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Posted by Job on May 14, 2007

Luke 10:17-18   And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name. And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. 

What is the big trick; the big secret? It is that is that there is none. The whole process is contained in Acts 16:16-18. Paul A) recognized that there was a demon present and B) told the demon to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ. That really is all that he did! Paul did so regarding a demon dwelling in a human, but it can also be done with demons dwelling in places and afflicting situations, and there is nothing preventing you or any other born – again Christian from doing the same at any time and place: to spot or acknowledge the presence of an evil spirit, determine that the evil spirit’s presence is undesired (which will almost always be the case), and to tell the evil spirit to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ. Now there are particulars that must be done in certain situations, and those can be learned with experience. But the problem is not the learning curve required to master the experience, or even the failed attempts that one may encounter while gaining it. No, the problem is that Christians do not try to do so in the first place. The overwhelming majority of Christians have never even attempted to cast out or drive away a demon, and also the overwhelming majority that do fail to mount the same type of sincere effort that they would invest in learning how to operate a new DVD player or microwave oven (or for a more spiritual comparison try to figure out the meaning of a Bible verse). So, this is not intended so much to be a practical “how to” instruction sheet for casting out demons after the manner of “Pigs In The Parlor” by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond or “They Shall Expel Demons” and “Expelling Demons” by Derek Prince (“Expelling Demons costs only $2!) as it is a treatment of why Christians are so ineffective in this area.

