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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

John 1:1 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

Virtually everyone, even atheists and secular theologists, acknowledges the existence of Jesus, son of the Joseph from the royal line of David and of Mary. The existence of such a person is not only accepted by Christianity, but also Judaism and Islam. Further, the existence of such a person is mentioned in writings of the time, not only by Jews but Romans, Greeks, and various others. The Roman Empire, of which
Israel was an unwilling part, was literally the center of the human world at the time, and Jesus Christ was a central figure in it. That made Christ’s existence an undisputable part of not only history, but of the recorded written modern part that people living today – especially those of us living in Western culture – can relate to. Because of the place and time in which not only Jesus but His Apostles and disciples were born, no one can claim that He was a myth, symbol, or allegory, as many do with much of the Old Testament. It was obviously the will of God for His Son to be born in such a way that no one can deny the existence of His Son, even those who deny the existence of God Himself! Why? So that even people who struggle with the existence and nature of God can still be saved by believing on Him whose existence they cannot deny and whose nature – as Jesus was 100% man – they can relate to. All that is left for debate is whether Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and whether His doctrine of salvation and power exclusively through His Name is true. No matter what anyone says, if you believe the former you will inevitably believe in the latter. No one who truly believes that Jesus is the Son of God denies the existence of God, Heaven, salvation, etc. or claims that the way to God, Heaven, or salvation can be accomplished any other way. People who claim otherwise are merely closet atheists who are pretending otherwise in order to retain relevance and influence in our overwhelmingly Christian society for the express purpose of doing Satan’s work by trying to get true Christians to abandon the Truth and faith therein and replace it with false doctrines, institutions, traditions, works, rituals, etc.; to replace the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost with religion.

The amazing thing is that even among the faithful, the learned, the devout, most who know and call upon the Name of Jesus The Christ do not know who Jesus is. Such people are no doubt saved and on the way to Heaven, yet they do not truly know the way by which they are saved and will get into God’s Kingdom. How can this be? The same way that you can climb into a car or board an airplane, train, bus, or cruise ship and ride as a passenger to your destination. To get there, you do not have to know the way. You don’t even have to know the identity of the driver. You can even go to sleep, miss the ride and everything about it, and wake up once you arrive, and you get there just the same. All that is required is to know where you want to go – God’s Heaven – and how you get there – salvation through Jesus Christ. Once you accept Christ, you are already onboard being carried to your destination, and all that you need to do is remain obedient and faithful so you don’t panic and jump overboard when the storm comes!

Now there are some who are not satisfied with merely being passengers. They don’t want to just take their seats, read a good book, look out of the window, and take a nice nap on the way to Heaven. No, these people want a bigger role. They want to serve meals and clean out the bathrooms for the guests. They want to swab the decks, man the sails, work in the navigation or engine rooms. They want to teach the exercise classes, run the nurseries for the kids, and be lifeguards in the swimming pools. They want to encourage people who get scared in the storms and keep them from jumping off. They want to locate the secret agents onboard who are headed to the other destination and take others with them, and to throw them overboard. They want to temporarily get off the ride, go and get as many people who missed the ride as are willing, and bring them aboard too!  And there are even some who help in ways that surpass physical means! And yet many of those people, the exceptional chosen remnant, who do not truly know or understand who Jesus Christ is. How can this be? Well consider the driver of the vehicle. Does he have to know how the engine works, or how to repair the steering column, in order to reach the destination? No, the only knowledge that the driver need have beyond that of a regular passenger is how to drive. He need not even know the way if he has the aid of a map or navigator! In a similar fashion, the engineer who operates and maintains the engine and steering need not know the least thing about navigating, and the navigator need not know how to drive!  

That is the amazing thing about entry into God’s Kingdom. Jesus the Christ said that we must become as little children to be saved. That may be interpreted as being born again in spirit by accepting salvation through Jesus Christ, true. But the real meaning is faith. A little child does not know where the next meal is coming from. He or she certainly does not know about the whole process by which the meal was produced: how it went from the farm to the plate, or the biological processes that happen once it is eaten. The child just knows that when hunger comes, Mommy or Daddy brings food, he or she eats, is filled and happy. But consider this. Unless the food is also provided, what good would the knowledge do? What if when a child became hungry, you were to explain to the child Creation, agribusiness, food preparation, digestion, energy production, and waste elimination, but provide no food? You would not be meeting the child’s real need. Were you to continue in this manner, the child will surely die! On the contrary, you could feed the child without EVER revealing the process by which food is produced, and he or she could reach an old age without that knowledge! 

