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Do Not Be A Satan

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

I Chronicles 21:1 – And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number

One of the main things that Christians have to be careful about is to not be a satan. What are you talking about, you ask? I am saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ and am good; how can I be evil, especially in comparison with Satan, the ultimate evil? Satan is a former top angel, the leader of demons, the leader of the spiritual rebellion against God, who has all of this power and might and is responsible for so much destruction and so many calamities? Well, a common theme with us at Heal The Land/God’s Love Ministries is that whatever real power that Satan has is greatly overrated, especially compared to the power of God and therefore the power that believers have at their disposal. It is not so much that we attribute a lot of things to Satan that he has nothing to do with – an idea that many ministries advance – but rather that virtually everything that Satan DOES do against believers would be ineffective if believers walked according to faith, knowledge, submission, humility, obedience, patience, and above all things charity. Most Christians, sadly, cede a lot of ground to Satan in their lives and in the lives of others by all but denying his existence; practically claiming that Satan is merely an allegory or metaphor for the bad choices of man and for the destructive influence of people in power (especially people whose politics they disagree with). Even Christians who are active in opposing Satan greatly overemphasize the gifts of the spirit. While the gifts of the spirit are very useful when it comes to discerning the presence and work of demons and using the Name of Jesus Christ to bind, rebuke, and cast them out, it is the fruits of the spirit that are most effective against Satan because a person in whom the fruits of the spirit are present, strong removes the opportunities and areas that Satan can use and exploit. For example: if you are required to constantly be in the presence and home of a devil worshipper (say that your job requires it or something), then the ability to discern, bind, rebuke, and remove demons is greatly limited when dealing with a person who has willingly knowingly allowed those demons into himself and his home, deals with them on a constant basis of his own free will, is the legal (in a spiritual sense) owner and master of his home and body, and does not want the demons that he foolishly believes to be “his” to be bound, rebuked, or cast out. It is then that a Christian needs to be mature and powerful in the FRUITS of the spirit so that this devil – worshipper and his demons do not provoke the Christian to wrath, fear, disobedience, envy, arrogance, or anything that would give the witch or his demons a legal opening to persecute the Christian. Witches and their demons LOVE dealing with and tormenting spiritually immature Christians, but having to deal with a Christian mature and strong in the fruits of the spirit over a long period of time causes the witch and the demons such torment that it will cause either the destruction or the repentance of the witch.  

But alas, in dealing with the “satan temptation” that far too many Christians expose themselves and fall to, it is one of the more than a few ways that Christians are harmed by the fact that so many of them cannot read the original texts of the Bible (Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic) and furthermore do not even take advantage of the many study guides, commentaries, concordances, etc. that exist in the languages that they DO understand. Even more amazing – and vexing – is how even those Christians who DO immerse themselves in those things – especially theology and seminary students – pretty much ignore the knowledge in them in favor of their own doctrines, teachings, and traditions. One of the best examples of this is all of the disinformation there is regarding “Christmas” – the birth of Christ – so much of which plainly contradicts Luke, yet sincere Christians who have studied the Bible all of their lives still hold to the foolishness that Joseph, Mary, “the three wise men”, and the shepherds all arrived at a stable in Bethlehem within a few hours of each other, and that “the three wise men” in particular followed a moving star through the sky until it stopped over the manger. The irony is that the very reason why Luke authored the book was to separate fact from fiction for that time and for future generations! In any event, were more people literate in Hebrew and Greek, they would know that “Satan” is not Satan’s name! What, then, is Satan’s name? It is not recorded in the “Protestant” Bible. Further, his former name, Lucifer, is only mentioned in the Bible once (ironically in a passage that is rarely mentioned or understood despite its great importance, Isaiah 14:12).  

