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False Faith

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Romans 12:3 – For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. 

There are so many false teachings out there regarding faith today. Most Christians, meaning the mainstream denominational ones, hold the position that resignation – accepting whatever happens – with dignity is faith. Both are scripturally wrong. Hannah did not resign herself to the fact that she was barren: she prayed for a son and received one. Abram did not resign himself to the deadness of Sarah’s womb when God told him to change his name to Abraham because through SARAH, not Hagar, would he be the father of many nations and a blessing to all nations by Jesus Christ coming from his line. And Jesus Christ did not resign Himself to the tomb, but rather had faith that He would be raised from the dead after three days. Our role model should always be Jesus Christ, and Christ used the power of God by faith to change things: to heal the sick, raise the dead, feed the multitudes, cast out devils, turn water into wine, and even to pay taxes! We must realize that not everything that Jesus Christ did was to fulfill prophecies, act out parables, or convince people that He was the Messiah. Rather, He turned water into wine only because His mother told Him to. He commanded a fish to bring forth taxes “so as not to offend.” And He fed the multitudes for no reason other than they were hungry! So many of the miracles that He did was not part of some grand pre – ordained design to fulfill His earthly mission, but rather because He saw that things needed to be changed and knew that the Holy Spirit had placed the power and given the charge within Him to change them. Jesus Christ did not say “Well, she was caught in the very act of sin” and resigned Himself to allowing the adulterous woman to be stoned according to the law by people who themselves were not keeping the law! No, He used the knowledge and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to deliver her from that situation merely by speaking a few words! And why did Jesus Christ perform these great works and miracles even in the absence of a specific purpose or outline? Because not doing so would have been WRONG! We should not resign ourselves to the natural order of things and call that Godliness. Why? Because the natural order of things is corrupt! Because of Adam, the natural order of things is sin, death, perversion, corruption! Just as God gave Christ the power to resist the corrupt nature of the world wherever it was appropriate, He gives it to all who accept Him through Christ! Remember, virtually every time Christ healed, raised from the dead, cast out devils, etc., He commanded the people to believe! Have faith! Further proof of this principle is given in John 14:2, where Christ literally says of the works and miracles that He performed that greater things than this will the Body of Christ perform through the Holy Spirit by faith. This was proven on the day of Pentecost, when more people believed upon Christ as a result of Peter’s sermon of a few minutes than believed upon Christ after personally witnessing His miracles and hearing His sermons for three and a half years! Resignation is not faith, but rather defeat that comes because of a lack of it. It is obviously the result of people who believed upon things that were outside of God’s Will, and rather than seeking understanding through scripture, they came to the conclusion that God does not answer prayer or otherwise actively work on behalf of His Chosen.  

Many more Christians of a liberal, modernist, philosophical bent claim that the only true faith is that which can be contained by reason and bridled by skepticism. Basically, such people simply deny the truth of the God’s Word. Some of them are Christians in name only, and merely quote selected and out of context Bible verses and platitudes to support their political and philosophical beliefs. Others are people who legitimately attempt to be Christians – or at least follow a religion – after a fashion, but utterly fail at separating themselves from the world. As such, they view the knowledge of man as being able to negate the Word of God. Now, of course, the knowledge of man always fails. No matter how someone might claim to believe in things man – made, they have to temper themselves by the inner knowledge that it might fail! Christians who allow themselves to be controlled in the least small area by human knowledge are going to have doubts in those very same areas concerning the Word of God. They might even consider their area of unbelief “a thorn in the flesh” and consider themselves to be great men of spirit because they “struggle with their faith”, and compare their issues with those of people in the Bible like Abraham, Paul, David, Job, Jacob, etc. Such people believe they are intellectually fighting a spiritual battle concerning the nature of their faith, when in truth they are intellectually divided against their own flesh because they have failed to sufficiently hate, reject, and separate themselves from the world and its thinking. Such people, even if they truly accept Christ as their Savior, will never grow in faith until they are willing to reject the corruption and failure of the world and wholly embrace victory in God’s Holy Spirit. This is a real problem area in particular among Christians whose worship, service, and knowledge of God is only through rituals, doctrines, sacraments, institutions, works, etc. They wish to serve God and go to Heaven, so they cleave fast to these things and put their trust in them in order to replace the relationship and spiritual knowledge and experience that they lack. That is why families have broken up, churches have split apart, denominations have ruptured, and even wars have been started over disagreements over arcane doctrines and codes: those things make up the foundations of the faith of many, and many of these people actually believe that getting each and every single doctrine, sacrament, ritual, and organization structure exactly right AND working to ensure that those who come after them maintain these things for posterity is what will be accounted for faith and righteousness.  

