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Do No Evil

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Romans 5:19 – For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. Perhaps the most fundamental part of being a Christian is also the least understood, and that part is obedience. The sad thing is that few people who call themselves Christians understand who they must obey, why they must obey, or how this obedience is to take place. Christians spend much more effort coming up with excuses why they do not have to obey than they do seeking to become more obedient! Or they give themselves over to the most common delusion; that of “obedience applies to you, not to me.” That can also take the form of “all of God’s laws must be kept except for the ones that I do not.” Such people will not only pardon THEMSELVES for their particular disobedience, but pretty much everyone else who commits the same! So liars will defend not only themselves but other liars while denouncing adultery. Adulterers will defend all adulterers but castigate gossipers (motivated of course by the fact that their adultery is oft the source of the gossip!). And so on. 

The evidence of this is the common misstating of the definition of – or what it means to be – a Christian. Most say that “Christian” means “follower of Christ.” Were that the case, then Judas Iscariot, the lying thief betrayer, was a model Christian!  After all, was he not one of the twelve who followed the Son of God wherever he went? Nay, the true meaning of “Christian” is “imitator of Christ.” Even better: “one who does as Christ did.” Better still: “One who is as Christ.” Why? Because that definition is the one which was given by Christ himself in John 14:12!  Many emphasize the miracles that Jesus Christ did; those were done so that people in his time and afterwards would believe (see what Jesus said in John 14:10 -11). Others primarily speak of Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection; that was done to pay for our sins and make a way for us to be connected to God and get into Heaven. While belief and works are important, how we LIVE is also important, just as is the true measure of our faith is what we do when we are not at church and the true test of our character is what we do when no one is looking! So for those who have already accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died for their sins and want to know how to manage their daily life and know what attitude towards God they should have, perhaps the most important role of Jesus Christ is that of role model, in that Jesus Christ committed no sin; that Christ made himself totally subject to the will of the Father even though Christ was God Himself! 

There are those who assert that once you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and that he is the Son of God who died on the cross for your sins and rose again from the dead, that you are going to Heaven despite your “flaws.” That you are saved by grace and redeemed through Christ’s blood, and not by works … that the law is dead and we are dead to the law! These people claim that it is not their actions that count, but rather their hearts!  Such people have knowledge of the scriptures but lack understanding. These people does not understand that if ever there was anyone who ever walked the earth assured of Heaven, it was Jesus Christ! Yet Christ obeyed. Some people emphasize the fact that Christ submitted himself to the will of God by going to the cross, particularly because of his temptations at Gethsemane to avoid the cross altogether AND to get down from the cross and prove who he was once he was on it. However, to debunk the “modernist existentialist” depictions of Christ in abominations such as “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Da Vinci Code” – none of which deny that Christ was willingly executed – Christians should focus on Christ’s virtuous life BEFORE THE CROSS! The “dead to the law” crowd basically claims that “because I have accepted Christ, I can sin, because I am not saved by works.” These people are wrong in two areas: A) The idea that obedience is merely keeping a bunch of rules and regulations given in Leviticus plus whatever society, culture, and tradition has added to it and B) the idea that being obedient is “works” that have no implications on their salvation. In reality, obedience means doing what God tells you. And God tells YOU what to do directly through the Holy Spirit. Sure, the Levitical laws and the edicts issued by Jesus Christ are fine guides and overarching principles, but they pale in comparison to having your own personal copy of God himself within you! Were otherwise the case, Christ would have never been sent to die so that the Holy Spirit could come! So if you are going to be in a state of persistent and premeditated disobedience to GOD HIMSELF, then you are not truly saved because you have not truly accepted Jesus Christ. Why? Because the role of Christ is to give us a way to submit ourselves to God as sovereign, and if you refuse to obey God’s personal commandments to you, then you reject God’s sovereign rule over your life, and thereby you reject the One that Sovereign God sent to save you. Furthermore, obedience is not mere “works.” Rather, obedience is above all works! Recall that Jesus stated that the greatest of commandments were to “love the Lord with all thy heart and soul, plus love thy neighbor as thyself.” When a scribe responded that love of God and neighbor was more important than all sacrifices, Christ not only agreed with him, but proclaimed him not far from salvation! Now sacrifices do not equal obedience. The children of
Israel did plenty of sacrificing and rituals while simultaneously provoking God to anger with sin, to the point where God proclaimed that he HATED their sacrifices!  