Be not deceived, people: God is your only defense against Satan. You must first receive salvation through Jesus Christ, click here to complete that process if you have not. Do not delude yourself into thinking that you can take part in any victory that is given in Christ Jesus if you have not first repented of and rejected your sins, accepted Jesus Christ in your heart, and God’s Authority over your life. Once you are saved, you are then empowered to use principles and techniques given in the Word of God to resist the devil and overcome demons, because then you will have God on your side. God will go out before you in battle, and gain the victory for you with His Right Hand (Psalm 98:1). The Word of God is described as a rod, a two – edged sword, a hammer, and fire. So, when you battle demons in His Name, God is your battle – axe made of unquenchable fire. But if you contend against demons without God on your side through salvation, the consequences can be very severe (Acts 19:13-15).   But before you can fight your enemy Satan, you must believe that he exists. You must also believe that God exists. In other words, you must believe that the Bible is true, and its descriptions of the spirit realm: a righteous God and His angelic messengers warring against an evil fallen angel Satan and other angels who joined him in rebellion, are true. You cannot receive anything from God if you call Him a liar. But if you believe that God’s Word is true, then you will believe the promises in that Word; that it has power and gives life (John 6:63). The life that you get from God’s Word is your being a new creation (II Corinthians 5:17) that hates and desires to defeat sin and evil within and without you, and the power that you receive is in the Name and Blood of Jesus Christ that you use to call upon God, who then grants your desire by defeating the external and internal evil. Why? Because it is also God’s desire for that evil to be defeated. Thus, when you engage in spiritual warfare, God is using you to establish His Will on earth as it is in established in Heaven (Matthew 6:10). There is still one thing required of you, however. Before you can become an effective spiritual warrior for your God, you must make a conscious decision whom you will serve (Matthew 4:10), and know that once the decision is made, there is no turning back. Battling the enemy for God is not a game. It is not an “extra – credit assignment”, or something that can be done to impress yourself or others or even to validate your own faith. You must be willing to commit yourself to be totally used by God. You must also know the stakes: not only are people’s health, minds, families, churches, etc. at risk but even lives are on the line. The personal cost is also great. Be prepared to expend lots of time and energy, to be shocked and appalled by the true nature of what sin and depravity does to people, and to be rejected by friends, family, and church members. But know that if you are not willing to give up all those things and more for Him who gave up even more, you are not worthy of Him (Matthew 10:37). This is not taking on some self – persecution complex or exalting yourself as one who is so righteous and prideful, but rather a simple acknowledgement of explicit Biblical truth.  Know that spiritual warfare is made possible by the fact that Jesus Christ, God Himself, sacrificed Himself for our sinful nature so that we could be redeemed (which means bought from slavery and set free) from the enemy (Psalm 107:2, Isaiah 53:5). Though the power to defeat Satan in spiritual warfare is not in or of ourselves, we still have the power and authority to tread on scorpions and serpents – to defeat evil spirits – (Luke 10:19) because of what Christ did. See, the very reason why a lot of Christians deny the existence and influence of demons is that they lack faith that they can be defeated. Rather than acknowledging the existence of a foe that they do not believe can be defeated, they follow after naturalistic explanations that offer some hope of remedy to them. But those people are denying the full meaning of Christ’s sacrifice; how important Christ’s death and resurrection was and what it gave to them. In this respect, Christ’s death was in vain and wasted on these people. Yet, even those of us who do claim this victory should not be prideful. We should not take on the persona of some “demon hunter” character that we see as the “heroes” in fantasy movies and comic books. That is why the next verse, Luke 10:20, has Christ saying that we should not rejoice over our ability to cast out demons, but rather in our salvation.  A lot of people are fascinated by the ability of a Christian to work miracles by God’s supernatural spiritual power because they still struggle to believe that a spiritual realm exists. It is, quite simply, a faith issue. Such people are able to profess a faith in Jesus Christ and salvation, but they either do not completely mean it, or do not understand that it means. Well, Christians need to acquire the understanding that the same spirit realm dynamics that created their need for a Saviour and created a way for their salvation allows them to cast out demons and work miracles. So, instead of marveling in it because of their lack of faith, and allowing their faithlessness and the fascination that results in it turn into false practices (viewing it as some sort of a magic show) and false doctrines and movements, people need to realize that it is really something that comes as a part of their salvation, accept it through faith as they accepted their salvation, and move on. But the fascination and doubt in this area is no different from a person buying a car and being SHOCKED that a radio comes with it, and the focus of his attention shifts from the car to the radio, and his future car purchases are determined by the sort of radio that is in it. The problem is that most people see their salvation as something natural: the result of answering an altar call, saying a prayer, getting baptized, and joining a church. They do not realize that THEIR SALVATION DOES NOT EVEN TAKE PLACE IN THE NATURAL REALM! Instead, it is 100% spiritual. It is your spirit man that gets saved and spared a spiritual death in a spiritual lake of fire on judgment day, and this is done by the workings of the Holy Spirit. That is why it can only done by faith through hearing and believing the preaching of the gospel. And even the “hearing” does not refer to hearing of the ears, but hearing in the spirit what was taken in by the senses. (Otherwise, no deaf person could be saved.) So, your very act of getting saved was spiritual warfare, and your first successful spiritual battle; you literally had to overcome evil spirits doing all that they could to hinder your hearing the gospel and believing it. Sadly, because people fail to realize that fact, their first spiritual warfare victory is also their last. So, casting out demons (or speaking in tongues, healing, interpretation, prophecy, administration, helps, preaching, teaching, evangelism, comprehending the Bible) is not some new strange thing, but rather a continuation of what began with your accepting the gospel.   