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When They Pierced His Side: The Blood And Water Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Job on June 10, 2007

John 19:34 – But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.

Now water (along with oil and fire) are often used in scripture to represent the Holy Spirit or the presence thereof. This was established immediately in Genesis 1:2b – “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters“; this same Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus Christ like a dove during His baptism (Luke 3:22), was present in Jesus Christ without measure, and now indwells, comforts, and gives His gifts and fruits to each saint according to whatever measure pleases Him and glorifies the Father whose Will He does and to Whom He willingly subjects Himself. What does the Blood of Jesus Christ represent? Jesus Christ Himself. The life of any living thing is in its blood (Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 17:11, Leviticus 17:14,Deuteronomy 12:23,John 6:53) and what are we but our lives, our very existence and the sum total of our experiences? Recall: Jesus Christ was able to be fully God and fully man simultaneously because though He was born of a natural woman (humanity) and had flesh and bone, He was born of a spiritual man (Father God) and therefore had the Blood of the Godhead and not of Adam in Him.

Now, the fact that Blood and water poured out of Jesus Christ when His side was pierced when He was on the cross is very important in the natural sense. Why? Because of the empty tomb. People who acknowledge that there was a historical Jesus Christ but deny the resurrection and thereby His Deity and true Christianity with it and are confronted with the reality of the empty tomb have to try to somehow explain it. One explanation: that the body was stolen and hidden, is impossible because of the presence of the large stone and the Roman guards. Another explanation: that they went to the wrong tomb on the day that His resurrection was discovered, is impossible because such an error would have quickly been exposed by those who had a motive to do so (the Jewish religious leaders and the Romans) producing the actual tomb and body in short order. Some claim that Jesus Christ was never actually crucified but somehow escaped with someone else crucified in His place, and they actually use scriptures referring to His being unrecognizable on the cross (Isaiah 52:14) to “prove” it (see “The Gospel Of Barnabas.”) So then, what of the body that was laid in the tomb? What accounts for its disappearance? So, the final avenue: that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, but merely only appeared to be dead, so He was later nursed back to health and hidden from the Jewish religious leaders and Roman authorities. But alas, medical doctors, forensic pathologists and such, have stated that such cannot be so, for in order for blood and water to come out of a person whose side was pierced by a spear, the person has to already be dead! Of course, this medical knowledge was unavailable at the time that the gospels were written, so the inclusion of what would appear to be merely expository descriptive material in the natural sense actually served nearly 2000 years later to prove that Jesus Christ died on the cross just as the gospels, epistles, and prophecies bear witness. Jesus Christ was not discovered alive in the grave and whisked away to live a natural life. Jesus Christ was not merely unconscious from His beating, crucifixion, and stabbing and died later in His tomb. No, He died on the cross when He said “It is finished” to His Father in Heaven and gave up the ghost. He was dead before He was pierced, and the Blood and water bore witness on earth of His fulfillment of the prophecies and payment for our sins (I John 5:6 – 8).

Yet, let us consider the spiritual element for a second. The natural body of Jesus Christ was lifeless on the cross, having completed its purpose on this earth (those who claim that Jesus Christ was resurrected in His natural earthly body rather than a glorified body as spoken of in I Corinthians 15:52 notwithstanding). And the Romans were gambling for His garments, the Jewish leaders leering, mocking, and celebrating. Oh, the bulls of Bashan (Psalm 22:12) were out in full force; every demon in the universe was having a party! It was the darkest hour in human history. So, then, where was God?