But in a sense, the worst abusers of faith are the charismatic movement, including everyone from the Word of Faith preachers to the snake handlers. Now, unlike the resigned Christians and the philosophical/doctrinal Christians, the charismatic Christians actually refer to Bible scriptures and even on their face long widely accepted as legitimate Bible examples and doctrines for their words and actions regarding faith. While that actually may seem better, it is actually worse. To be perfectly honest, it is better not to read or refer to the Bible at all and to instead rely totally on institutional ritual worship than it is to actually read the Bible and deny, omit, or mischaracterize part of it. Folks in these movements had better start heeding Revelation 22:18-19! Why? Because while these people acknowledge the power of faith, they mislead on the purpose of it. The meaning of faith is NOT knowing that God will act according to your desires. Now most charismatic faith teachers will acknowledge that you cannot ask in faith for something that is obviously outside of God’s Will, such as permission to commit sin. But they tell you that any GOOD THING that you ask for in faith, God will provide. Or that anything that you ask for to fulfill a “Christian” purpose, God will provide. That is so wrong. Remember, the heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9)! That verse does not say the “unsaved heart” or the “uncircumcised heart” or the “unconsecrated unsanctified Holy Ghost filled heart.” It said “the heart”, meaning ALL HEARTS! The heart of man cannot perceive the mind or things of God; indeed it is the nature of the heart of man to reject and rebel against God and His Will. So, how can you know if a thing is good, righteous, or Christian unless God first reveals it to you? So rather than the definition of faith meaning to know that God will act according to YOUR desires, it is knowing that YOU can do whatever God wants you to do. Faith means that if God tells you to walk on water, you will go out and try it. Jesus Christ told Peter “Come”, and Peter walked on water! But the caveat is that it must be God’s Will first! Consider Abraham: God TOLD him that he would have a son. The role of faith was not Abraham commanding God to give Him a son and believing so as to force God into doing it. No, faith was Abraham BELIEVING that he would have a son because God said so! THAT is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things not seen! THAT is speaking things that are not as though they were!  

Do not misunderstand me. Yes, you are supposed to pray the prayer of faith and speak the word of faith: pray and speak things into existence that currently are not. But these are not things that emanate from YOU! They are things that emanate from God! They are things that God puts in your heart to pray for by the power of the Holy Spirit through all of His many ways. Something you hear in a sermon or see on TV might motivate you to pray. It might be someone or something that you see while walking down the street. It may be something that God tells you when you pray, or that you discern when you read your Bible. It may be something absolutely amazing that a little child tells you. When stuff like that happens, you are to pray and believe, and keep praying and keep believing.  Now some assert that you only have to pray once, but the Bible actually does say to labor and continue in prayers. But the reason for that is not that you are wearing down God’s resolve, getting Him to change His mind. Why would God do that when the thing that you prayed for was something that He wanted to be done anyway? No, the reason for continuing in prayer is SPIRITUAL WARFARE; breaking down strongholds of demonic and witchcraft opposition. When you pray, God gives release on an issue. But often the implementation of the release depends upon agents, whether they be people or angels. Evil spirits obviously want to stop and hinder the Will of God, so they will do their best do frustrate and delay the activities of the people or angels who are actually implementing the Will of God. The best example of this was given in Daniel; who sought a word from the Lord through prayer and fasting for three weeks, and when the angel came to Daniel, he told him that God had immediately sent the answer, but that he was delayed for three weeks by the prince of Persia, a powerful demon, until Michael came to help him. Now why did Michael come to help him? Almost certainly because Daniel continued to pray and fast! When we pray and fast on an issue that is already God’s Will, we not only cause God to move on the matter, but we spiritually empower our angelic and human fellowservants to aid the issue in coming to pass. So, by continuing and laboring in prayer, you not only ensure that your own issues, the things that God has laid on your heart to pray for, come to fruition, but you are aiding totally different people that you will never meet until you get to Heaven resolve issues past, present, and future that you have no concept of. But again, the purpose of this faith is to accomplish GOD’S WILL. Not yours. 