The reason why so many people fall into this is because they trust their feelings. The enemy is able to manipulate the soulish man (your will and emotions) with demonic lies and worldly circumstances to create doubt concerning the reality of spiritual warfare, the ability of any Christian to participate it, and the fact that your victory is already gotten through Christ. So reject your feelings, and reject the false teachings and doctrines that both claim that there are no miracles and the fake “faith – healers” and so forth that make a mockery of it. Realize that a fake faith healer is even worse than a doctrine that claims that there are no more miracles and that there REALLY aren’t any demons. Why? Because a fake faith healer admits the existence of the spirit realm, but then perverts it and makes it unattainable by causing you to think that only a “great man with great gifts and someone that God gave a mighty anointing” can do these things. You cannot do these things, because you have not spent all the years fasting, praying, preaching, tithing, and doing missionary work that they have: you have not earned it through works and you have not “developed your faith.” So, you need to send them your money and buy your miracle from God through them because you are not as good a Christian as they are and you never will be! Both are lies from hell, and are why you should trust the word of God. The Word of God said that we ALL have ALL POWER in the Name of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18). Now that does not mean that all of us have gifts of the spirit, but it does mean that we all have the power of the Name of Jesus Christ to cast out demons, just as we all have the ability to preach the gospel and win converts. Will some people be better at it than others? Yes, especially those who A) have the Holy Spirit gift of discernment, B) have studied the scriptures regarding spiritual warfare and regularly apply them, and C) have been placed by God in situations that lend themselves to frequent opportunities. But remember: it is not a race. You are not competing for a “#1 demon hunter” trophy. As a matter of fact, the most important part of being an effective spiritual warrior is knowing the battles that God has called you to fight, and fighting those and only those. Doing any less or any more is disobedience, the former the likely result of faithlessness or ignorance, and the second the likely result of restlessness or pride.   And that is the key: trusting God and His Plan. Yes, you need to trust that God is not going to allow some demon to overpower you. (A reason why people fear direct spiritual warfare is their fear that demons will enter into them, or harm them and their families; a fear derived from superstition and from the horror book/movie genre, but with no factual basis in reality for Christians given in scripture.) But even people who are not encumbered by a fear of demons need to trust God to guide and lead them with regards to which battles to fight, how to fight them, and the time and place of the battles. This is not so much out of a fear of Satan’s power and a need to maximize your advantage (for Satan is a defeated foe already) but rather doing so in a manner that keeps things orderly and in accordance to God’s Plan so that God can receive all the glory. “When God gets the glory, I win and all Christians win” should be the spiritual warrior’s motto (Romans 8:28). But that is only achieved through complete obedience to God and only God (Proverbs 3:6), and if we follow our own emotions we will be deceived (I Samuel 16:7) for despite our salvation only God is good (Luke 18:9), and we still need His guidance to discern good from evil. Further, we need God’s omniscience. Satan is no match for the power of God, but he does have advantages at his disposal that he knows how to use. But with God as our Master Battle Planner, Satan has no chance. Satan has no problem tiring you out and distracting you with ultimately meaningless confrontations in order to hinder you from fighting God’s Battles and winning real victories. That is the main trap that people who become prideful (#1 demon hunters) and people who are fascinated because of their faithlessness (“Gee, I can’t believe this is really happening, this is SO COOL!”) fall into. Trusting in the Lord completely ensures not only that you will always win (Psalm 28:7), but more importantly that your victories will always be meaningful in the larger spiritual context of the war between good and evil. The effective spiritual warrior actually speeds the return of Jesus Christ!  See, you have to realize that YOU are not REALLY the one doing the fighting. God has already overcome the world through Jesus Christ’s Blood on the cross (John 16:33). Know that this victory is already yours through nothing that you have done (I Corinthians 15:57). That realization should give you both the faith to take on any battle that God sends your way, but it should also ground you; to keep you thinking that what you are doing is the result of some great spiritual power earned by you through works or legalism. It is true that Jesus Christ said in casting out a demon “this kind comes out only by fasting and prayer” (Matthew 17:21) but the reason for doing that is so that you can overcome your own flesh and get it out of the way of serving God in spirit and in truth. It doesn’t give you your victory or add to your victory, but rather it removes that which is hindering your victory. Realize the context of Matthew 17:21: the disciples had been distracted from spiritual things by arguing amongst themselves which one was greatest. Fasting and prayer would have gotten their minds back on serving God … that is unless their purpose for fasting and prayer was to become greater, which a lot of people in fact do. But recall what Jesus Christ said about John the Baptist: the greatest prophet who ever was, yet he that is LEAST in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater (Matthew 11:11)! So you cast out demons because of Christ’s victory and not your works, and the only role that works could possibly play would be to humble yourself so that you will be reminded of it.  