Nay, sacrifices equate to WORKS, and the love of God and your neighbor is above works. And if you love the Lord, you will keep his commandments! The two are inseparable. Further, if you love your neighbor as yourself, you will not treat your neighbor in any manner that you would not desire to be. And, of course, the same applies to God; you would not treat God in a manner in which you would not desire to be treated either. For instance, suppose you tell someone to do something. Unless you were playing some game of cynical manipulation, you would want them to do it, right? You would certainly not want them to not do it, do it in a manner different from which you desired or commanded, or did the opposite, right? And even more so were you in a position of authority and respect i.e. a parent, a workplace manager, or political officeholder? Of course not! So why do you expect God to be any different? Why should it be OK to disobey God if it is not OK to disobey you?  Your response would be “grace”, meaning that God is an understanding and loving God forgiving of the mistakes of those who accept him. Suppose that you are a supervisor who offers employment to some fellow. Just as you accepted the authority of God through Christ, this fellow must first accept your offer of employment before you can assume a position of authority over him. (Of course you have the option of never offering him employment in the first place just as God can and will cast those who never accept his authority through Christ into the lake of fire!) Now you will accept a certain degree of disobedience from this person for a certain time period, especially if he is immature and comes from a background where he was not used to responsibility or respecting authority (which pretty much describes where you were as a sinner). But were this disobedience to persist, you would certainly fire the person! Not only would this person’s behavior be a detriment to your company’s goals, unfair to the people trying to keep the rules, and undermine any concept of order, but you would eventually take his behavior as a personal affront to and challenge of your duly earned position of authority. You would resent how this person is totally ungrateful to you for giving him a chance. Again, why do you expect God to be any different?If you say “But we are God’s children, not his hires!” and ask what parent would cast off his own flesh and blood? Recall Jesus Christ in Matthew 12:46-48 … God regards his TRUE CHILDREN as only those who keep his commands. God will still love his children who reject his authority and go their own way, but he will nevertheless have nothing to do with them. In that he is no different from what you would be forced to do as a human parent were your child to leave your household upon reaching adulthood and never return or contact you again! If you doubt, try it! You cannot physically force them to stay if they are determined to leave, and the police will not even place you in contact with them, let alone bring them home. Why? Because once they reach adulthood, your children have personal rights that exceed your legal status as parents, as well as the physical and intellectual ability and resources to leave your authority. Your only recourse would be to disinherit them; declare that they have no legal right to your name or estate! In a similar fashion, while you are God’s child, you have your own free will. If you reject God’s authority, he will let you go! But God will exercise his rights and disinherit you! You will NOT receive blessings on Earth OR the

Kingdom of
Heaven!  Also, consider this scenario. Even if your child, especially an adult one, does not reject you, suppose he turns out to be exceedingly wicked and depraved. Suppose he commits heinous crimes, will not stop, and shows no remorse. Suppose those crimes are against you personally. Suppose those crimes are against your other children … your other innocent children! Now, if you have any righteousness in you, you would disown that wicked child; regret ever having had him! It may even rise to the point where you would take personal action to punish your child’s wickedness and prevent future harm, especially to innocent children; either personally reporting that child to the police or taking even more dramatic drastic action, especially if your child’s threat to the other children is imminent! Well, that describes God in the days of Noah! What did God do? Destroy those disobedient people in the flood! (And let us not forget Sodom and
Gomorrah!) In other words, God’s feelings and actions would be no different from yours, even unto those who profess Christ as the Son of God and their personal Savior! 

Of all the things to remember about God, chief among those is that God is righteous. A righteous God cannot abide sin. A righteous God will punish – and ultimately destroy – both sin and the sinner. It is for that reason that so many people talk about God’s love, mercy, and wisdom, and even his power and authority, but few talk about his righteousness! The reason is that they choose to believe that God’s righteousness conflicts with or negates his other traits, so if they minimize his righteousness it opens a window for them to commit whatever sin they consider justifiable. They believe that God will use his love, mercy, wisdom, strength, power, and authority to create some way for their sin to be accepted.  In reality the converse is true. God’s love, mercy, wisdom, power, and authority act in concert with his righteousness and confirm his righteousness. Hence it is because of his love, mercy, wisdom, power, and authority that he will destroy all rejection to his will and all who do it. A God who does not punish those who hurt others is not a loving one.  A God who allows continual disobedience is not merciful, but rather permissive. A God who ignores rebellion is not wise. A God who does not use his power to crush rebellion forfeits said power. And what good is authority if it is not used to punish those who do not respect it? 

It all comes down to the irrefutable fact that a God who is not righteous is no God at all, and those who reject God’s righteousness by being determined to live in sin reject God AND Jesus, He Who God Sent. Hence such a person has not truly accepted Jesus Christ despite their belief. Such a person fails to realize or acknowledge that the reason why Jesus Christ was sent was to reconcile man with God by giving those who wanted to live under God’s authority a means by way of the Holy Spirit. Rejecting the commands that God gives you through the Holy Spirit is simply rejecting God! Now this is not the same “lose your salvation” false doctrine; those who preach that it is possible to lose your salvation if you commit an egregious enough sin or a series of sins. That doctrine is akin to being saved by works and not by grace or faith. The difference is not what you do by mistake or even intent, but rather by your overall attitude! Recall the hymn “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back”? (My preference would be were the hymn to state “I have decided to be like Jesus, no turning back, no turning back”, but that is an aside.) If you continuously purposefully disobey the Holy Spirit, whether it is the same thing over and over again or a different thing each time, you are not accepting the rule of God over your life, meaning that you are not saved!  

