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As Touching The Spiritual Development Of Children

Posted by Job on April 15, 2007

 Not only does a person’s body, mind, and emotions begin to develop immediately at birth (and indeed before then) but so does their spirit. Therefore, when a person’s childhood is undesirable, so is their spiritual development. A bad childhood will disrupt a child’s spiritual foundation. Baseline information: God represents everything. A father represents security. A mother represents love. A child needs protection, direction, correction, and encouragement from his parents. Remove any of those elements, and it causes significant harm to the spiritual development of a child. As such, it constitutes child abuse.  

Child abuse can take on many different forms. The first is spiritual abuse, which is not telling a child the truth about the Lord, and not raising the child up in the Lord in a manner where the child will have a personal relationship in the Lord and a solid grasp on the content and meaning of the Bible. The other forms are more commonly known: mental abuse, psychological abuse, and physical abuse. The child that receives abuse in any of those areas is destined for a tumultuous adulthood save they find salvation through Jesus Christ. Further, this only constitutes the beginning or continuation of a cycle; a pattern of generational abuse. If the cycle is not stopped through spiritual deliverance or by a revelation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior the person will go on to abuse his own children, and his children their children. The result is the creation and propagation of unstable adults throughout generations. 

To break the cycle, a person must start with his child immediately after the birth of the child. The person must teach the child about Jesus Christ. He must impart to the child the importance of being guided by the Holy Spirit. The child must be taught the spiritual concept of “seek and ye shall find”, especially regarding answers to all questions, spiritual and otherwise, in the Bible, which the child must be taught to be literally true (and also true in other senses), inerrant, God inspired, and the final authority in all matters. Simply put, a person must “train up a child in the way he should go.” Even if the child is brought up in a less than ideal spiritual training environment such as a somewhat legalist fundamentalist or methodical religious church, that environment is still enough to give the child enough of a background in God and the Bible if his parents work with, and the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, will correct the child concerning any deficiencies and errors that he might have. Fundamentally, the child needs a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.  

Please hold fast to II Timothy 3:15 – 17. Teach your children the truth about God. How do you find the truth? Seek God for yourself through prayer and His spoken and written Word in the Bible. What is this truth?
1. God came to this world in the flesh as Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach.
2. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. 3. Jesus Christ rose from the grave.4. Jesus Christ will never leave us.Teach your child these things from a newborn babe, and your child will never deny Jesus Christ. Teach your child the truth. Do not be deceived by false prophets and doctrines. Pray and search the scriptures for answers so that you can bring your child up in them. The Word is Truth and Life. Know that it alone will protect and keep your children.  

Every child born belongs to God, even the children of the wicked. If the child turns to sin, then sin owns them. To be redeemed from sin, a price must be paid. Someone has to die. If the child dies then he just dies in his sins and is doomed for eternity. The only acceptable death for redemption of sin is the death of Jesus Christ. If they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior the price is paid and they are no longer a slave to sin. This should be done as soon as the child is capable of making even rudimentary decisions for himself.  

The only way that children who are not brought up in the Lord by their parents can be saved is if the Holy Spirit itself intervenes to reveal to the child the true nature of God. Everyone will have a choice. Everyone will be revealed the true nature of God, and will have to choose God or Satan, life or death. The capacity to make this choice cannot happen unless and until the Holy Spirit presents the opportunity for choice to the person, and that opportunity will be presented to the person at the time and place of God the Father’s choosing. Concerning the salvation of those other than his own children, man can do nothing and should try to do nothing other than to preach the gospel to any and all according to God’s commandments and guidance. The efforts of man are actually inconsequential save being an instrument or vessel that God will use to reveal His True Nature to a particular person at the place and time of God’s choosing. The preacher’s talents, gifts, persistence, or worldly efforts and abilities will not cause the Holy Spirit revelation (or conviction), and it will not cause a person in whose heart there is no true desire to choose God to become truly saved. God chooses when salvation will be offered and whom it will be offered to, and the person will accept based on the contents of his own heart.  

That is why though we are all members of the Body of Christ each with our diverse gifts, and though God will raise up mighty preachers, exhorters, and evangelists and place them in those offices, it is the duty of every single Christian to preach the gospel to any and all. It can in fact be said that the true role of the preachers, exhorters, pastors, and evangelists is to encourage and motivate the people that God places under their authority to go about preaching the gospel. This is hindered by the religious system causing people to believe that it is by their own efforts that men are saved, and by the people in positions of spiritual authority using it to cause people to labor to support religious structures and institutions rather than to preach the gospel.


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