Now where does this “praying and speaking things into existence, calling things that are not as though they were” come into play? The things that “are not” actually “ARE”! In our earthly realm limited by time and space, they “are not.” But in the spiritual realm, these things already exist, have already been accomplished! God merely wants someone to pray to bring what is already reality in the spirit realm into reality in the earthly realm. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!” Yep, the Lord’s Prayer. That’s what it means. That is, you know, why you should read your Bible: the stuff in there ACTUALLY MEANS THINGS. And to think that some preachers actually tell us not to say the Lord’s Prayer anymore! And you know what? A bunch of other things are in the Bible too. “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” You do know that Jesus IS coming back, right? In the spirit realm, the thing is already done. Soooo … why not allow God to use you to transfer the spiritual reality into the natural reality by praying it? One of the main reasons why so many Christians do not pray is because they simply do not know what to ask for. Why? Because they have either been told by liberal or mainstream Christians that God “really” does not answer prayer, or they have been told by charismatic Christians to ask for the things that THEY WANT after checking with God first. But if these people knew that if God DID answer prayer according to HIS OWN WILL, then they would just recite the prayers, promises, and prophecies in the Bible. Seriously, a person who lacks faith in the traditional sense can spend hours a day ritualistically reciting the prayers, promises, and prophecies in the Bible, and so long as they believe that the Bible is true if nothing else, then their prayers will be answered. As they recognize their answered prayers, their faith will grow! It is so simple, yet over 2000 years of Christianity fails to teach it. Why? Because the very purpose of man – made religion is to deny the simplicity of God’s Power with the complexity of man’s worldly thinking. If there were real churches out there, they would have parents indoctrinate their children into spending hours each night reciting prayers from the Bible, and then each following day ask their kids which of their prayers came to pass!  

