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Fear No Evil

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007


Job 5:19 – He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.


When God made the heavens and the earth, they were perfect. In them there was no embarrassment, no shame, no death, no disaster, no lack, no contending. Everything was perfect, healthy, and orderly; all of creation enjoyed a perfect relationship with its Creator.  And look at us now. Hate, violence, strife, death, and confusion walk freely on the earth doing almost as they please. Even the Body of Christ – saved, sanctified, Holy Spirit filled Believers – are not totally immune. And as bad as things are now, it is only going to get worse, and the Book of Revelation to John tells just how. 

And as if the things on a global scale are not enough to affect us, we all have personal issues to deal with too. First off, most people are fundamentally ill at ease with the things that go on in their own heads: the little sick depraved thoughts and temptations. Such people do all that they can to suppress, ignore, deny, and distract themselves from the internal torment with things like television, materialism, sports, work, sex, food, family, etc. And then there are the immediate surroundings; issues like personal health, finances, and security and that of those that you love. Still more, people look around at the world and no longer recognize it. The things that defined their existence and gave them meaning and comfort either no longer exist or are becoming corrupt. We wonder how long life as we know it is going to endure. We wonder if life as we know it was ever worth enduring in the first place, or if it was all a lie. And we wonder if the new life that we and our children will face will be better, worse, or just a bigger lie.  

Do not be deceived. These issues plague all people no matter their race, language, nationality, religion, sex, educational status, or income level. And these issues are a primary root cause of all the strife and dissension in the human race today. We tell ourselves that some other group of people is the source of all the trouble, or that if we only had what some other person had we would find some rest, some peace, some security. Or we deny our own problems and find false security and happiness by telling ourselves that we are better off over here than those people over there. And yes, many religions – including some forms of Christianity – feed into all this by keeping the focus on yesterday and/or tomorrow rather than telling people how to handle today. Or they give people a meaningless feel – good pick – me – up without telling people what is really going on and giving them what they really need, which is Jesus! 

How did we get into this sorry state? How did we pass from being perfect and care free in communion with God to living in a world where not only true Believers but even the Son of God Himself had to suffer so many things in order to overcome? It is tempting to blame God, who is all – powerful, but God did not do it. God is the Holy One, that which is just, truth, order, love, and righteousness: the one who cannot fail or lie. This world is corrupt, confused, and destined to die, and corruption, confusion, and death does not come from God! After God, we then try to pin the blame on the scapegoat that gives us so much comfort; the dragon, the devil, Satan. Well Satan is a liar, tempter, and accuser, and he is the ruler of this world, but so what? Satan has no power except that through cunning and lies. Satan did not have the ability to turn a right world wrong. If he did, then that would imply that he had the power to create a righteous world – or anything else for that matter – to begin with; that he is God’s equal or competitor. Those are not true. Indeed, it is in Satan’s interest to get people to blame him for the condition of the world. Though Satan is a vain being, he does not care about his reputation, and does not have sensitive feelings! Getting people to blame him for something that he did not do causes people to a) cede to him more power and authority over this world and their lives and affairs than he actually has and b) abdicate the true power AND responsibility that man has, both individually in terms of their own lives and affairs and “being your brother’s keeper” and collectively. No, the fall of the earth from perfection to corruption was the doing of MAN, specifically Adam. Jehovah gave MAN his image, power, and nature, and then told MAN to use that image, power, and nature to be the keeper of the earth for Jehovah! And when MAN used the power that God gave him to reject God, that action alone is what created Satan’s phony kingdom and doomed the earth to corruption and death.  

And knowledge of that fact, children of God, is what should set you free from fear. Make no mistake. Fear is the lack of faith. Fear is the lack of faith that there is a God. Fear is the lack of faith that God has all power. Fear is the lack of faith that God is righteous, true, and loving. Fear is the lack of faith that a righteous, loving, true, and powerful God will intervene in your life to save your soul, body, and all that God has given you stewardship of from death and corruption in this world AND the next. Fear is the refusal to confess those things and to submit yourself to God’s authority. Fear causes you to reject God’s authority because you will not admit that you are better off under God’s authority anyway! Where deliverance is the bread of God’s children, fear is the bread of the foolish. And the most amazing thing is that even among the Body of Christ there are still those who have fear, because though they have been given God’s Knowledge through God’s Word they do not walk in it, and instead follow the path of foolishness which is fear.  