Rather than being the NAME of Satan, Satan, rather, is what Satan primarily DOES. What is more, what Satan DOES is the primary source of his power, the destruction that he causes. Further still, the primary source of Satan’s power and destruction is what Christians are all too familiar with, for they themselves engage in the very same thing that constitutes the main strength and effectiveness of Satan, especially in their dealings with and concerning other Christians. Well, of Satan is evil and Christians are good, what could POSSIBLY be this thing that both gives power to Satan and is done so often by Christians, especially amongst themselves? What, then, could Satan POSSIBLY MEAN? As confused – and possibly offended and even fearful – as you might be right now, once I give you the answer, it will all immediately make sense, you will immediately agree with me, and hopefully be Holy – Spirit convicted and start being mindful of your own behavior in this regards and seek God and sound counsel regarding your immediately stopping it. The answer is: the word Satan means ACCUSER. It is as simple as that, but also just as misleadingly destructive and powerful as it is sinister.  

Yes, Satan is cunning and intelligent, but not more so than God or the angelic beings. Yes, Satan is a liar, but we know that about him already. Yes, Satan has spiritual power, but it is nothing compared to the power of God. No, the thing about Satan that is of the greatest concern is his accusations. That is why when he was cast out of heaven and the angels rejoiced, they didn’t say “the powerful is cast down”, or “the destroyer is cast down”, or “the cunning strategist is cast down”, or “the evil genius is cast down.” Oh how we men fear and regard those whom we regard those who are powerful, those who cause great destruction, those who are cunning, or those who are intelligent. But heaven does not regard those things! No, Revelation 12:10 says that the angels rejoiced that THE ONE WHO ACCUSED THE BRETHREN BEFORE GOD DAY AND NIGHT was cast down! And recall the Psalms, especially those written by David. David was not crying out to God nearly so much who were trying to kill him or steal his wealth and kingdom, but rather those who accused and spoke evil of him. 

Now the significance of accusations may be surprising to many Christians, especially those in
America. Why? Because Christianity in
America originated in and developed out of an extreme puritanical legalistic variety.
As a result, we place most of the emphasis on sexual sin like adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, and provocation, and most of the rest on “vices” like gambling, smoking, and drinking alcohol. But that is NOT what the Bible places the most emphasis on. Rather, the sins that the Bible places the most emphasis on are violence, rebellion/witchcraft, mistreating the poor, and accusing/lying. Even our current culture, we focus on sexual sin because we seek to draw attention away from how exceptionally violent our nation has been, how heavily into various forms of paganism and idolatry we have been, how we elevate the rich and famous while claiming that the poor should either pull themselves by their own bootstraps or should consider themselves privileged to be poor in such a great nation (as if America is heaven or something), and how so much of our “entertainment” in this country is driven literally by gossip … you have some “celebrities” who owe their fame more to getting people to talk about them than anything that they have ever actually accomplished. But, it is still true. Stop listening to tradition and doctrine and read the Bible: there are probably more examples of people being condemned for what they SAID than for what they DID. God nearly destroyed the children of
Israel in the desert because they kept complaining. Sure, they did other things, like the golden calf incident and the revolts, but every single time it originated with their grumbling.

And Job? God became angry with Job because he kept claiming that while he was righteous, God was unfair. And God also became angry at Job’s friends when they accused him of sinning where he had not. Ham? He mocked his father’s drunkenness and told his brothers about it, and therefore was cursed along with his seed. Shimei, the descendant of Saul? Mocked and cursed David, accusing him of stealing Saul’s kingdom. The Proverbs and Psalms are filled with warnings and condemnations against people who mock and accuse, and warn the righteous to not so much as even associate with them. Some of those Psalms in particular were prophetic regarding the accusers of Jesus Christ. The Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes did not often try to kill Jesus Christ with violence, nor did they try to bribe Him with money and power (though Satan did), nor did they send beautiful women (or men for those who make the blasphemous claim that Christ was homosexual) to try to cause Him to fall sexually. No, by far their most frequent attempts to attack Jesus Christ and His disciples were with false accusations and trying to verbally trick and trap Him! Lest we forget, it was the false accusations of the Jews that sent Jesus Christ to the cross. And it was not even false accusations of murder, theft, adultery, or being a drunk, but rather things regarding what someone said that someone else said that they heard Jesus Christ say! So yes, people of God, you can pass all of your resolutions condemning gay marriage all you want, and yes homosexuality is a sin. But save for the fact that Jesus Christ died for all sins, including homosexuality, it was not some homosexual conspiracy that sent Jesus Christ to the cross, it was evil speech that sent your Lord and Savior to the cross!