But that is not what even the charismatic faith teachers tell you to do. No, they basically tell you to pray for things that are your own will, and offer you mental logic tricks that designed to cause you to think that God’s Will can be bent to your will, or that your will can be, with much effort, conformed to God’s Will. Blasphemy. Heresy. Though God loves, protects, and provides for man, God does not serve man. Man serves God! And you cannot conform your own will to that of God’s, because your heart is incapable of knowing God. What has to be done is to surrender, reject, deny, and hate your own corrupt stony – hearted stiff – necked will so that God’s Will can replace it! Now it would be bad enough were the only negative consequence of this false teaching be that it would cause people to lose their faith when the things that they pray for do not come to pass, especially if they perceive the failure of it to come to fruition to be the part of some fault, some flaw of their own. Indeed, many Christian movements teach that if you are not “holy enough” due to some sin that you have in your life or some legalism, doctrine, experience, or work that you have not fulfilled, then your prayers will not be answered. Now the Bible does say that sin causes prayer not to be answered, but that is only because the presence of sin separates you from God and prevents you from knowing His Will so that you can pray as you ought. But were a sinful man to even by absolute chance pray for something that is God’s Will, of course God will answer it! Now this goes against everything that you were taught, especially if you are in a theologically conservative Christian movement as fundamentalists and charismatics tend to be. So, you might ask me for proof. Well here it is: God answered your prayer for salvation by accepting the resurrection, divinity, and lordship of Jesus Christ when you were a sinner, didn’t He? Why? BECAUSE IT WAS HIS WILL FOR YOU TO BE SAVED! THOUGH YOU WERE A SINNER AND A REBEL AGAINST GOD WITH BOTH A CORRUPT HEART AND SPIRIT, GOD STILL ANSWERED YOUR PRAYER BECAUSE YOU WERE PRAYING HIS WILL, AND YOU HAD FAITH THAT HIS WILL WOULD BE DONE AND THAT YOU WOULD BE SAVED MERELY BY VIRTUE OF YOUR SINCERELY SAYING THE PRAYER! So, if God answered your salvation prayer when to save you when you were still a sinner, how much more will He answer your prayer if you a saved and on your way to Heaven person who has merely sinned? This false doctrine causes people to focus on trying to remove their own sins by their own actions and trying to excel in outward appearances of righteousness so that they “earn God’s favor by being holy” so He will answer their prayers, and thereby it distracts them from asking God to forgive, remove, and deliver them from their sins so that they can concentrate on seeking and knowing His Will. Any person who comes before the church saying that his prayers aren’t being answered because he has committed some sin should be immediately told to A) pray and ask God for forgiveness and deliverance and then believe IMMEDIATELY that he was already forgiven and delivered not only before he prayed but even before he sinned for it was ALWAYS God’s Will that he be forgiven and delivered, and the thing had already been accomplished in the spirit realm and to B) go read your Bible and pray the prophecies, prayers, and promises in them until he again starts to walk in faith as he did before he chose to sin.  

But even as bad as that is, it is not the worst. The worst is that charismatic faith teachers show people how to get in contact with the spirit realm with worship, music, tongues, concentration, meditation, repetition, etc. Now if you are praying the Will of God, then this can be helpful after a fashion, because it may constitute laboring and continuing in prayer. That is how the apostles prayed and worshipped when they were cast into prison, for instance. Truthfully, however, it is not required and has no added value, as simple prayer in quiet communion with God is exceedingly effectual: it is how Jesus Christ prayed in
Gethsemane. As a matter of fact, people who need to carry on in this matter in order to stir up, activate, and act on their faith are exceptionally immature spiritually as was the Corinthian church, and Christian movements who teach that these experiential displays of the gifts of the spirit are required for prayers to be answered, make prayers more likely to be answered, ensure that prayers will be answered, or are necessary for “big miracles to be released” are doing a lot of harm, and their foundation is built on sand because they have ignored the truth of the Bible where men of God worked mighty deeds through small actions. Jesus Christ healed and raised the dead often by merely speaking, and so did Peter, Paul, and others by His example. God established this principle early by punishing Moses for striking the rock rather than speaking to it in order to cause water to come out of it! But the real damage comes if you do all of this while PRAYING OUTSIDE THE WILL OF GOD. It really pains and vexes me to say this, but it must be said for it is nonetheless true: when one carries on in this manner outside of the Will of God and apart from the Inspiration of God, then they are dealing with evil spirits. People assume that merely because their prayers are answered that it is proof that what was worked was God’s doing. As such, they have forsaken an obvious truth: evil spirits have the power to answer prayer. Why else would witchcraft, sorcery, and false religions not only exist but flourish were this not the case? And yes, an evil spirit will answer the prayer of a saved Christian that is going to heaven. Why? 1) To accomplish something against and outside of the Will of God. 2) To deceive the Christian to take him off the path of serving God through seeking God’s Will and instead to turn him into a rebel by seeking his own will.

