roam the earth, blocking both salvation and God’s mighty works! Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Do No Evil

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Romans 5:19 – For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. Perhaps the most fundamental part of being a Christian is also the least understood, and that part is obedience. The sad thing is that few people who call themselves Christians understand who they must obey, why they must obey, or how this obedience is to take place. Christians spend much more effort coming up with excuses why they do not have to obey than they do seeking to become more obedient! Or they give themselves over to the most common delusion; that of “obedience applies to you, not to me.” That can also take the form of “all of God’s laws must be kept except for the ones that I do not.” Such people will not only pardon THEMSELVES for their particular disobedience, but pretty much everyone else who commits the same! So liars will defend not only themselves but other liars while denouncing adultery. Adulterers will defend all adulterers but castigate gossipers (motivated of course by the fact that their adultery is oft the source of the gossip!). And so on. 

The evidence of this is the common misstating of the definition of – or what it means to be – a Christian. Most say that “Christian” means “follower of Christ.” Were that the case, then Judas Iscariot, the lying thief betrayer, was a model Christian!  After all, was he not one of the twelve who followed the Son of God wherever he went? Nay, the true meaning of “Christian” is “imitator of Christ.” Even better: “one who does as Christ did.” Better still: “One who is as Christ.” Why? Because that definition is the one which was given by Christ himself in John 14:12!  Many emphasize the miracles that Jesus Christ did; those were done so that people in his time and afterwards would believe (see what Jesus said in John 14:10 -11). Others primarily speak of Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection; that was done to pay for our sins and make a way for us to be connected to God and get into Heaven. While belief and works are important, how we LIVE is also important, just as is the true measure of our faith is what we do when we are not at church and the true test of our character is what we do when no one is looking! So for those who have already accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died for their sins and want to know how to manage their daily life and know what attitude towards God they should have, perhaps the most important role of Jesus Christ is that of role model, in that Jesus Christ committed no sin; that Christ made himself totally subject to the will of the Father even though Christ was God Himself! 

There are those who assert that once you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and that he is the Son of God who died on the cross for your sins and rose again from the dead, that you are going to Heaven despite your “flaws.” That you are saved by grace and redeemed through Christ’s blood, and not by works … that the law is dead and we are dead to the law! These people claim that it is not their actions that count, but rather their hearts!  Such people have knowledge of the scriptures but lack understanding. These people does not understand that if ever there was anyone who ever walked the earth assured of Heaven, it was Jesus Christ! Yet Christ obeyed. Some people emphasize the fact that Christ submitted himself to the will of God by going to the cross, particularly because of his temptations at Gethsemane to avoid the cross altogether AND to get down from the cross and prove who he was once he was on it. However, to debunk the “modernist existentialist” depictions of Christ in abominations such as “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Da Vinci Code” – none of which deny that Christ was willingly executed – Christians should focus on Christ’s virtuous life BEFORE THE CROSS! The “dead to the law” crowd basically claims that “because I have accepted Christ, I can sin, because I am not saved by works.” These people are wrong in two areas: A) The idea that obedience is merely keeping a bunch of rules and regulations given in Leviticus plus whatever society, culture, and tradition has added to it and B) the idea that being obedient is “works” that have no implications on their salvation. In reality, obedience means doing what God tells you. And God tells YOU what to do directly through the Holy Spirit. Sure, the Levitical laws and the edicts issued by Jesus Christ are fine guides and overarching principles, but they pale in comparison to having your own personal copy of God himself within you! Were otherwise the case, Christ would have never been sent to die so that the Holy Spirit could come! So if you are going to be in a state of persistent and premeditated disobedience to GOD HIMSELF, then you are not truly saved because you have not truly accepted Jesus Christ. Why? Because the role of Christ is to give us a way to submit ourselves to God as sovereign, and if you refuse to obey God’s personal commandments to you, then you reject God’s sovereign rule over your life, and thereby you reject the One that Sovereign God sent to save you. Furthermore, obedience is not mere “works.” Rather, obedience is above all works! Recall that Jesus stated that the greatest of commandments were to “love the Lord with all thy heart and soul, plus love thy neighbor as thyself.” When a scribe responded that love of God and neighbor was more important than all sacrifices, Christ not only agreed with him, but proclaimed him not far from salvation! Now sacrifices do not equal obedience. The children of
Israel did plenty of sacrificing and rituals while simultaneously provoking God to anger with sin, to the point where God proclaimed that he HATED their sacrifices!  

