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Speak No Evil

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Psalm 52:2 – The tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.

Proverbs 18:7 – A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul. You may wonder why not blaspheming God is so important that God included it into the Ten Commandments. After all, the other Commandments and instructions from the Lord tell you not to DO things, not to ACT in a certain. What about “thou shalt not lie”? Well, that is using words in the ACT of deceiving. Furthermore, it is possible to lie without words, i.e. using misleading body language or actions to deceive and also with lies of omission. (Anyone who has ever seen a politician in action knows – or should know – that lying without words is more effective than lying with them.) So why is taking the Lord’s name in vain SO BAD, especially if you don’t mean it? You are not DOING ANYTHING and it doesn’t hurt anyone, right? 

One could answer that question by saying that you are always in God’s presence for God is omnipresent, and whenever you are in God’s presence you should show respect, fear, gratitude, love, and seriousness towards him in all your ways. That would be a sufficient enough answer with respect to God our Father. But let us extend it to God’s creation; man and all other things that God has made. Let us also extend that to events. Why should we not speak in vain concerning things which are not God? Again, were one to say that showing respect for the things that God made and the events that he ultimately controls on some level or at the very least uses them to the advantage for all who love God is a way for showing respect and love for God also, that would be sufficient.  But yet it seems that something which is sufficient is somehow not for so many Christians, even those with strong fundamental faith and pious lifestyles, for Christians frequently engage in sin with the tongue, and what is more they have a great tolerance for sin with the tongue also; a far greater tolerance than they have for sins committed with, ahem, “other” parts of the body. I recently saw a movie called Time Changer, which depicts an 1800s Bible college professor who time – travels to the modern era. In one scene that is simultaneously hilarious and powerful, he attempts to see a movie but ends up running out of the theater screaming because the dialogue included what is now a common expression of exclamatory speech considered completely unremarkable and inoffensive but is in fact a blasphemous oath against God! The time traveler actually saw the movie with a church group, and none were offended. In fact, they regarded the movie as quite moral according to Christian values and because of that had chosen it for a church activity! Actually, the movie actually took it easy on Christians, for oaths and swears against God are not only tolerated by Christians in the television, movies, books, newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, etc. that we choose to consume, and not only do we not make any attempt to restrain others from doing so or at least object to it while in our presence, but many of us use them ourselves, even while in church!  

In addition to blasphemies that have slipped into our tolerance and vocabularies, many Christians gossip. We backbite. We boast. We complain. We flatter. We demean. We exaggerate. We deny. And so on. This fact surprises no one! Conversely, the caricature of silver – tongued church folk is so well known not only in the larger community but by the church itself that it is no longer a caricature. Such Christians, in their attempt to curtail or limit – at least in public – other sins (in addition to working very hard to adhere to doctrine and tradition and keep up appearances that have nothing to do with true love of Christ) funnel all of their sinful desires and natures to their tongues! Indeed, they are Christians of the flesh and not of the heart (and certainly not of the Spirit which is and makes Holy) meaning that they are not Christians at all in any sense save the name that they profess but in truth profane.  Even more so than obvious things like blasphemies and words spoken with ill intent, people sin with everyday speech even though the intent is neutral or even positive! Consider vernacular such as “You are so crazy!” “You are so bad!” “You are a total freak!” “What’s up, dog?” Many of these are slogans from the music scene (whether country or rap) or from marginal subcultures (radical politics, prison, drug, etc.) that have become part of everyday mainstream speech, Christians included. These are things that would rarely be said, especially in the context that they are used, in accordance with their literal meaning, especially by Christians.  

So what is the problem with saying them if you do not have their literal meaning or intent? And what is the problem with a little gossip, if you are talking about someone “because you care”? Or a little aggressive belligerent speech or verbal maneuvering if it is meant to accomplish a worthy goal? The same TRUE reason why you are not supposed to swear or blaspheme, even if you don’t mean it. That reason is: WORDS HAVE POWER!  Of course that saying is so known and common that its meaning is empty other than its use as a political slogan often used to achieve anti – Christian ends. But Christians need to be acutely aware of its meaning! We need to both reclaim the positive power of words for use in our work to establish the kingdom of God and to rout Satan and his forces, and renounce the negative power of words, which works at cross – purposes to Christianity no matter their intent. We have to remember that it is not just what the person MEANT when they speak that matters, but the actual words matter too! Not only by habit and self – control but with supplication and prayer to God so that he can change our hearts and give us victory over the flesh, the words of our mouth must be acceptable in the sight of the Lord so that the Lord will use our words and the power therein to do his will instead of being unacceptable things counter to the will and love of God that he will not only reject, but actually empower the enemy! You may be still wondering exactly HOW words have power, exactly how TRUTHFULLY positive and loving speech works the will of God, while negative speech should be avoided at all costs even if it is true save it is at the command of God through the Holy Spirit. If you understand, you will realize the power of things like blessings and cursings; that not only are words powerful, but they are actually more so than actions!  