Please recall: the Bible states that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, so the erroneous charismatic faith teaching is nothing else but CHURCH WITCHCRAFT. As all witchcraft does, it hinders the Will, agents, and people of God on the earth while empowering Satan and his evil kingdom. Now do not fret about the eternal fates of the so many Christians who have been ensnared by this evil: by virtue of accepting Christ into their lives their sins are already forgiven. But the damage that such people are doing both to themselves and so many others is so much that it is inestimable. Indeed, it is a huge source of
Babel, or confusion, in Christianity, and is actually one of the things that is giving much power in the spirit realm to the coming beast, or anti – Christ. Indeed, the beast’s message that will get the whole world to follow him will be one promising a spirituality that gives people the desires of THEIR OWN HEARTS. Were it not for the grace of God towards those who have accepted His Son Jesus Christ, the followers of these erroneous faith teachers would surely be deceived and follow the beast. As it is, these people are creating a spiritual and religious climate where people WILL be deceived and follow the beast, and that includes many members of these very same charismatic faith churches who are not saved but think that they are because they falsely equate their doctrine, works, and spiritual experiences with acceptance and belief in the resurrection, divinity, and lordship of Jesus Christ. Most of the people involved in these movements are nothing more than “Christian” witches living inside
Babylon. Yes, they are saved, they are God’s people, but they are still living in
Babylon doing rebellion, witchcraft, and sin just like the prodigal son. But I am here to tell you today, that the Holy Spirit of God is speaking through me right now. Through me the end – times prophecy given in Revelation 18:1-5 to come out of her (Babylon) my people so that you will not be partakers of her plagues is being spoken in your ears so that it may be fulfilled in your hearts! Right now you can stop being a “Christian” witch and start renouncing the evil imaginations of your own heart and start seeking the pure desires of God’s Heart FOR YOU!

And yes, I did say FOR YOU. Because the very fallacy with a lot of this Word of Faith teaching is that you can pray to get what you want. The truth is that you have no need of those things, for the things that God wants to give you are far greater! As a matter of fact, those things are already with God in store for you, and He is just waiting for you to seek His heart so that you might ask for them and receive! You do not even need to go through some long period of rituals and self – persecution, self – crucifixion, and self – affliction in order to receive those things … they are already yours so you will inherit them the instant that you find that God already has it for you through seeking His Will and pray for it! What about the faith? Well let me tell you: the faith is already there. When God created you in your mother’s womb, He created a plan for your life: all the things that He wanted you to do for Him, and all the things that He wanted to give you. And so of course, He gave you all the faith that you needed to do and receive all that He has already planned for you. You only need to reject the flesh and reject your own desires and will so that you can find out what God wants you to do and what God wants to give to you. Once you do that, all you have to do is pray for it, and you will receive it! The faith required to accomplish the intent of the prayer is already there, because God put it there when He made you specifically for the purpose of bringing about that effectual prayer so that the thing could be done.

So what is this that you hear about having to increase your faith? Sadly, quite often it refers to people growing and advancing in the arts and knowledge of witchcraft until they receive the desires of their own hearts from evil spirits. It is extremely hard to believe and indeed quite drastically tragic, but it is still nonetheless true. But on a better note, it refers to people having to work to get to a place in their relationship with God where they have rejected and denied their own hearts and discovered God’s Will. Another Bible verse: “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Now, a lot of church witch masters posing as preachers will tell you that the verse means to listen to your preacher so that you can thereby obtain the faith to pray to God until He consents to, or “releases”, something that is your own will. Instead, he is talking about your learning the arts of witchcraft from him until you get so determined and good at it that you can find some demon to do your bidding! So again, read your Bible. Understand and believe what IT says. Do not fall for those wizards and warlocks who break Revelation 22:18-19 by omitting “and hearing by” from Romans 10:17! Your faith comes when you find out what God wants to do for you; nay, what He has ALREADY done for you WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORD OF GOD SPOKEN TO YOU REGARDING WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO DO OR HAVE BY GOD THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT. How will this happen? Again, there are lots of ways, and I alluded to them earlier. One clue: God never works through humanly emotional impulses when dealing with His People. God does not motivate His people to rash impulses through emotional manipulation. When He has wrought mighty works, it was always to cause the unbelievers to believe, not to motivate the believers into action. The best example of how God works in this manner is given in I Kings 19:11-13. When you discover the Will of God, it is usually going to be during a quiet still time of rest regarding an issue that God has been cultivating in your heart for a long time. One of the best examples is when you are troubled when you are trying to sleep, and God wakes you up to read your Bible and pray. Now there are going to be emergencies when God requires of you to act quickly, for instance when it was time to get Lot out of Sodom and Gomorrah, or when Joseph had to get Jesus Christ out of Israel into
Egypt away from Herod’s armies. But note: in both cases God sent an angel, and in both cases God had prior dealt with Lot and Joseph concerning leaving
Sodom and Mary’s son being the Christ.  