Realize that your fear would be justified if the downfall of the world and the bad things in it came from God. After all, we are SUPPOSED to fear God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom, and the failure to fear the Lord is the sum of all foolishness. But you are supposed to fear God because God IS! If you do not believe that God exists, then you are not going to fear Him. So hear the prophetic interpretation of fear of the Lord: FEAR OF THE LORD IS FAITH! So when you fear the Lord, it only means that you believe in Him! It is NOT a fear that God is going to do something bad to you. The fear that God is going to do something bad to you – or to someone else – is actually a demon, and regrettably that class of demon (fear of God, fear of hell, fear of death) runs rampant through many sects of Christians because of false doctrine, false teaching, false practices, and the fact that even many Christians who do receive sound teaching put their trust in rituals, churches, symbols, denominations, and pastors rather than having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and worshipping God through the Holy Spirit. People, God is good. God is the source of all goodness. Blaming God for this messed up world and using that as an excuse to fear Him because “God is so mean and bad such high standards that I cannot meet and one of these days He is just going to get tired of my flaws and punish me” just puts distance between you and God, keeps you from walking in the promises of God and receiving His blessings, and prevents you from effectively and effectually caring out His Will. So stop being afraid of God and start believing in Him, and believing in God means believing in His Love, Forgiveness, Goodness, and Grace! 

And yes, if the bad things in the world came from Satan, then yes your fear would be justified. Why? Because Satan is evil. Satan hates you and all that is yours. Not only is he hateful, but he is also vain. Even though God’s blessing to you is just between you and God and none of Satan’s business, Satan still hates it because Satan cannot stand for anyone to glorify God, because Satan wants to receive all of the glorification. Satan cannot stand for anyone to receive a blessing, because if it is not him getting magnified, then he does not want to see any magnification at all. So, if Satan had the ability to curse the world, you should indeed be very fearful, for that would mean that Satan would have real power, and would use that power to crush everyone, starting with those who reject Satan and Babylon and love God. But that is not the case! Satan did not plunge the world into destruction! Though Satan is the ruler of the world, he has no real power over it. The only power that Satan has over the world is that which he stills from man and redirects; that which he manipulates and uses man to do. That is why Satan is always trying to get man to worship him. Worshipping Satan transfers your power in the spirit realm to Satan, giving him that which he would never have any other way. And that is why Satan is always trying to manipulate man to do his bidding. There was no way that Satan could have possibly killed six million Jews during the Holocaust. Satan does not have that power in the natural realm to stretch forth his hand against anyone, and especially not against the seed of Abraham. But Satan was able to get HITLER to do it, and was able to get the people of Germany, Austria, and
Poland (which included not a few Christians I might add) to either go along with it or be silent. Satan needed man to get the job done, and without man’s help and man’s power,
Babylon is NOTHING! Remember what God told the serpent in the Garden of Eden? You shall bruise man’s heel, but man shall bruise your head! That means that even with the power that Satan is going to get from man, the people of God will still be more powerful! Why? Because Satan’s power comes from MAN. Man is mighty powerful in the spiritual and natural world, but God is even more powerful.

If Satan tries to magnify himself against you, then you can defeat him with the concert power of God and the power of man! How does the power of God and the power of man work together? Well, the lesser but real power of man activates the greater power of God. Consider a spark plug in a car. Yes, a spark plug produces power, able to generate an instantaneous burst of several volts from a battery. That is the power of man; great and important but wholly insufficient. But that spark ignites gasoline, which operates the engine, and that is where the power of 400 horses to propel the car comes from! That is the power of God; greater AND wholly sufficient. Now they did not have automobiles in the time of Jesus Christ, so the Word of God Emmanuel used his analogy of a mustard seed to describe how something starts out small but becomes great (Jesus Christ also used the example of a small amount of yeast leavening bread). But the principle still holds. Not only that, realize that Jesus Christ walked the earth under the old covenant and was governed by it. So it was appropriate for Him to use relatively slow moving examples such as plants growing or bread being leavened. But we are under the new covenant! We have the power of the Holy Spirit! God is still God, but through the freely given and poured out Holy Spirit, we have, well, bigger better and more efficient spark plugs. So the Body of Christ should be able to expect results that are greater and faster, especially in these days where human knowledge is also rapidly expanding. But instead of using that increased human knowledge to better understand the Holy Spirit through reading the Scriptures and prayer, we use it to deny the Scriptures. We choose to rely on the spark plug rather than on the engine. The only result of that is failure and fear, and for that reason we are actually doing LESS than what was being done in earlier periods of the church age, not more. But in the Name of Jesus Christ I bind that fear and false knowledge, declare this humanist phase in the true church to end, and command and declare that the Body of Christ is about to fear no more but instead walk in the promises and power of Jehovah! But the main thing to realize is that you should not fear Satan, because Satan has no power save that which he is able to steal from man. 