So, realize that intellectual knowledge or even in – depth spiritual discernment of Godly things is not a requirement for salvation. It is not a requirement to live as a Christian. It is not even a requirement to enter Heaven. No, all that is required is faith. Paul in Hebrews 11:1 calls faith the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Merriam – Webster calls it complete trust; something that that is believed, especially with firm conviction. It also calls faith firm belief in something for which there is no proof. If you believe sincerely that the historical person named Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph, was and IS the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One, the only begotten Son of God; if you believe that through him is the only way that you can be saved; if you believe that he died on the cross for your sins and rose again; and if you accept salvation through him, then you are saved. You are on the ship, train, airplane, or bus. You are on the way to Heaven. Belief with faith and conviction is all that is required. 

Perhaps an adult cannot recall the simple but total faith of a small child. Maybe an adult might think that such faith is misplaced anyway; the result of a lack of mental, physical, educational, and psychological development, and too few experiences. An adult might truthfully say that human parents all too often fail and betray their kids; or that even the most dedicated loving parents cannot help their children in many situations (i.e. extreme poverty or illness). I think that children are smarter than we think! A child remembers when a parent gets frustrated and spanks him unnecessarily out of anger. A child remembers when he does not get the toy that he wants. A child remembers when the parent fails to feed her or change her clothes in a timely manner. And if a parent abandons his or her responsibility and runs off for a time, when the prodigal one returns the small child will accept him or her with open arms. The child does not love and have trust in his or parents because they are perfect. Rather, the child loves and trusts the parents in spite of their imperfection; in spite of the parents’ failings and flaws. That is true love; that is true faith! 

The child forgets about the time that the parent lost control of his emotions and have him a spanking, and will run and hug that parent five minutes later. The child forgets about the times that the parent failed to feed or change her or him, and continues to ask the parent for food when hungry or for dry clothes. The child forgets about the days, weeks, or months that the parent was away, and will go home with the absentee parent in a second. Why? Because the child loves that parent. The child has faith that no matter what happened in the past, the future with that parent will be better. The child has faith that even if the parent does not give him or her everything that he or she wants or needs, that the parent still loves the child and is taking care of him! No, it is not until much later that the child gets cynical, disillusioned, angry, resentful, and, yes, faithless. It is only much later when the child determines that he or she needs to place trust elsewhere, including oneself and other idols. 

That is the faith that we have to have! And you know what? We are not putting our faith in a selfish, irresponsible, neglectful, or abusive parent. We are not putting our faith in a parent that, no matter how loving, cannot help in every situation. We are not putting our faith in a parent who makes mistakes. No, we are putting our faith and trust in God! A God who loves us so much that not only does he pardon us for our disobedience, but he sent his only perfect sinless begotten Son to die for that disobedience, for our willful corruption! We are putting our faith in trust in an all – powerful God who will never lie, deceive, or fail. And even though life will get hard; even though God will not see fit to grant us everything that we pray for; even though there will be disappointments, heartbreaks, and tragedies, we have to be like the child who still loves and believes in Mommy and Daddy no matter how messed up Mommy and Daddy are! We have to believe that God still exists. That God still sent his Son for our salvation. That God is still the Supreme Sovereign with all power. And that God still loves us, and everything will work out for the best for all who love and follow Him through the Son no matter what happens, especially when we all get together in Heaven! 

