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Hear No Evil

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Exodus 33:4 – And when the people heard these evil tidings, they mourned: and no man did put on him his ornaments. 

Good things (i.e. salvation, healing, faith, and power) come by hearing and believing The Word of God? Well by the same token bad things (temptation, corruption, death) comes from hearing evil. James stated that lust leads to sin which leads to death. The cause of lust is thinking about sin, and what causes thinking about sin is hearing about it! Various Bible scriptures (most explicitly Psalm 1:1) tell us not to keep company with sinners except to convert them (with Jesus providing the example of the exception). One of the reasons is the sinful conversation that sinners engage in; the lying, gossiping, swearing, negativity, condescension, and the plotting against God and his people. You are also going to hear the wicked boast of their sinful exploits and glory in that of others. Naturally such people will point fingers and find fault with whoever is trying to serve God and attain virtue. Such people are instruments of Satan, even if they do not know it or do not mean to be. But that is no reason for you to listen to the vile music that they make.  

Of course, you are not going to be able to totally close yourself off to the wicked discourse of the world, and unfortunately not all of the wicked discourse is going to come from sinners. But if you willingly insert yourself into situations where you KNOW that an unbeliever is going to blaspheme and mock saints; if a liar is going to stretch the truth; if someone prone to fornication or adultery is going to brag on their exploits and defend their lifestyle; if a glutton is going to talk about food; etc., then two dangers may come of it.  

One, remember when Jesus Christ anointed his disciples with the Holy Spirit by breathing on them? According to Revs. Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

, evil spirits oft enter people in the same fashion: through the air. So when you listen to wicked people proclaim their iniquity, they are literally spraying demons at you. That is why if you listen to someone talk about sin enough times (or even once) you will gain a compulsion that is not of your own origination to do the same or similar. We call it “a bad idea getting into our head”; in truth it is often an evil spirit that has either entered or has started hanging around you thinking that if it hangs out long enough it will enter, and if you keep listening to people wear down your resolve by letting people talk junk to you – especially if they keep promoting and defending their sinful lifestyle before you until they either cause you to envy or sympathize – it will! Second, remember the verses that mean whenever multiple Christians gather together in agreement the thing which they agree upon attains power? Satan’s kingdom works the same way. That is why witches, occultists, Satanists, etc. gather together to promote their evil as often as they can just like church people do. Whenever humans gather together around a common cause, the result is the cause gaining more power in the spirit world. So if you are around evil people who are talking evil, you are giving their evil words and the sins, demons, and principalities behind them more power. More power still will be conferred to them because you are a Christian. Remember, Satan is the great accuser of the saints before God. Refer to Job 1, where he bets God that he could cause Job to fall were God to remove his protection from him. If you are sitting in the presence of sinners and hearing their scornful talk, Satan will be before God saying “See! See! There he goes! There goes one of your children, one who has given his life to Christ! Look at him there, he isn’t even objecting! Wait, look, he just nodded his head in agreement with the sin that they were talking about! Look, they just got him to say ‘I understand where he is coming from!’ And look, now that follower of Christ is now fantasizing about, imagining, and coveting that sin! We have now been conferred the power and authority to unleash this wickedness on the Earth because a member of the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven has used the power that you gave him through your Son Jesus Christ to endorse it! So now God, lift your protection and unleash us!” Think that I am crazy? Well, when Satan got the church to endorse anti – Semitism, it resulted in centuries – long persecution of the Jews. And when Satan got the church to endorse African slavery, it lasted for centuries. Remember people, despite being the ruler of this world (for now) Satan and his kingdom has no power except that which people give him. Satan has sinners in his grasp, but they – even those who have dedicated their lives to him – are of very little use. Satan just uses them up and throws them away. But when Satan can get to ONE PERSON who has the power of GOD for ONE SECOND, he is able to do more damage than with 1000 witches for 1000 years. Indeed, the main thing that Satan uses his kingdom for is not to destroy those who are already his, but to pressure and tempt people who are not his into sinning! His whole campaign against Job was geared towards making Job utter ONE SWEAR WORD AGAINST GOD! Had Job done so, that would have given Satan power and license to have a field day on the Earth. So if you listen to sinful talk while voicing sympathy, nodding in agreement, being fascinated or covetous in your mind or spirit, or even if you simply sit and listen without objecting, you are failing where Job succeeded. Notice that Job, despite his condition, did not sit idly by and allow his friends to sin by lying against his character. Job challenged their lies at every turn, and at various points demanded and entreated their silence. And Elihu, the youngest of Job’s friends, did not abide but rather challenged the sinful speech of Job AND Job’s accusers! But sadly many modern Christians fall far short of Elihu, and even fall short of Job, Bildad, Eliphaz, and Shopar. Rather, by endorsing the wickedness of evil speech, we emulate the example set by Job’s wife.Now of course, this same also applies to listening to sinful content in “entertainment.” As stated in “See No Evil”, if you are entertained by sin, you have a real problem with your spirituality. A true Christian should be repelled by wanton violence, murder, theft, fornication, adultery, rape, degradation, dehumanization, witchcraft/idolatry, and swearing rather than be entertained by it. Even “family – oriented” entertainment is filled with subversion, rebellion, and idolatry, including but not limited to humanism. God turns his back on sin; Jesus and the prophets alternated between weeping and getting enraged by sin. Hearing the dialogue in secular music, TV shows and movies, and even commercials ought to cause the same reaction in you. If it does not, then you really need to get on your knees right now, or seek out someone to pray for or with you. Do not delay: many organizations offer 24 hour prayer lines! If you are listening to this nonsense with a group of people, i.e. at a movie screening or a house party, then you are touching and agreeing. To the spiritual world, it is no different from a séance, with the exception that your presence makes it more powerful than any gathering of devil – worshippers, because you are adding to the mix the power of the Christ to whom you professed and gave your life to. Christians should be on the frontlines stopping this abomination from being produced and disseminated in the first place – as well as making and supporting Godly alternatives – instead of sleeping with the enemy. Now, if you are saved (if not then say the Salvation Prayer and get saved!) so even if you do listen to evil speech, it may not hurt you in the long run. If it causes you to sin, you will most likely pray and get forgiven. If it causes evil spirits to enter you, you will most likely be delivered. You have accepted Jesus Christ into your life, so even though you may fall you will have been redeemed by His Blood in advance. But you have to consider other people! You have to consider the poor sinners lost in a sea of uncertainty and torment who are being pummeled by Satan in this life and are on track to receive God’s eternal wrath in the lake of fire. What about them? Where is your love for them?