Again, because of our legalistic tradition, we Christians put so much more emphasis on what we DO rather than by what we SAY, and we do so despite what the Bible says and depicts over and over again. Jesus Christ Himself, when asked why His disciples did not do the ritual washing, replied that it wasn’t some action like washing or not washing that saved and condemned, but rather the contents of the heart, because it was out of the heart that lies, lusts, blasphemies, etc. came! And James 1:14 – 15 also implies that the beginning of sin is wicked thought! Well, you have to think something before you speak it, right? That is why the Bible doesn’t say that the power of life and death is with the hand that striketh! It says the power of life and death is in the tongue that speaketh! And that is the same power that Satan uses to accuse. 

Accusations drive apart friendships. They destroy marriages, and set brothers and sisters against each other. They bring down churches and denominations. They cause towns and cities to become overtaken with crime and job loss. They cause companies to go bankrupt, and nations to go to war. Why? Because words provoke anger. They provoke vanity. They provoke jealousy. They provoke fear. They ruin self – esteem. They wound and cause hurt, and they pour salt onto wounds and hurt that already exist. They drive to madness, and they incite the already mad to mad actions. Words cause us to do what we should not and prevent us from doing what we should. Another name for Satan, which is also a description of what he does? Deceiver. Well, words deceive! And we deceive not only with false accusations, but true ones! Even other sins are driven by gossip. Who do fornicators seek out? The man or woman who “has a reputation.” How do you suppose he or she got that “reputation” to begin with? And who gave him or her “the reputation”? People who consider themselves more moral talking about them to whoever will listen, including a person who has a spiritual weakness in that area who really doesn’t need the temptation, but once tempted by hearing about how “easy” and “available” that person is will go and be the next person to sin. Sure, those two “loose people” are going to go off and sin, but everyone who started and participated in the gossip chain for the sex predator to hear enabled the sin and thereby are just as responsible. In that way, chaste “religious” people who gossip about fornicators and adulterers will have more fornication, adultery, homosexuality, abortion, etc. charged to them than the people who actually go out and do it. In a sense, it is actually better to BE an adulterer than it is to be found gossiping about one! And the same goes for pornography, gambling, drinking, seditions, rioting … virtually everyone who has committed one of those sins did so after HEARING SOMEONE TALKING ABOUT IT! And you know what? Are you one of those Christians who just HATES the sinful content of TV, movies, music, and magazines? Don’t you realize that all these entertainment producers are doing is putting things that people – including Christians – are gossiping about on camera or in songs or print?   

That is right; your words do not have to be untrue or dishonest in order to make you an accuser with a destroying tongue like Satan. What you say can be perfectly true and still do harm if used with a harmful intent, or even if used carelessly. Even if it is true, if it will not be used to gain or build up your brother, SHUT UP! So what if people are going to find out anyway. Let them find out from the next guy! Look, you are a CHRISTIAN. Of course SINNERS are going to accuse and say harmful things about things that are true and are not. Why? Because doing such a thing is a SIN and SINNERS SIN. And it is the job of the CHRISTIAN to step in, oppose the sin and its effects, to fix the damage, and to set right things that were wrong. That is what Jesus Christ did with the adulteress caught in the act. Now her condemners were not lying on her; that is why Christ told her to “sin no more.” But the reason why they condemned her wasn’t to enforce the law and drive the sin out of
Israel, but rather for an occasion to accuse a totally innocent and unrelated party! But Christ was able to convict the accusers by their own words and give the adulteress, one who was such as call Him Lord even in the midst of her sins, another chance! How can YOU be one who heals wounds, fixes things, and prevents destruction and violence if you are a source of the mayhem! The fact that you are a Christian isn’t going to help you fix messes in your family or on your job if you are one of the ones gossiping, and it doesn’t matter whether the gossiping is about someone in your family or on your job, or if the gossiping is about some athlete, movie star, or politician; sin is sin, and just like devils cannot cast out devils, corruption cannot deal with corruption. That is precisely why these people sitting around waiting for some corrupt wicked government or corporation to bail them out and save the world rather than turning to God are so misguided: if the government or corporate
America could heal anything, it would start with itself!