Nay, sacrifices equate to WORKS, and the love of God and your neighbor is above works. And if you love the Lord, you will keep his commandments! The two are inseparable. Further, if you love your neighbor as yourself, you will not treat your neighbor in any manner that you would not desire to be. And, of course, the same applies to God; you would not treat God in a manner in which you would not desire to be treated either. For instance, suppose you tell someone to do something. Unless you were playing some game of cynical manipulation, you would want them to do it, right? You would certainly not want them to not do it, do it in a manner different from which you desired or commanded, or did the opposite, right? And even more so were you in a position of authority and respect i.e. a parent, a workplace manager, or political officeholder? Of course not! So why do you expect God to be any different? Why should it be OK to disobey God if it is not OK to disobey you?  Your response would be “grace”, meaning that God is an understanding and loving God forgiving of the mistakes of those who accept him. Suppose that you are a supervisor who offers employment to some fellow. Just as you accepted the authority of God through Christ, this fellow must first accept your offer of employment before you can assume a position of authority over him. (Of course you have the option of never offering him employment in the first place just as God can and will cast those who never accept his authority through Christ into the lake of fire!) Now you will accept a certain degree of disobedience from this person for a certain time period, especially if he is immature and comes from a background where he was not used to responsibility or respecting authority (which pretty much describes where you were as a sinner). But were this disobedience to persist, you would certainly fire the person! Not only would this person’s behavior be a detriment to your company’s goals, unfair to the people trying to keep the rules, and undermine any concept of order, but you would eventually take his behavior as a personal affront to and challenge of your duly earned position of authority. You would resent how this person is totally ungrateful to you for giving him a chance. Again, why do you expect God to be any different?If you say “But we are God’s children, not his hires!” and ask what parent would cast off his own flesh and blood? Recall Jesus Christ in Matthew 12:46-48 … God regards his TRUE CHILDREN as only those who keep his commands. God will still love his children who reject his authority and go their own way, but he will nevertheless have nothing to do with them. In that he is no different from what you would be forced to do as a human parent were your child to leave your household upon reaching adulthood and never return or contact you again! If you doubt, try it! You cannot physically force them to stay if they are determined to leave, and the police will not even place you in contact with them, let alone bring them home. Why? Because once they reach adulthood, your children have personal rights that exceed your legal status as parents, as well as the physical and intellectual ability and resources to leave your authority. Your only recourse would be to disinherit them; declare that they have no legal right to your name or estate! In a similar fashion, while you are God’s child, you have your own free will. If you reject God’s authority, he will let you go! But God will exercise his rights and disinherit you! You will NOT receive blessings on Earth OR the

Kingdom of
Heaven!  Also, consider this scenario. Even if your child, especially an adult one, does not reject you, suppose he turns out to be exceedingly wicked and depraved. Suppose he commits heinous crimes, will not stop, and shows no remorse. Suppose those crimes are against you personally. Suppose those crimes are against your other children … your other innocent children! Now, if you have any righteousness in you, you would disown that wicked child; regret ever having had him! It may even rise to the point where you would take personal action to punish your child’s wickedness and prevent future harm, especially to innocent children; either personally reporting that child to the police or taking even more dramatic drastic action, especially if your child’s threat to the other children is imminent! Well, that describes God in the days of Noah! What did God do? Destroy those disobedient people in the flood! (And let us not forget Sodom and
Gomorrah!) In other words, God’s feelings and actions would be no different from yours, even unto those who profess Christ as the Son of God and their personal Savior! 

Of all the things to remember about God, chief among those is that God is righteous. A righteous God cannot abide sin. A righteous God will punish – and ultimately destroy – both sin and the sinner. It is for that reason that so many people talk about God’s love, mercy, and wisdom, and even his power and authority, but few talk about his righteousness! The reason is that they choose to believe that God’s righteousness conflicts with or negates his other traits, so if they minimize his righteousness it opens a window for them to commit whatever sin they consider justifiable. They believe that God will use his love, mercy, wisdom, strength, power, and authority to create some way for their sin to be accepted.  In reality the converse is true. God’s love, mercy, wisdom, power, and authority act in concert with his righteousness and confirm his righteousness. Hence it is because of his love, mercy, wisdom, power, and authority that he will destroy all rejection to his will and all who do it. A God who does not punish those who hurt others is not a loving one.  A God who allows continual disobedience is not merciful, but rather permissive. A God who ignores rebellion is not wise. A God who does not use his power to crush rebellion forfeits said power. And what good is authority if it is not used to punish those who do not respect it? 

It all comes down to the irrefutable fact that a God who is not righteous is no God at all, and those who reject God’s righteousness by being determined to live in sin reject God AND Jesus, He Who God Sent. Hence such a person has not truly accepted Jesus Christ despite their belief. Such a person fails to realize or acknowledge that the reason why Jesus Christ was sent was to reconcile man with God by giving those who wanted to live under God’s authority a means by way of the Holy Spirit. Rejecting the commands that God gives you through the Holy Spirit is simply rejecting God! Now this is not the same “lose your salvation” false doctrine; those who preach that it is possible to lose your salvation if you commit an egregious enough sin or a series of sins. That doctrine is akin to being saved by works and not by grace or faith. The difference is not what you do by mistake or even intent, but rather by your overall attitude! Recall the hymn “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back”? (My preference would be were the hymn to state “I have decided to be like Jesus, no turning back, no turning back”, but that is an aside.) If you continuously purposefully disobey the Holy Spirit, whether it is the same thing over and over again or a different thing each time, you are not accepting the rule of God over your life, meaning that you are not saved!  