That is why our most powerful weapon is praise (Joel 2:26). Yes, demons hate praise, and it weakens their evil spiritual power, and causes them to flee, and it strengthens the angels that fight on our behalf (although please keep in mind that we are not to be trying to contact or petition angels during spiritual warfare; we really do not even have to be mindful of their presence … we should be concentrating on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and let God dispatch the angels as He sees fit; again people who are overly fascinated with angels are faithless and do not truly understand what their own salvation means), but the real power comes from giving utterance to the fact that it is God who is doing these things and not us. Such a thing pleases God, and it helps remind us that we are not doing these things: that we do not have to rely on our intelligence or physical strength. Demons LOVE to get into battles of endurance, strength, and wits with Christians. A demon will argue back and forth all night long with you, even quoting scripture. What demons hate, however, is being told “You are already defeated through the Blood of Jesus Christ so be quiet, get behind me, and get moving.” So, we must praise to remind ourselves of and give glory to the Name, the God that has given us the victory. It fills us with confidence and joy that breaks down what is hindering our faith. The Holy Spirit uses it to bring to our remembrance scriptures, teachings, and doctrines that can be used to discern and cast the devils out. See, when a demon sees someone all somber or heartbroken because he is tormented by the evil that the demon has done, or fearful because he is scared of the demon and of the spirit realm and what might happen, or doubtful because he lacks confidence in his ability to cast the demon out, he is happy, because he knows that there is a chance that he can remain. But when a demon sees someone filled with sincere praise so that the joy of the Lord becomes their strength (Nehemiah 8:10) then he knows that it is time to go. Songs and hymns that remind you of the resurrection, return, Lordship, and victory of Jesus Christ are the best ones to play during deliverance services, and when you are preparing yourself for deliverance. Demons hate it, angels love it, but most importantly they remind you of where your victory has already come from and what this is all about, which is serving God for HIS glory and not your own.  And remember, do not fall for their tricks. Remember, demons are LIARS. Their only weapon against you is their ability to deceive people that are either too prideful or faithless, or are not grounded in the Bible. Demons will always try to convince you that you are unworthy to cast them out. They will convince try to convince you that you are not really saved, so rely on Romans 4:7 for your assurance. Then they will try to convince you that you have not been faithful enough or are too flawed in your Christian walk to cast them out; that it is a job for someone better than you. But realize that the Name of Jesus Christ is all that you need to cast them out (James 5:15), because as soon as you are saved that Name becomes yours to do with as God pleases; to do greater things using that Name than the bearer of it Himself did while He was on earth (John 14:12). And demons will threaten you. As a matter of fact, one of the worst things about false charismatic preachers is that they actually teach their congregation to be deathly afraid of demons, and of course tell their church that THEY are the church’s only line of defense against certain destruction. And of course witches and people who deal in occult will claim the ability to harm and kill you and your loved ones. But it is all a lie. If you are covered in the Blood of Jesus Christ, God will not allow demons to harm you (Proverbs 30:5). Therefore, there is no reason to fear demons or their wickedness (Exodus 14:14).  Make no mistake: no matter what some lying demon says, you have the ability to cast out demons, and it is an ability that God desires ALL CHRISTIANS to use (Matthew 19:26). Not only are we to do it, but we are to do it fairly commonly; even to rebuke things such as sicknesses (Luke 4:39). Again, thinking that spiritual warfare is some amazing thing that is only done by special people in extraordinary circumstances is a person who does not understand the nature of his own salvation.  Can you do these things and become a spiritual warrior without God? No (John 15:4)! But that is only a problem of those who are not saved. But you know what? If you believe this document, which explains the gospel (the death of Jesus Christ to pay for your sin and His overcoming death by resurrecting so that by believing you also overcome death and sin, and your need to acknowledge that you are a sinner and to reject and turn away from it to follow God), then you are saved already and can do what people who have been saved all their lives have never done and start casting out demons right now! Sound to good to be true? Well remember: for you it is impossible, but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)! What is amazing is the context of Matthew 19:26: it is Jesus Christ speaking to Nicodemus about salvation, being born again. This proves my entire point in this essay: casting out demons is no more remarkable than your own salvation, and in truth it is actually less so. Therefore, people who insist that it is impossible for “regular” Christians to cast out demons, or that casting out demons is rarely done and rarely needs doing, or that they really do not need to get involved because they can serve God and give and receive the same benefit in other ways truly do not understand what their own salvation means. But by believing this document, you know what it means, and there is nothing hindering you from going out and doing it! 


Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, we ask you that more Christians would understand that spiritual warfare is attainable for them, and that it is Your desire that they engage in it. May they further, Lord, restrain themselves to the time, place, and nature of spiritual warfare engagements that You choose for them, so that You will get the glory and their warfare will be expedient and effectual for all who are called by Thy Name. Amen. Deliverance:

The demons that work in this area are false doctrine, false teaching, and faithlessness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!



  1. deborah said

    I am in a battle for my Husband right now. I am sure he is being lead by, at the least,demons

  2. deborah: Does your husband know Jesus Christ as his personal savior?

  3. Jesse5029 said

    I think a good friend of mine is possessed since last year he was depressed and felt suicidal now hes full of hatred and i cannot even think of how he can have so much for everyone and he likes to sin for himself and doesn’t care who cares and what he does, he use to go to church but oddly enough before he went total hatred he stopped going to church i dunno this is freaky i hope he does so its not his fault that hes being a kid full of hatred and sining and not caring… then again he believes nvm even demons and the devil know and fear the lord… any advice would be appreciated

  4. Jonas desousa said

    hi i have been fight demons for the past 6years it has been terrible depression,fatige, my financial been affected, my friends have deserted me, i feel kind lonelly with no body to talk i do go church but it seems no wining battle what do i need to do?

    • james said

      Set your eyes and mind on kingdom of heaven

    • Jamie said

      Any thinking that comes to your mind that isn’t of the fruits of the spirit, tell it to go in the name of Jesus Christ. You don’t have to listen to these depressive thoughts, they aren’t your own. cast out the spirit of depression,the spirit of fatigue, the spirit of loneliness, the spirit of oppression. God bless you and focus and give your whole life to God almighty. Love ya 🙂

  5. Job said

    Jonas desousa:

    It sounds like you are going through what Job, Elijah, John the Baptist, and various other Bible characters had to endure. So long as you remain in Jesus Christ and hold onto the faith, the battle is already won. You are living for the next life, not this one. The resurrection and eternal life is our hope, the promise of an eternal life without hatred, fear, pain, or death. You do have someone to talk to … Jesus Christ! Speak to him in your quiet times from the sincereness and honesty of your heart and the Holy Spirit will sustain you. God has already given you all you need to serve Him and to go into eternity with Him in the future, and that is faith. Faith is all you need. If you have a need, have faith that God has already supplied it. If you are going without, have faith that God has determined that it is not a need but rather a want. Brother Jonas, keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, and all will be well with you for now and forevermore.

  6. Dante Hidreak said

    Hi I have been fighting demons ever since i was 15 first i fought my own demons for a while but then my only friend killed himself he said it’s the only way to stop these demons from eating my soul. in hi’s death note he said he wants me to help other people and that’s what I did, but then demons are trying to get back at me, last year I went to a cave I heard the words “sin… sin” then a bunch of bats came and swooped pass me I ran home and then for one split second I saw a demon then in my dream I saw my friend he told me the same thing to Sin… I was thinking of killing myself I banged my head against the book self and then the bible fell on my head. I took a long walk to the curch and then a prest said how are you, I told him my story and he called me brave and to keep my going now he is my best friend thank you God

    • eutawangel said

      Thank you for sharing this. Are ye saved? Meaning have you repented & believed the Gospel trusting in Jesus ‘alone’ for your salvation? If you have been in any occult/new age (exp: witchcraft, senances, dungeons & dragons, horscope/astrology, false religion including Catholicsm/Mary worship, etc) repent & renounce it. Mostly, hear from God be making yourself read the Bible & asking God to bless you in doing so & lead, Pray (talk to God) and do what God says in His word including fleeing sin. Pray for & attend good Biblical fellowship where the Bible is believed & taught. As the author of this blog has reminded me we do have power over satan & evil in Jesus Christ but if we are His, May God bless, be encouraged & know I’ve prayed for you & ask other Christians whom happen upon this to please do likewise.

  7. Sky said

    There is a very popular website on line that claims to be for Christians, but in the last few weeks it has begun to teach many, many, many things that I cannot help but belief are demonic. To my horror, many of the moderators of this forum are self proclaimed atheists or Wiccans.

    Teachings I am deeply concerned about include the following:

    That one can be Wiccan and Christian, because believe in many gods is no longer sinful, only failure to love everyone.

    That Christ used ancient magic (they use a magick spelling) to perform miracles.

    That the bible is not an essential part of a Christians daily walk in the Lord.

    That marriage is not established by God, it is established by men, and therefore should not be considered necessary.