And then there is the church. At least on your job or at school or in your family, you know who the saved people are and what they are going to do, and therefore you are going to be in a position to oppose and break down what the devil is using sinners to do with their words. But at church, if the CHRISTIANS are gossiping, accusing, and destroying each other’s ministries and families and the church itself with their words, who is to be the arbitrator? Who is to be the healer? I am not talking about GOING TO THE PERSON accused of the sin and asking them if it is true, or GOING TO THE PERSON that you KNOW is sinning and asking them to change their ways with your offered prayer and support, or taking a person’s sin to the pastor and before the church in the mouth of two or three witnesses. Oh were Christians doing such a thing, but we are not. One reason is that so many Christians lack true love. If we had true love, we would ignore and forget the transgressions of another, and those transgressions we are unable to ignore and forget, we would be so vexed by the spiritual condition of the brother or sister that we would go to them in love or take them before the pastor with an eye towards their correction. But we do not love one another enough to ignore their sins. We do not love one another enough to suborn their correction for their own spiritual benefit. And because of the lack of love, we destroy them with our tongues. We actually LIKE talking about the sin that they go through. We GLORY IN OURSELVES when their sin causes them to lose their jobs, health, families, and positions in the church. What makes you think that God won’t judge YOU for your lack of love? Would not it be just grand for you were the target of your accusations to repent of their transgressions and receive forgiveness and deliverance for them while YOU are still being held accountable for their accusations? And then there is this lie straight from the pit of hell that we are supposed to be loving, tolerant, and accepting towards our brothers and sisters, that we cannot judge their behavior because we have all sinned and there is none righteous but God, so we cannot confront them or bring them before the church when they sin. So, instead of doing what God told us to do in the Bible so that the people will have the proper occasion to repent and be forgiven, we do the “liberal progressive” church thing and merely gossip about them instead!  

And when we act this way, who is allowing God to use them to heal? You have people who stop going to church because they fear being accused. You have preachers and bishops who conduct their offices not by leadership of the Holy Spirit but because they fear the people, knowing that if gossip about them gets out of control they will lose their jobs. A great many churches are constantly replacing their pastors and other officers because they are continually bringing them before the church and denominational leadership on charges. Sure, a lot of these people may in fact be transgressors or simply not particularly competent, but how many people refuse church service because they do not want to suffer the evil treatment as Moses did? It is one thing that so many qualified people do not seek government service because of all the accusations, it is quite another that so many people never answer God’s call to become pastors, bishops, elders, deacons, etc. for the same reason.  