How can you believe all this, especially when it seems that life is so unfair, with innocent good people suffering and dying horrible deaths while the wicked prosper? When it seems that evil is on the march? When it seems that so many things can be explained by science and philosophy? When so many of the world’s religions seem to be so similar? When so many things of the Bible are so hard to believe and understand, and so many others seem unfair? When you have questions like “How can a person who has never been preached the gospel be sent to hell? And if a person who is preached the gospel is able to enter Heaven, does that not put people who have heard the gospel at a disadvantage? Either way, is that not unfair or unequal?” Or more fundamentally “How can a loving God create a human and then cast him into the lake of fire forever; just for the crime of failing to believe on his Son?” It is simple. You just have to believe, and know that you are saved only by God extending you his pardon by virtue of your belief. Your belief in and of itself should not be enough, but if you do, then God merely grants you a waiver. Is that so hard to comprehend? What of those who never get the opportunity to receive the waiver? You really cannot much think about that. You just have to take care of yourself, and trust God to be just, fair, and true with all people. You have to believe that if God will do right by you regarding your own soul, he will do the same for everyone else. You have to not consider yourself to be special, but rather GOD to be special! The same must apply to the mysteries of the Bible. You need not know HOW regarding Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, or Noah and the ark. You must just believe and move on.  

How can you do this? The same way that you can drive your car without having intricate knowledge of how it operates! If one needed the background in physics, chemistry, and engineering to truly understand the workings of a car in order to drive one, the roads would be empty. If one needed to know merely basic concepts, or even how to do simple maintenance on a car, the roads would still be practically empty. Even a requirement that a person have a detailed plan of what to do in case the car breaks down or there is an accident would prevent most people from taking most trips. If you can drive a car (or use a computer or watch TV) every day of your life without having all the answers supplied to you, why cannot you do the same regarding God, Jesus, and Heaven?  

Now, you can have KNOWLEDGE but not faith. You can INTELLECTUALLY KNOW who Jesus Christ is, and still not believe. You can have a detailed, scholarly understanding of the entire Bible, from the historical to the allegorical to the spiritual, and still not believe. Many learned men, indeed prominent theologians and preachers, know the Bible cover to cover, intricate details of the lives and personalities of Biblical and religious figures, and a multitude of doctrines. They even know what is true (i.e. salvation by grace) from untrue. But they do not believe! If that describes you, then your knowledge is worthless. It is faith that saves you, not belief. If you have faith, then knowledge gives you great power! But if you have not faith, then knowledge is a detriment, a snare to you. Someone who has knowledge but lacks belief is as the scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees in the time of Jesus Christ and apostles, and such a person will invariably act as they did! Even believing some things that are wrong – for a time – is not spiritually fatal, so long as one believes in salvation comes only from the Father through the Son by grace, and one is willing to receive instruction and correction when it comes. But the person who knows right from wrong but does not believe is still cursed, even if you act according your correct knowledge. Why? Because we are saved not by works, but by grace! There is no hedging of bets with God, who knows your heart. It is better to believe and be wrong than to be one who is faithless and right.  

Does that render coming into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ meaningless, even dangerous? A thousand times no. Knowledge is power to those who believe. But once you believe and have true faith, you should seek knowledge. Knowledge of God and his ways combined with your childlike faith will empower you to do God’s will. Indeed, the combination of your knowledge and faith will mean that all things that are God’s will shall be possible for you! So first, become a true believer. Say the Salvation Prayer. With God on your side, contend with and overcome all of the doubts and fears that you have that prevent you from total belief. Know that God is always faithful, just, true, and good. Above all, know that God loves you and all, and that your eternal soul is more important than your temporal earthly existence! And then you will be able to seek power through knowledge. Next week: who Jesus Christ is! 


If you have not said the Salvation Prayer (or another version of it), please do so now. If you have, then please say this prayer: Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, please give me total and complete faith in you. I want to believe all things in the Bible, all things that you tell me, all things that people whom you speak through tell me. I want to have complete and total faith in You and Your Word. I want to know that I am saved, and I want my faith to empower me. I want the knowledge that you will give to me to mix with my faith and empower me so that you can use me to do all that you wish for me to do. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

The demons that operate against Christians having faith are fear, doubt, religion, and false doctrine. Major demons in the area of ecumenism and unitarianism, the lie that all religions and faiths are equal, also attack churches and denominations. Intellectualism and skepticism also attacks current and potential believers, and such has also taken root in virtually every church movement and denomination. They try to get Christians to deny or ignore whatever parts of the Bible that they cannot explain, and try to come up with human, scientific, or philosophical explanations for the supernatural and spiritual. You are required by God to go into and/or seek spiritual warfare for deliverance from these evil spirits for yourself and for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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