Moreover, if you reject the Holy Spirit’s instruction, that is BLASPHEMING the Holy Spirit in deed! You may ask how is that possible; that blasphemy is only possible if you do it on purpose knowing that you are doing it? How can you blaspheme unawares? Well, you disobey the Holy Spirit and choose to reject God’s command by choice, right? Despite knowing better, right? How can you blaspheme the Holy Spirit by action rather than word? The same way that you can lie by nodding your head in response to a question! Suppose a child breaks a vase, and the child’s mother asks “Did you break the vase?” If the child nods her head no, she has lied without opening her lips, right? You blaspheme the Holy Spirit with your actions the very same way. Also, you DO lie with words … in your heart where it really counts. How? By telling yourself that YOU DID NOT REALLY HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT. By telling yourself that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OBEY WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT SAYS. By telling yourself that THE HOLY SPIRIT IS NOT REALLY THE WORD OF GOD. By telling yourself THAT GOD WILL PARDON YOUR DISOBEDIENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Do those things, and you knowingly deny who and what the Holy Spirit is within your own heart! If that is not blasphemy, what is? And recall … blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a sin that will not be forgiven! 

So those who profess with their lips as having received salvation through Jesus Christ, you are now bound to obey God’s commandments as given to you by the Holy Spirit. You are also bound to seek guidance of the Holy Spirit by the way of praying without ceasing. Jesus Christ did the same, and if you are to be as Christ or even a follower of Him, so must you also do! Failing to do either will place your eternal fate in grave jeopardy! You have been warned, so as Jesus Christ told the woman accused of adultery, “Go and sin no more.” Prayer:Father God in the name of your son Jesus Christ, please make me obedient to thy will. Please make me hear your commands through the Holy Spirit, and please give me a heart to heed the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Lord God I reject and renounce all of the lies that I have believed on the matter of my having accepted Christ making it OK for me to sin, and I now promise to keep your commandments and to place myself under your authority. I know that in order to be saved by grace, I must accept your grace which means accepting your sovereign rule over my life. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

 Deliverance:The demons in this area would be the demon of lying, the demon of false doctrine, and the demon of self – love. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of Jesus Christ, rebuke those demons and command them to leave you if the Holy Spirit tells you that they are there. In a similar fashion, if you are acting as a deliverance minister, rebuke those demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love and command them to leave any person or persons that you are conducting a deliverance ministry session for in the name of and by the blood of Jesus Christ. Whether the deliverance is for yourself or another, in the name of Jesus Christ bind those demons from entering another person; especially another member of the Body of Christ.

 If you are engaging in spiritual warfare in this area for a person or persons, rebuke those demons and bind them from that person’s will and mind in the name of and by the blood of Jesus Christ. Then pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ that he would lead the individual or individuals to seek deliverance from those demons. And if you are engaging in spiritual warfare for the Body of Christ, rebuke all said demons in the name of Jesus Christ and by the blood of Jesus Christ, and by the name and blood of Jesus Christ bind them from the minds and wills of the members of the Body of Christ. Then pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ that he would lead all members of the Body of Christ that are being troubled by these demons to deliverance. In all cases, in the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, bind the demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love from seeking help from other demons as well as from powers and principalities.
As a matter of fact, if you have received salvation through Jesus Christ, you have been given the power and authority to tread on scorpions … to go into spiritual warfare for the church right now! Here is how:In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love within the Body of Christ. I declare all members of the Body of Christ as under protection from these demons by the Blood of Jesus Christ. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love within the Body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love to cease deceiving members of the Body of Christ into believing that accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior gives them any license to willingly sin or otherwise disobey the command of God. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of Jesus Christ, I command all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love to loose the minds and wills of the members of the Body of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of Jesus Christ, I forbid all demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love within the Body of Christ from seeking aid from powers, principalities, or other demons. Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, now that I have bound the demons  of lying, false doctrine, and self – love within the Body of Christ and commanded them to stop their evil work within the Body of Christ and to loose the minds of the saints, please Lord direct the saints that need it to seek and receive deliverance through the Name and Blood of our Savior Your Son Jesus Christ. May they believe that their deliverance is necessary and possible, and may they obey your call and commands. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

 Intercession for a specific individual or body would be very similar … merely substitute their name or the name of a body for “The Body of Christ” in the intercession text above. In a similar fashion, if you are conducting deliverance for yourself or another individual or group of individuals who have sought it from you at God’s direction, rather than commanding the demons to loose the mind and will of the individual or individuals, you can command them to leave by saying “I command you demons of lying, false doctrine, and self – love to come out of _.” Of course, do this as the Holy Spirit leads. Not all these demons may be present, or other demons might be. Further, it may be necessary to cast out one at a time. Also, they may not be the only demons present! This is only a spot guide; becoming effective at deliverance ministry will very likely take fasting, prayer, and research. To help you in that regard, I suggest the work of Frank and Ida Mae Hammond as a starting point, as well as that of Derek Prince. There are also free resources available on the Internet of varying quality; whatever you do allow God to be your guide! 


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