There is the old saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” That is 100% true, and moreover based on what Paul wrote in many of his letters that make up so much of the New Testament. This truly is where we need to be led and motivated by the Holy Spirit, and also be mature in the fruits of the spirit: we need to know what to say, when, and how. If it is negative, salacious, or even questionable, and you don’t know how to handle it, then just shut up about it until such time that you can take it to the Lord in prayer. Even if you cannot resolve it within yourself on what needs to be done, just let it pass. If that person is living in sin, then he was living in sin without your help so let him go be bad by himself without your meddling or inserting yourself into the situation and becoming part of it with your words. How many people get ensnared in situations that they did not create and cannot resolve just because they were discovered to have TALKED about something that someone else was doing! And so that person is sinning. So what. A) The world is filled with sin and B) Christ dealt with all sin on the cross. Look, it isn’t so much important whether that person stops engaging in that sin or not as it is whether that person accepts Christ. If that person doesn’t accept Christ, then he is doomed to the lake of fire whether he stops that sin or not. And if he accepts Christ, even though it is not expedient for him to be sinning, in most instances his accepting Christ will cover his sin whether he ever stops doing it or not! So, if a person is a sinner, try your best to be THE ONE PERSON who isn’t talking about him. Why? Because if that guy is sinning, he is almost certainly in torment because of it. Unless he is a reprobate (in which case your talking about or even regarding his sin isn’t going to do any good whatsoever), then his conscience will be troubled because of his sin. Now if everyone is talking about his sin, then it will either A) make him more miserable or B) cause him to take on a “me against the world” attitude and harden his heart even more. But if he is in his torment and notices that THE ONE PERSON AROUND HIM WHO IS NOT MOCKING, ACCUSING, OR GOSSIPING ABOUT HIS SIN IS A CHRISTIAN, and he sees YOU, THE CHRISTIAN, as HIS SOLE SOURCE OF RELIEF FROM THE MISERY THAT HE IS IN, then who knows, THAT FACT ALONE MAY HELP YOU GAIN YOUR BROTHER! 

Of course, the notion of seeing a sinner and doing your best to not speak of him is exactly the opposite of what our religion in this country says because of our legalistic tradition. Our legalistic tradition tells us that we should condemn sinners publicly and privately in front of them and behind their backs. The liberal response to the legalistic tradition is little better – to claim sin as righteousness and righteousness as sin. And that is exactly how Satan works. He is constantly in your face, in your head, reminding you of all the bad things that you have done, telling you about all the bad things that you might do, and telling you about how everyone is talking about you and knows that you are a fraud, or he might even tell you how everyone is depending on you and how TERRIBLE it would be were you to let them down. That stuff drives you to sin, keeps you from doing good, takes away your peace and joy, and ultimately destroys you if you let it go unchecked. Most of the self – destructive and unproductive stuff that people do is either in response to or trying to drown out that voice that Satan’s army of demons is putting into their heads. When Satan isn’t in YOUR HEAD, then he is doing the next best thing: getting others to talk about you. It influences what they think of you and how they treat you, and when they start treating you different, you notice it and it adds to your misery. Very likely you will respond in – kind, and that starts the cycle. Accusing really is the most effective thing that Satan does. It causes so much hurt that it drives people to sin in order to salve the hurt or to get revenge on those who hurt them, and eventually their sin destroys them. And that sin causes hurt in other people AND still more accusations. Now, the issue is not so much whether Satan has all this power in the spiritual and natural realm that he can cause hurricanes and earthquakes and turn people into zombies, but the simple fact that even if he does have all that power he doesn’t need to use it, because he can do all the damage that he needs and desires with accusing. Sure, Satan is also a deceiver, but even his primary use of deceiving is simply to get people to believe accusations that are not true, or even to get people to apply accusations that ARE true incorrectly. Consider the sad case of the history of anti – Semitism. So much of it was driven by the same accusations against Jews that spread all over the world and passed down from generation to generation. So people, including devout Christians, wound up committing the most unspeakable acts against Jews because they were deceived into believing accusations against them that were not true, and deceived into believing that even the accusations that were true should be addressed by taking violent and discriminatory action against Jews.  