Now contrast this truth with the frequent manipulation tactics of church witches. They will “prophecy”, and immediately tell you to go do it; saying that what the Lord wants done must be done quickly! They will tell you that if you do not act instantly once someone “prophecies” to you or some notion pops into your head, not only will it cause you to lose your blessing, but that God will become angry with you and punish you! Of course, there is NOT ONE SINGLE INSTANCE GIVEN IN THE BIBLE OF GOD DOING THIS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT OR THE NEW! What is typically stated to justify this fear, intimidation, and control tactic was how Ananias and Sapphira fell dead in the church in Acts 5:1-11. But they did not die as a result of their failure to immediately obey some command from God! They fell dead because they LIED about how much they sold their land for after CONSPIRING about it first! The truth is that if you fail to act on God’s Will immediately, no harm will come to you. Did not so many of God’s people in both the Old and New Testaments delay and even debate with God concerning His Will before they finally did it? Israel was supposed to come out of
Egypt after 400 years, but Moses killed an Egyptian and ran off to Midian for decades. The children of Israel were supposed to enter into
Canaan immediately, but because they refused to enter, they had to wait 40 years! Even if you never act on it, no harm will come: the thing that God wants done will simply pass to another. Harm will only come if you act outside of God’s Will! For that reason, it is better to do nothing if you are unsure if the thing is from God than to just act. Those who do nothing and sometimes miss their opportunity to do God’s Will in order to make sure that they do no sin and no harm by acting outside of God’s Will are the ones who do great things for God and almost no harm. Meanwhile, those who act impulsively according to emotion, intimidation, or reactions to their environment according to things that appear to be righteous to them will almost never do God’s Will but instead will do a great deal of sin and harm. Fortunately, people who are legitimately saved through Christ will have their sins forgiven and enter Heaven anyway despite the havoc and abomination that they are committing, but it is only by the grace and love of God. It would appear that the very goal of these charismatic faith movements is to teach people to forsake seeking the Will of God and to instead seek their own desires and act according to their own emotions. Evidence of whether you are dealing with a church witch or not: church witches always deal with what APPEARS to be mighty gifts of the Holy Spirit that makes them appear mighty and great before men. That is what they use to get their charges to respond to their wishes. Their actions and their demands for the prayers and actions of others are NEVER motivated by the fruits of the Spirit, which would cause them to humble themselves before God and serve men for God. Remember: man does not serve God, but rather God calls upon His children to serve Him by serving other men in His Name so that God’s Will might be done (including but not limited to the people who are served hearing and receiving the gospel and growing in spiritual maturity).