Well, I am here to tell you that even in the darkest hour in human history, when the Father in Heaven turned His Holy Righteous Face away from and forsook His Own Son, the Blood Sacrifice for our sins that made our salvation from them possible during the time that He bore our sins (1 Peter 2:24) because the Father is so Holy that He cannot so much as look upon unrighteousness, when the apostles and disciples scattered with Peter denying Him thrice, when it appeared that the conspiracy between Rome and Jerusalem to thwart the plan of God so that the anti – Christ system of the state and false religion would rule the earth, and when satan and all of his demons were in the throes of exhuberance, GOD WAS STILL THERE. Where was He? Where was God? He was there in the Blood of Jesus Christ which is the Word of God, and He was there in the water of Jesus Christ, which is the Ruach Hakadosh, the Holy Spirit. After His baptism, the Spirit of God descended upon Jesus Christ without measure, and they both occupied the same space at the same time, but upon His Death, when that side was pierced, they parted. 43 days later, Jesus Christ returned to the Right Hand of His Father, and 53 days later, the Holy Spirit returned to the earth at Pentecost which is the same as the last day of the Feast of Weeks, the Jewish celebration of the harvest, the reaping and gathering of the new life that follows the passing of the sting of the cold and death of winter. But before the glory of the resurrection, the glory of the ascension, and the glory of Pentecost was the darkness of the dead body, the hope of Israel and mankind, hanging on the cross. But during the great darkness, GOD WAS STILL THERE! The Blood of God was still there! The Spirit of God was still there!

So let me encourage you today. No matter what you are going through in your life, no matter what depths you have sunk to, no matter what evil you have committed or faced, God is still there. When you flunked out of school and lost your job, God was still there. When the divorce papers came, God was still there. When the paternity test said “This child is not yours but your best friend’s”, God was still there. When your creditors came and repossessed your car and turned you out of your house, God was still there. When you were diagnosed with AIDS, God was still there. When you were sent to prison, God was still there. When your child died in your arms, God was still there. While you were being raped or molested, God was still there. When you were lying in bed in the fetal position trying your best to resist your unnatural affection for drugs, food, pornography, or sex, God was still there! When you were following that church and pastor that was cheating you, lying to you, and having you follow false doctrine, God was still there. When the images in your mind and voices in your head were so strong that you lost the ability to discern fantasy from reality and you became a danger to yourself and those around you so they had to institutionalize you, God was still there! And during the Holocaust when the world stood by and watched professing Christians, people who claimed to love the Savior of the Jews, slaughter 6 million of God’s chosen people, God was still there!

And I come here not to tickle your ears. I come not to give you some religious drug that will temporarily take the pain away but will soon get you addicted so you will keep coming back for more, except that it will come at a price which will be nothing less than your eternal soul. Life is hard. It is filled with pain, loss, and sorrow. Read Job. Read the Psalms. Read Ecclesiastes. Read Lamentations. Jacob who became Israel said “few and evil have been the days of my life (Genesis 47:9).” And Paul was under such affliction while he was ill and in prison that he stated that it would be in his own best interests to die and leave the evil of this world behind, but he remained so that he could continue to write letters to the church. I know that joy cometh in the morning, but what is going to get you through the night? When you are scared? When your friends have left you? When your money’s gone? When the pain from the cancer that came into your body because of the AIDS viruses that are coursing through your flesh and bones is wracking you so hard that your insides shake? When all the injustices of the world such as crime, poverty, racism, wars, epidemics, famines, broken families, senseless tragedies, and oh so much death make you wonder not so much if there is any God at all, but how anyone could love or serve such a God who created this world and allows it to happen? Well, my brothers and sisters in the faith, let me give you the answer. If God was yet there while the lifeless body of Jesus Christ was hanging on the cross, He is still there right now for you. If you are born again of water and of Blood by believing upon the virgin birth, deity, death, resurrection and payment of your sins of Jesus Christ, then God is on your side, and your deliverance is nigh in this world and the next. If that is not the case, then let me tell you something: God is STILL there. Behold, He stands at the door of your heart knocking, and if you are willing to hear Him by faith, He will come in and have dinner with you. He will wash your sins away. He will change you. He will save you. He will be yours and you will be His forever, and on the day of the Great White Throne Judgment, He will present you spotless to His Father. I ask of you right now that you answer the call. Follow the information given in this link to be saved right now: The Three Step Salvation Plan.


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