There are so many accounts in the Bible of people “being stirred up” against another. How do you suppose that happened? By Satan taking over the mind and body of someone and causing them to act outside of their will? Why bother and go through all that effort when you can merely plant some accusation into minds and into the atmosphere and cause people to choose to use their free will falsely? And also consider the true nature of Satan. He does not just want to go around causing mayhem, but rather he has a rhyme, a reason, a motivation for the carnage that he causes. So even if Satan COULD take over your mind and body and cause you to act against your will, so what? Big deal, God would not lay it to your charge because you were not in control of your actions. No, Satan wants to trick or provoke YOU into doing a misdeed. Why? So that God can then take that misdeed that YOU did using YOUR OWN WILL before God and using that as justification for you to be delivered over into his hands. So while Satan perhaps COULD take over your mind and body and cause you to kill 10 or 100 innocent people until the cops kill you, the truth is that he would MUCH RATHER provoke you to tell one “little white lie” or spread just one little “juicy bit of gossip”, because where the former is just Satan being unrighteous (as God already knows and furthermore Satan already knows that God knows), the latter gives Satan an opportunity to tell God that YOU are unrighteous so that God will lift His protecting Hand from you so that Satan use his influence to make you even more unrighteous, and use your unrighteous acts to provoke others to sin so that he can then go before God and accuse THEM. And so on, and so on, and so on. So why rain fire out of the sky and kill 1000 people at one time when you can seduce one person who will in turn provoke 5 who will in turn provoke 50 who will in turn provoke an untold number of people throughout generations! Sure, some of these people may turn to God through Christ, but they will have done a lot of damage before they do so and will even do a little bit afterwards. That is what Satan wants.  

Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but he knows that if he does it by getting YOU to do the actual deed itself, he can get far more mileage out of it. Therefore, his primary method is accusing. That is why a Christian’s primary method of fighting Satan should be to forgive and forget any accusation that Satan sends our way. But if we accuse, we are doing the very same thing that Satan is doing. We are taking the primary thing that Satan does, the thing that causes the very most destruction, and using it to cause more damage throughout the generations than all the earthquakes, hurricanes, atomic bombs, etc. combined. And you know what, that is also why God in His Word so often tells us not to act rashly or immodestly. Why? Because when we draw attention to ourselves, we give people occasion to talk about and accuse us. Though the gossip and accusations may not harm us, it definitely harms the people who say them, and it also harms the people who hear them. That is why our every thought and action should be to bring honor to God, not attention to ourselves. After all, what is the main reason why people accuse and gossip anyway? As a social activity to appear to be one who is interesting in conversation; so people will not think that we are “boring” and exclude us socially. So, we destroy each other and ultimately ourselves with our tongues just to be “popular.” Admit it; why else do you do it? It isn’t as if knowing about the financial problems or sex life of some pastor, church member, or celebrity is going to advance the interests of the person that you are telling it to in any way. I may be talking about GOSSIP more than ACCUSING it seems in this devotional, but most gossip is in fact making accusations about another behind their backs! If you weren’t accusing someone of untoward behavior or appearance, then what would you be gossiping about? The weather? Actually, if Christians WERE to talk more about the weather and less about people, then we would find ourselves being more about God’s business and being used by Satan a lot less!  

Even when you do go before the actual offending party with some charge, you had better A) make sure that it is true and B) not go before the person unless your ONLY motivation is their spiritual well – being. Otherwise, leave that person alone and let vexing that person over his deeds be the job of the next knuckehead to come along, and rest assured he will come along and do as good a job as you would have or better, Satan will make sure of that! One of the reasons why Christians are always bringing up accusations against each other is because of some notion that it is God’s Will for them to drive all of the sin out of the church, and if they let some untoward behavior go unconfronted that it will defile the Body of Christ. They are so filled with vanity and self – righteousness that it never occurs to them that A) there is almost certainly always a ton of sin going on behind closed doors that will never come to light until judgment day and B) their act of accusing is just as much sin and does just as much defiling as the thing that they are accusing over. This legalistic false doctrine is destroying so many churches, driving so many people from fellowship, and allowing so many hypocrites who are merely able to hide their sin better to take their place. You hear them talk about wanting to uphold sound biblical doctrine, well there is no room in their religion for the sound biblical doctrine of TRUE LOVE COVERS AND FORGETS A MULTITUDE OF FAULTS! Sure, there are going to be times when you have to act, but make sure that it is the Holy Spirit guiding you rather than your own sense of (self) righteousness provoking you to action. You may even be motivated by wanting to keep the adulterer from living in sin, but as the accuser of the adulterer you are living in sin too! If you want to talk about “church discipline”, then the place where church discipline needs to begin is with all of the accusers. Once all of the accusers are dealt with, once all of the beams are out of everyone’s eye, THEN the discipline can begin. What you will find is that there isn’t anywhere near the need for discipline as you thought.  