    That protstitution is not wrong, and having sex with a person who is married to someone else is not a sinful – if adultery is committed it is only the married person who is guilty of any wrong doing.

    The forum has people sign statements of faith, but one person, who is a moderator, laughed when asked about that, and said, “So, I used to be a thiest, now I know better.”

    One of these very popular staff members is a woman who claims to be a “former” satanist, who defends Wicca/Christians, and who always speaks in the third person, claiming she just doesn’t know english well. Things like, “It thinks thees be wrongs,” instead of “I think you are wrong.” I am convinced the woman is possessed, and many, many, many follow her.

    Please pray that God either turns this forum back to God, or that He shuts it down. The fact that it is one of the largest “Christian Forums” on line has me very, very deeply concerned about its false teachings.

    It is http://www.christianforums.com

  8. Somewhat worried said

    i think some of you may have the wrong idea here.
    people “battle their demons” every day, but just because something bad is happening, doesnt mean you are a demoniac.
    Suicidal thoughts, anger, mood swings, iritability, and depression are classic signs of clinical depression, if you are feeling this, talk to someone.
    If you are 100% convinced that you are posessed, go talk to a priest, tell them whats up. (on a side note, Vatican authorizes exorcisms very, very rarely, dont get your hopes up.)
    if you think you hear things or see things, it is your nervious brain telling you that there is a threat present and to get out as fast as you can. Your brain is an incredibly powerful organ, it is capable of fooling itself. Just because you think you heard something or think you saw something, doesnt mean you did.
    What do you think dreams are? they are your subconcious mind projecting images to itself, hallucinations are your brain interpreting signals from your optic nerves as something its not. And when in dobut, always draw back to the simple explination, rather than a complex one. There is always a reasonable answer, dont always jump to “its a demon” because, odds are its not

    • Gena said

      That’s exactly what Satan wants us to think. That it’s not a demon … It’s clinical or biological. That’s exactly what Satan would say.

      • eutawangel said

        Catholicsm is false religion so if he thinks hes possesed going to a Priest is not the answer… remember that the Bible says satan is at work in all who are unsaved. Repent & believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ alone…saved by faith in Christ alone & not Christ plus Rosary & Comunion, Book of Mormon, being a Jeh Wittness, etc The solution to spirtual deliverance requires salvation & walking in obedience. He/she should know the Holy Bible & attend fellowship w/ other Believers. Ask God to lead & guide in all & I believe He will.

  9. Ezekiel said

    i really dont know wat i am for any work i get i get fired or i jus dont tend to go but when i pray i feel like ummmm i cant describe it but i feel good i pray and hope i see u all up in heaven and watever my purpose is in life i know i will be doin gods work even if i have to die but i know i will go to heaven

    Much love
    Ezekiel from FIJI

  10. talente said

    god created us he love us no matter what we did he is our father,if we ask for forgiveness he will forgive us,mind the kingdom of heaven

  11. i am happy to come through your site, its encouraging with facts/tips that qualify warfare battles.

  12. Mark said

    the demons will be defeated through christ, they are cowards. believe in god and rebuke them in the name of jesus they will leave.
    do not believe the lies of society, the lies of corrupted and false prophets preachers politcians scientist and the like.
    face them.
    do not fear death for you will live forever through christ in heaven.
    fear is the mind killer.
    pain and suffering are the flames of hell trying to burn your soul.
    yes, it is true, demons can inflict sickness,fear and pain, do not fear these.
    for you will live forever through your eternal spirt.

  13. Jann williams said

    Ive read over some of your letters. The answer is always Jesus. He completed the work His father sent him to do . It was all done for us . We must step up to the plate and do our part He gave us power over the demontic spirts. He is the one to tell you what you are fighting and will tell you then lead you in the battle. One spirit i had to fight was Phyon better know as the strongman you must bind the strongman first then plunder his house in Jesus name. Always go to Jesus first and Remember you can do nothing with out him. When you cast out demons your faith will have to come in play . We must believe we have his power and receive it by faith. all is backed up with the word of God. What is bound on eath is bound in heaven. Loose your rights from Heaven Stand on the word and never give up. Dont be whimmy get mad at hell and stay made. Love to you all

  14. jacQuiE said

    This article is among the b est in a 4yr search for help. I got great relief and ease from tHe. BUrden of victory b y My works. GlOry to god.