To get this understanding, realize that every human simultaneously lives two parallel existences. One is our time – space limited physical existence in which our body lives, the other is our eternal spiritual existence in which our spirit (commonly referred to as soul) resides. The power that we have in our physical existence is very limited in terms of strength, time, and scope. In relative comparison to our physical power, our spiritual power is virtually unlimited. One of the consequences of Adam’s fall is that God limited our conscious knowledge of and ability to use the power of our spirits. God would prefer us to call on HIS spirit power using prayer and the name of Jesus Christ, and leave the usage of our spirit power to him. Why? Two reasons: if we used our own spirit power, we would be far less likely and willing to rely on God, and we would also inevitably wreak considerable havoc. Attempting to use the power of your own spirit (or any other spirit but God through the name of his Son Jesus Christ) is WITCHCRAFT. Avoid (and go into spiritual warfare against at God’s direction) witchcraft at all costs, whether the open form or the many various subversive forms that tries to pass itself off as things like counseling, medicine/healing, exercise, entertainment, etc. … anything that tries to alter your consciousness, exert influence over someone else (or even yourself without prayer to God through Jesus Christ), or surpass/transcend the physical world.  But subconsciously (or maybe not) we act, exert influence, and assert power in the spiritual realm every time we speak. How? Are you familiar with the old phrase “from your mouth to God’s ear” that previous generations used to restrain the tongues of the young? That is actually quite literally true. Not only does God hear everything that you say, but everything that you say has power in God’s realm. The reason is that in order for the body (i.e. the mouth) to SPEAK, the MIND must THINK! Your BODY inhabits the physical realm, your spirit (or soul) is in the spiritual realm, and the connection between the two is THE MIND. Recall the old saying “the mind is the window to the soul?” Again, literally true. Your mind is the connection of the physical of which you are consciously aware to the realm in which your spirit, God, his angels, Satan, and his demons normally inhabit; a realm that you are rarely consciously aware of. (The most common conscious awareness of the spirit realm is when the mind remembers dreams, and the memory of the dream causes a bodily reaction i.e. shuddering from a frightening dream or getting hungry/salivating over dreams about food.) You might ask why speaking evil is any different from or worse than thinking evil. You are correct in that thinking evil is also wrong, and not so much because if you think about it you may do it physically (incidentally the same is true with talking about something evil), but because your thoughts have power in the spirit world too. That is why the saying goes “So as a man thinkest so as he doth”, which Jesus Christ confirmed. But thoughts have even more power when you act on them! That is why James wrote that outwards works are the evidence of inward faith, and without outward works as evidence inward faith is not proven and for all intents and purposes nonexistent. (Furthermore, saints are supposed to act after they pray as evidence of their faith!) Like works to faith, speaking is an outward action on the contents of the mind … the physical body confirming the mental state. So just as faith backed by works increases power in the natural and physical world, so do thoughts followed by speech! 