Are you going to set a bad example and drive them away from the flock by giving the same outward appearance of sin that everyone else has? Are you going to empower Satan and his army of demons by touching and agreeing with sin and sinners? Why? Whose side are you on? Again, why? Just because you do not want to be an outcast at work, at school, or in social situations? (And what are these social situations anyway? Why are you hanging out with sinners to begin with other than in the context of trying to convert them? What good can possibly come of it for you, them, or anyone else?) What does it gain you or anyone else? And just because you want the cheap, easy thrill of hearing someone else’s sin – whether real or depicted – because you are too lazy to seek God in worship and prayer and let the Holy Spirit provide you with true stimulation; manna and living water? Or are you just a worldly, lukewarm Christian like the Laodiceans? Apparently, you are willing to make it that much harder for sinners to get saved and unleash still more misery and pain to a world that already has far too much of it because you are selfish, self – loving, a taker rather than a giver. You love yourself more than you love your neighbor or your God. You are unwilling to do what Moses, David, Joseph, Ruth, Esther, Deborah, and Jesus Christ did, which is stick your neck out, go the extra mile, and bear the burden for someone else. You may still get into Heaven, but you will not be what you could have been, and what a terrible shame!Brothers and sisters in Christ – and those looking to join us – please avoid hearing sinful things whenever possible. It is not as hard as you would want to make it appear. You know where the sinners hang out … do not go. You know what music, TV shows, movies, etc. contains sinful messages … do not listen. Even when forced in a situation where you are around someone or something spewing anti – Christ venom, well God caused the invention of headphones for a reason! Use them! And in times when you absolutely have to be around those who speak sinfully, that is when you go to war against the enemy. Do not be ashamed. Do not think that you are being rude, imposing on someone, violating their rights, or imposing your religious beliefs on others unasked. After all, are they not doing the same in spreading Satan’s doctrine? Challenge them on every sinful thing, every rumor, every bit of gossip, every lie, everything negative and condescending that you hear coming out of their mouths. But do not challenge them with your own words; rather use the words of God. Tell it like it is. Call hate hate, adultery adultery, lies lies, witchcraft witchcraft, and so forth. Pray and ask God what sin is being spoken of and how you should speak against that sin and overcome it. Do it so you will not be touching and agreeing with Satan’s kingdom and give it power foremost. Do it so you will not allow those demons to come into you or to hang around waiting for their chance to.  Do it so that the people in the vicinity who might one day be saved will not only benefit spiritually, but be drawn to the Jesus Christ within you by your example of love and righteousness. And do it so people will not be wounded and destroyed by words! Work to prevent people from being destroyed by lies and gossip; their spirits being weakened by negativity and condescension; their being tempted to envy and resentment by prideful boasters! Prevent weak minds and spirits from being tempted to engage in the sins that they are hearing about, or from becoming enraged by what they hear and going out and sinning as a result. You were not anointed and empowered by God to go along with the crowd; to try to hide and bide your time until you get to Heaven. You were anointed and empowered by God to fight; to make a difference; to heal the land! So be like Elihu. Do not be like the prophet Eli, who would not stand against the evil of his sons and was slain by God because of it. Note that Eli was not punished for his own sin, but for failing to stand against those of others! And use whatever influence that you have. If someone wants to play some vile music or show an explicit movie but first asks if it offends anyone, do not be “tolerant!” Speak up and say that it is offensive! Even if you are overruled, at least others will have heard your stand, and you will not be touching and agreeing with Satan and his people!The bottom line is that two cannot walk together unless they agree. If you are willing to listen to sin and evil day in and day out without challenging it, then it is obviously because you like it. If that be the case, then you need to fall on your knees and ask God to change you. Until then, do not even think of passing judgment on someone else, because you have a log in your own eye and will not be able to see well enough to take the speck out of theirs. Prayer:

Lord God in the name of Jesus Christ, may I not receive into my spirit or agree with any evil that I hear, no matter the source. If there be anything in or about me that causes me to desire to listen to or fail to fight against evil speech, please change me and deliver me. Lord, give me a heart that is after you and not one that desires to please other people. Give me the courage Lord to make a stand for you and not bow before Satan. Please Lord may all the Body of Christ disassociate themselves against all evil speech and those that produce it, and go into warfare against it to root it out of the land. Lord, please remove from me and all your people all curiosity with, fascination about, or tolerance and sympathy hearing about or listening to any manner of evil. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!Deliverance:

Individual (for self, spouse, child, or anyone who you have been led to personally cast out evil spirits):

In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke the demons of covetousness and worldliness and command you not to seek assistance from other demons or principalities. In the name of Jesus Christ I command the demons of covetousness and worldliness to come out of this person. In the name of Jesus Christ I bind covetousness and worldliness from returning to this person or from entering any member of the Body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demons that entered this person through hearing to manifest. In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons that entered this person through hearing and command you not to seek assistance from other demons or principalities. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demons that entered this person through hearing to leave, and I bind them in the name of Jesus Christ from ever returning or from entering any other member of the Body of Christ. Thank you Lord God in the name of your son Jesus Christ for deliverance!Intercession (for specific individual or individuals):In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke the demons of covetousness, worldliness, and any demons that entered _ by hearing. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind the demons of covetousness, worldliness, and any demons that entered _ by hearing. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command covetousness, worldliness, and any demons that entered _ by hearing to loose the mind, heart, and will of _, and I bind covetousness, worldliness, and any demons that entered _ by hearing from seeking aid from other demons or principalities. In the name of Jesus Christ, now that I have bound worldliness, covetousness, and all demons gained by hearing in _ and commanded them to loose _’s will, please Lord cause _ to renounce those demons and the habits and lifestyles that allowed them to enter, and to seek deliverance from those demon spirits in whatever manner that pleases you. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.For The Body of Christ:In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke and bind all demons of covetousness, worldliness, and all demons acquired by hearing in the Body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid those demons from seeking help from other demons, powers, and principalities and I command those powers, demons, and principalities from attacking the Body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of covetousness, worldliness, demons acquired by hearing, to loose the minds and wills of all members of the Body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, now that I have bound worldliness, covetousness, and demons acquired by hearing within the Body of Christ and commanded them to loose the wills of the members of the Body of Christ, please drive those demons away. Please command your children to seek deliverance from these demons and the tendencies that allowed these demons in, and may they hearken to your command. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.  http://www.healtheland.bravehost.com/Archives/Sermons/Hear_No_Evil_5.htm


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  1. I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are really great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend. 🙂

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