What you must realize is that you have all the time in the world. You literally do. Not only is God an eternal spirit, but YOU are an eternal spirit! Sit. Pray. Worship. Meditate. Contemplate. Reference the Bible to find CONTEXTUAL CONSISTENT Biblical foundation for what you are seeking or for what God wants you to do. Make sure that you are sure. The very worst thing that could happen with this approach is that God will tell you that because you tarried, the thing went to someone else, but do not worry, He is going to give you another shot to do or receive something else! In this instance, no harm is done. It is not even counted as disobedience, for disobedience is KNOWING what was right and CHOOSING not to do it, so no sin is done. But in the vast majority of cases, the thing is in the spirit realm, and does not depend on time. Whenever you come into the concrete certainty that it is God’s Will and pray about it, it will be done just as certainly as if you had prayed when the Word of faith first came to you! Consider Gideon. God told Gideon to lead
Israel into battle. Gideon asked for THREE SIGNS! God complied, Gideon believed. Now, it was not a sin to ask for the signs in that context, it would have been defiance and disobedience had Gideon not complied after receiving the signs! And consider Noah. He KNEW that God told him to preach to Ninevah, and ran away. THAT was why Noah was punished by being swallowed by the great fish … not for faithlessness but disobedience.

Yet, faithlessness does exist! Faithlessness is recognizing something as the Word from God and failing to believe it anyway. If someone claims Christ yet is skeptical concerning Scripture, i.e. claiming that the things given in Revelation are metaphors, then he is being faithless. So if the Word of faith comes to you, you acknowledge that it is from God, and you still do not believe it, then THAT is faithlessness. But if you are uncertain that what you hear is the Word of faith from the Lord and thereby do not act on it, that is not faithlessness nor is it disobedience: it is failure to trust your own ability to hear God’s voice. That is error, but in a sense it is actually erring on the side of not sinning! It is erring on the side of patience, discretion, and not being self – seeking! God rewards people like that. Such a person, God will send a prophet or an angel in order to cause a person to believe His Word in this matter! But if you allow the religious system to manipulate, intimidate, and deceive you into self – seeking action that is rash, emotional, and lacking in patience or discretion with no caution or concern for the possibility of error, such a person will likely NEVER reach the point where they will even hear God’s voice, let alone believe it or have faith in it. Or even worse, they will hear God’s voice and not trust it, because it is not the loud impulsive bomb or thunderclap that strikes fear into their hearts and tugs at their emotions that the religious witchcraft system has conditioned them to run out and respond to. Imagine if God tells such a person to do something specific in three weeks when the religious witchcraft system has conditioned them to do any old thing in three seconds. Will they believe it? Even if they believe it, will they have the discipline and maturity to wait the three weeks and then do precisely what God said? Certainly not, and that is precisely what Satan wants.  

And this is precisely why Satan has worked so hard to set up this false faith charismatic movement. It is not so much to ensnare Christians into performing evil – though Satan does appreciate that very much – as it is to PREVENT Christians from doing God’s Will. Imagine how many Christians have emptied their pockets because they responded to some emotional or intimidating fundraising appeal from a church witch, and thereby did not have any money left to do what it was that God actually wanted to do! So many Christians send in thousands of dollars in response to some emotional or intimidating fundraising demand for starving children or construct some mission, and the money will wind up either being wasted on something that was never God’s Will and will not bear fruit, or will simply wind up in someone’s pocket, and as a result that Christian will not even have $30 to buy groceries for a needy unsaved family down the street who would have been so overwhelmed by a simple act of charity shown to them that they would have received the gospel on the spot! Of course, Satan does not mind your $2,000 going into the pocket of some church witch, but his real aim is to prevent that poor family from hearing and receiving the gospel. That is why Christians, especially the committed charismatic Christians, need to stop walking in the false faith after the imaginations of their own hearts seeking great things to please themselves and impress others and instead start walking in true faith after God’s own heart and thereby express their own humility and willingness to give up their wants and desires and to be debased in front of and hated by the world – including even other Christians! – in order to please God.  


Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please help me to learn and walk in true faith and to reject and war against false faith through! Deliverance:

The demons that work in this area are false doctrine, false teaching, false religion, disobedience, pride, rebellion, faithlessness, and witchcraft. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you! 


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