I would bet that a lot of the accusing that goes on in the church are the work of literal witches planted in churches by Satan to destroy them with their words. The reason why they are so effective is because our religious system does not teach us how to destroy accusations with love. We are either “conservatives” who deal harshly with the accused, or liberals who tell the accused that what they are doing is not sin. We are incapable of following the Bible so that we can show love to the accused as God shows love to us because religion us not about love, it is about control. Can we cast religion out of the church so that we can start to love one another? Do we even want to? Loving one another is hard. It is far easier to just stop calling sin sin, and it is even easier to deal harshly with the sinner on the basis of a hateful accusation (again, the fact that it was true doesn’t make it any less hateful). It is a big task, but like all tasks, big or small, you must begin with your own heart, the door to which is through your mouth. No, you do not open your heart by opening your mouth, you open your heart by closing your mouth. Why? There is another old saying “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason: He wants you to LISTEN twice as much as you TALK.” The same is true of your eyes: you have twice as much opportunity to watch (and pray) as you do to talk. But people do so much talking that it blinds their eyes and stops their ears. So just quit all the talking and start to listening and watching. What will you hear? A ton of gossip and accusations! But because you are not participating, Satan will not have any occasion to accuse YOU before God. The result is that you will be blameless, and that will give you spiritual power to contend against and overcome the enemy far more easily. How? Well, again, listen to the talk. See who the ones who are the butt of everyone’s cruel mean jokes, who are the target of the most railing and accusations. Realize that the person is not only dealing with WHY everyone is talking about them – and that alone is painful – but the fact that he OBVIOUSLY KNOWS THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT HIM is EVEN MORE PAINFUL. He doesn’t know how to deal with why everyone is talking about him; if he did he would stop. So how much less is he unable deal with the fact that he is surrounded by mockers and accusers who seek (or await) his destruction, just as was David? Except where David had God to turn to, who does he have? I will tell you: he has YOU. He knows that YOU are the one who are not talking about him. And he knows that YOU are a Christian. Or if he doesn’t, when you offer your hand of assistance, when you throw him a life – preserver when he is sinking in the misery of both his behavior and the accusations concerning it, that would be the best time to tell him. And you will find yourself being not a satan to that person, but rather the image of Christ! Whether that person accepts or rejects the Christ that you are showing him, you are blameless. But if he accepts, then wow, won’t Heaven be rejoicing! And then you will just stop and consider this fact: the very reason why God put you into the life of a person that everyone was gossiping about and confusing was this very purpose! Yes, of course God did! Why else? So everyone could see your wardrobe and gossip about it? Accuse you of not knowing how to coordinate? The only question is whether you are up to the challenge: whether you are going to join all the accusers or be the one who takes a stand for righteousness. Either way, you are most likely going to inherit the kingdom of heaven. But what about the other person? If you have true love for him and God, then it will provoke you to SILENCE towards the cause of gaining your brother.  


Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, may your children cease accusing and gossiping against people and situations, and instead allow the Holy Spirit to lead them into upright conversation at all times and situations. Father God, instead of your children destroying with their tongues, may they speak life, the life that only You can give, into people and situations instead. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.    Deliverance:

The demons that work in this area are gossip, pride, self – righteousness, and accusing, with false religion, false doctrine, and false teaching at work in the church as well. Also know that people often feel motivated to tear someone else down to make themselves feel better because of their own low self – esteem. There are demons of low self – esteem, but truthfully all demons contribute to low self – esteem with their lies and accusations. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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