Everything that you say, no matter whether it is thoughtless, careless, or not in a manner in which you emotionally or intellectually intended, gets transmitted through your mind into the spirit realm where it has real consequences of unknowing proportions. Past generations of humanity understood this, as do people living outside our culture. They knew that everything from blessings/cursings to even the name that you give your child causes a real impact in both the spiritual and natural world. That is why Esau wanted to kill Jacob when Jacob tricked Isaac into giving Jacob Esau’s blessing … Esau knew that he had lost something very valuable to both his physical condition and his spirit! Such knowledge is something that we have pushed aside in our own culture with our desire to be secular, modern, and scientific and worship idols of money and technology. But our failure to acknowledge it makes it no less true. Indeed, that failure makes it even more dangerous, because Satan and his demons know that it is true. So do their human agents on Earth, especially the willing ones, which include but are not limited to the aforementioned witches plus pagans, occultists, devil worshippers, etc. Such people know that they are never going to get certain people to worship Satan in a direct manner, even covertly! So what they have done is obtain positions of authority and prominence in certain areas – including but not limited to entertainment – and use it to make the common discourse more evil in every way. Not only are swearings and blasphemies now routine accepted discourse, but so is speaking on and of extreme violence, depraved sexuality, rage, hatred, subversion, perversion, disrespect, rebellion, confusion, etc. all cloaked in a pervasive underlying tone of pessimism. Even speaking in such a manner in a vacuum causes extreme spiritual harm that manifests itself in many ways, including some in the natural world. But we aim such speech at specific targets … people, places, institutions, and so forth, and it does untold damage!  And they wish to keep it that way! Why do you think that certain people insist that the First Amendment gives them the right to engage in and promote aggressively coarse and evil discourse, and accuse people who desire to impose even modest restraints for the common good (particularly where violence, public order, and children are concerned) of trying to trample rights and oppress people? Of course, these same people vigorously object to Christians using the same vehicles that they use to corrupt and destroy to try to preach God’s word, merely say something that is not destructive, or even just LESS DESTRUCTIVE than the last thing said, again resorting to “losing our freedoms/being dictated to by religious extremists” fear – mongering. We have to limit our speech to church, or else we will “infringe on the rights of others and be offensive.” And even church we dare not attend too often in their eyes, or else we are “extremists.” Those who opt out of their vulgar discourse are accused of being “dangerously out of step with/irrelevant to the larger culture”, a ridiculous notion embraced not only by the corruptors themselves but by the mainstream media, mental health, sociology, economic, government, and educational communities and even many churches! Many of these people know perfectly well what they are doing, and the rest are totally under the control of demons that do. They wish for unchecked reign to keep the masses speaking their own destruction into existence.  

It is incumbent upon Christians that we stand against this evil at the direction of our God in the name of His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ! We must first bridle our own tongues, and not with our own flesh will but through the spirit with prayer and supplication to our Lord to cleanse our spirits, minds, and tongues! We must also demand of our children that they do the same, and insist and enforce God inspired and approved speech by the entire body of Christ no matter where we are, what we are doing, or in what manner we are provoked. We must refuse to consume entertainment, information, and other things that contain wicked, wanton speech lest A) we give it even more power by reading it into our own minds and/or repeat it with our own mouths and B) the tendencies to speak in the same manner enter our habits and spirits. We must refuse to allow anyone to speak in such a manner in our presence unchallenged, and be willing to bear the consequences even from Christians both faux and real but as – not – yet delivered from evil spirits that cause them to speak in such manner and approve when others do. And at the direction of our God in the Name and with the Power of his Son Jesus Christ, we must also go into spiritual warfare against all spiritual and human purveyors, propagators, and procurers of destructive, evil speech; all who use the tongue to destroy and induce others to. This is a battle that all true Christians, the entire body of Christ, must fight under the authority, direction, and auspices of our God, and with God on our side the battle is not ours but his, and the battle is already won! So please, join the battle against evil speech today! Prayer: 

Father God in the name of Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose again, please forgive me of the evil things that I have said and allowed those under my charge to say and for any other sins that I have committed. Please Lord, deliver my flesh and my spirit from evil speech and any tendencies thereof. If there is anything about me that is not right which causes it, please change it Lord. If I have any demon spirits in or about me that contribute to my speaking in a manner that is not according to your will or any other demon spirits of any sort, please deliver me from them. Please Lord cleanse me, change me, make me right in heart, speech, and action before thee. Lord please also cleanse and change the hearts, spirits, minds, and flesh of my family from evil speech and all else that offends you. Please do the same for my pastor, other ministers, and my church congregation. Please do the same for the entire body of Christ. Please, Lord, may the entire body of Christ have a sincere heart, mind, and will not to offend you in speech or in any other manner, and vigorously seek that desire through you with prayer, supplication, deliverance, and all else that you require. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Thank you Lord.  Deliverance: In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons of evil speech. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of evil speech to depart from me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind any and all demons of evil speech or any others that were in or about me from returning, and in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you evil spirits to the dry places and bind you there. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons of evil speech in and around my family. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons of evil speech in and around my home. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons of evil speech in and around my church. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons of evil speech in and around my job. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons of evil speech in and around the entire body of Christ, and all over demons as well. Lord God in the name of Jesus Christ, now that I have used the power and authority that you have given to me through the name of Jesus Christ when he died on the cross for my sins, ascended into hell and took the keys, and rose again from the dead and ascended into Heaven and to sit on your right hand to bind these demons of evil speech and all other demons throughout the body of Christ, may the Holy Spirit or some other revelation touch all in the body of Christ to seek deliverance from these demons. May the demons that I have bound with the authority and power of Jesus Christ remain bound so that they will no longer afflict or attack any other member of the body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Thank you, Lord.


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