Moreover, if you reject the Holy Spirit’s instruction, that is BLASPHEMING the Holy Spirit in deed! You may ask how is that possible; that blasphemy is only possible if you do it on purpose knowing that you are doing it? How can you blaspheme unawares? Well, you disobey the Holy Spirit and choose to reject God’s command by choice, right? Despite knowing better, right? How can you blaspheme the Holy Spirit by action rather than word? The same way that you can lie by nodding your head in response to a question! Suppose a child breaks a vase, and the child’s mother asks “Did you break the vase?” If the child nods her head no, she has lied without opening her lips, right? You blaspheme the Holy Spirit with your actions the very same way. Also, you DO lie with words … in your heart where it really counts. How? By telling yourself that YOU DID NOT REALLY HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT. By telling yourself that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OBEY WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT SAYS. By telling yourself that THE HOLY SPIRIT IS NOT REALLY THE WORD OF GOD. By telling yourself THAT GOD WILL PARDON YOUR DISOBEDIENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Do those things, and you knowingly deny who and what the Holy Spirit is within your own heart! If that is not blasphemy, what is? And recall … blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a sin that will not be forgiven! 

So those who profess with their lips as having received salvation through Jesus Christ, you are now bound to obey God’s commandments as given to you by the Holy Spirit. You are also bound to seek guidance of the Holy Spirit by the way of praying without ceasing. Jesus Christ did the same, and if you are to be as Christ or even a follower of Him, so must you also do! Failing to do either will place your eternal fate in grave jeopardy! You have been warned, so as Jesus Christ told the woman accused of adultery, “Go and sin no more.” Prayer:Father God in the name of your son Jesus Christ, please make me obedient to thy will. Please make me hear your commands through the Holy Spirit, and please give me a heart to heed the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Lord God I reject and renounce all of the lies that I have believed on the matter of my having accepted Christ making it OK for me to sin, and I now promise to keep your commandments and to place myself under your authority. I know that in order to be saved by grace, I must accept your grace which means accepting your sovereign rule over my life. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

 Deliverance:The demons in this area would be the demon of lying, the demon of false doctrine, and the demon of self – love. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of Jesus Christ, rebuke those demons and command them to leave you if the Holy Spirit tells you that they are there. In a similar fashion, if you are acting as a deliverance minister, rebuke those demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love and command them to leave any person or persons that you are conducting a deliverance ministry session for in the name of and by the blood of Jesus Christ. Whether the deliverance is for yourself or another, in the name of Jesus Christ bind those demons from entering another person; especially another member of the Body of Christ.

 If you are engaging in spiritual warfare in this area for a person or persons, rebuke those demons and bind them from that person’s will and mind in the name of and by the blood of Jesus Christ. Then pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ that he would lead the individual or individuals to seek deliverance from those demons. And if you are engaging in spiritual warfare for the Body of Christ, rebuke all said demons in the name of Jesus Christ and by the blood of Jesus Christ, and by the name and blood of Jesus Christ bind them from the minds and wills of the members of the Body of Christ. Then pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ that he would lead all members of the Body of Christ that are being troubled by these demons to deliverance. In all cases, in the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, bind the demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love from seeking help from other demons as well as from powers and principalities.
As a matter of fact, if you have received salvation through Jesus Christ, you have been given the power and authority to tread on scorpions … to go into spiritual warfare for the church right now! Here is how:In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love within the Body of Christ. I declare all members of the Body of Christ as under protection from these demons by the Blood of Jesus Christ. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love within the Body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love to cease deceiving members of the Body of Christ into believing that accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior gives them any license to willingly sin or otherwise disobey the command of God. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love to loose the minds and wills of the members of the Body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of Jesus Christ, I forbid all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love within the Body of Christ from seeking aid from powers, principalities, or other demons. Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, now that I have bound the demons  of lying, false doctrine, and self – love within the Body of Christ and commanded them to stop their evil work within the Body of Christ and to loose the minds of the saints, please Lord direct the saints that need it to seek and receive deliverance through the Name and Blood of our Savior Your Son Jesus Christ. May they believe that their deliverance is necessary and possible, and may they obey your call and commands. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

 Intercession for a specific individual or body would be very similar … merely substitute their name or the name of a body for “The Body of Christ” in the intercession text above. In a similar fashion, if you are conducting deliverance for yourself or another individual or group of individuals who have sought it from you at God’s direction, rather than commanding the demons to loose the mind and will of the individual or individuals, you can command them to leave by saying “I command you demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love to come out of _.” Of course, do this as the Holy Spirit leads. Not all these demons may be present, or other demons might be. Further, it may be necessary to cast out one at a time. Also, they may not be the only demons present! This is only a spot guide; becoming effective at deliverance ministry will very likely take fasting, prayer, and research. To help you in that regard, I suggest the work of Frank and Ida Mae Hammond as a starting point, as well as that of Derek Prince. There are also free resources available on the Internet of varying quality; whatever you do allow God to be your guide! 

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