  15. Wendy said

    your link to Basic Spiritual warfare is broken. I am in desperate need of all this information I can get my hands on. My children have been taken..not by people but by Satan. They have given themselves to wicca and false dotorine and its been tearing our world and family apart for years now…I just found out that my son and daughter are both practicing and now I have a grandson from the wiccan daughter. Please, if you could send any info to wendy_k38@yahoo.com..please! I am a christian and raised my children to be christian and we are being relentlessly attacked and its getting worse by the day!

  16. Bianca Ware said

    I’ve been in a battle with a demon for several months now. I’ve been seeking ways on stopping this for so long, (prayers from my loved ones, myself, and from a priest doesn’t seem to help). I even used the phrase ‘In the name of Jesus Christ, be gone!’ several times and things just seemed to get worse at that point. I have not been baptized yet, and I’ve longed to for years, but I never got around to it. Because of this battle, I’ve been losing so much sleep, I’ve been depressed, it’s been affecting my life negatively overall. I need help and seek support and advice from those who are going through the same thing.

    • TammyP said

      Resist the devil and he will flee, confidence is key here. He is like a pit bull or doberman pincher type of dog. But as soon as you grab that dog by the back of the neck and tell it heel in a strong confident voice, it will try to take control of you. If you know who you are in Christ, you can move mountians. Our biggest battle is knowing who WE are and moving into authority that is clearly ours.

  17. misterxfor christ said

    when your attacked by a spirit ,how do you feel like you feel depressed it the spirit of depresstion and so on,bind a three fold cord on spirit and a verse that pertains to your case put on the full armor of god daily physical pray alot when you send one away two might come back be persistant bind and tell them to go where god wants them to go and forbid there return by the blood of jesus

  18. misterxfor christ said

    P.s: i ve been going through heavy spirit attack for 18yrs ,all you have to do is grow in faith I will pray for anybody out there and try to help in any question GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY OUR MIGHTY PROTECTOR FROM ALL EVIL AMEN

  19. Dana cross said

    Hello. I believe i may have a calling when i was younger i used to see demons dark shawdows jumping up and down really scared me. Now that im older i feel the holy spirit is in me i read the bible and thirst for the word of god. I no longer want evil or negative things around me. I keep having dreams of fighting deams with the word of god. I also took a picture of the sky and captured a face in the clouds a bearded man white wolly beard.what is happening to me?

  20. Tim said

    Pray without ceasing for this is the will of God.
    Recognize God in the “Battle” and begin to worship him in the midst of it.
    Know what is your responsibility and what is God’s responsibility in the fight and when you have done everything you can keep standing firm. Easier said than done, I know, however as you begin to praise the name of Jesus and loose yourself in him the strength to fight returns.
    If you make your “Situation” into a “Sanctuary” God will give you a “Solution”….
    “Soldier Up”

  21. scottante said

    I had a dream of fighting the devil himself , The dream lasted several nights in a row about two weeks . Finally I could do nothing . In the dream I think I was doomed at first but I kept comming back so I thought God appointed me to fight this evil devil . So i thought about it for a while and it was about 3am I think when I decided I wanted to go back in the dream to fight with god on my side how could I loose , Sure enouph I did have the dream again and by the power of GOD I did fight for what seemed for days , Finally at the end I told Satin to go back to hell with prayers .And when I woke up I was in a pool of sweat even the bed was soaked . Never again did I have the dream . I do belive I was at the right hand of GOD and i was able to defeet SATIN , Now with the Illuminoti and Builderberg and Rothchild new world order I think GOD gave me the ability to fight against this satinistic regime , I will need GODS and all the peoples help who have seen and fought EVIL even in your dreams . EVIL IS THE DEVIL ONLY MISSING THE D , MY GOD Will defeet their God Which. and God to them stands for GOLD OIL DRUGS . Some how I belive in my mind GOD NEEDS MY HELP and YOURS

    • scottante said

      I do mean in a peaceful march and take over ,Kind of like Dr. Martinluther King Jr. did against his assians , murderers

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