And should you fear man, if for no reason than Satan is able to use man against you? A thousand times no. Again, though man has real power, God is more powerful. Here is an example. Revelation 12:7-9 says that when there was a war in Heaven between Satan and his demons and God’s angels that God’s angels prevailed. Realize that GOD HIMSELF did not even have to join the fight! Satan AND his demons were defeated by GOD’S ANGELS ALONE! That proves that Satan is not equal to or even a competitor with God; Satan is no more powerful than any of God’s angels, and man is ABOVE God’s angels (which shows the folly of some strains of Christianity as well as other religions who tell us to pray to and worship angels in one form or another). But the key portion of Revelations 12:7-9 is “NEITHER WAS THEIR PLACE FOUND ANY MORE IN HEAVEN”! So Satan has no more access to Heaven (as he obviously did at one time; see the Book of Job), and neither do any of Satan’s demons or his people. Satan, his demons, and his people will have no part of Heaven in this life or the next, but instead their portion is the lake of fire! But Satan is the ruler of this world, right? True. BUT GOD STILL HAS ACCESS TO THE EARTH! God’s angels are all over the place. So are God’s people, Believers. And yes, God Himself comes to earth! He came to earth and walked among us for 33 ½ years in the human personification of God’s Word Jesus Christ, and Satan couldn’t touch Him. After Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven, God returned to live in His people in the form of the Holy Spirit. God came to Jacob and wrestled with him. God came to Abraham in the form of three men just before he destroyed Sodom and
Gomorrah. God came to Moses in the burning bush, passed by Moses on the mountain to allow Moses to see his back, and dwelt in the ark, the tabernacle, and the temple! So even with the power of man, Satan’s kingdom is fake because not only are God’s infiltrators everywhere, but God Himself treads on Satan’s turf whenever He wants. But God’s kingdom is real, because God’s enemies have no access to Heaven now and will not have it EVER! So even with the power of man at his side, Satan cannot challenge God. Therefore, even with Satan at his side, a man of Satan cannot challenge a person of God who has the power of God within him and the protection of God around him! Man is great, BUT GOD IS GREATER! GLORY BE TO GOD! This life is great, but the next one will be greater! Glory be to God!

Just like Satan only has whatever power that man gives him, another man only has whatever power over you that YOU give him. The amazing thing is that we give other people power over our lives when other people do not ask for it or even want it! Take stalkers. They pour themselves into other people, giving those people all sorts of undesired and unwanted attention. The object of these stalkers’ attention do not desire for such people to have continuous tormented thoughts and desires of them, or to commit crimes because of them (as a person obsessed with the actress Jodie Foster shot President Ronald Reagan). God gave man power and free will, and that includes the power and free will to decide to be ruled by others. That is everything from a parent or spouse totally centering his or her life around a child or spouse to someone giving themselves over to an economic or political system. When the anti – Christ and the false prophet arrives, virtually everyone on the planet is going to surrender their power to the anti – Christ, who is going to use it to take over the world and do all sorts of evil. But that is only going to happen because people are going to surrender that power. The anti – Christ will not be able to take it, because even with the power of all man given to him, he will not have the power to violate a single person’s free will. And for that reason, many will defy the anti – Christ and be saved, even at the cost of their very lives. So no, you should not fear man, because even the collective power of every man raised against you cannot overcome the power of a single man’s free will. Why is that? Because YOU are made in God’s image with God’s power, and just as God cannot be overcome unless God decides to allow it, you cannot be overcome unless YOU allow it. Take Jesus Christ. Man did not overcome Jesus Christ. Christ willingly came to earth as a man. Christ willingly was betrayed and crucified, and willingly gave up His life. It was not going to happen any other way. Christ was a man just like you, and the same spirit of Christ, God’s spirit, the Holy Spirit, is within you. So if Christ had the power to yield only by choice, so do you! And when you decide to fear man, you yield up your power to Satan through your lack of faith. It should not happen, it does not have to happen, and it only happens if you allow it. It will only happen if you forget that God is greater than man: that GOD IS THE GREATEST! 

You fear because you are lovers of this life and this world. Well, if Jesus Christ, who could have had any thrill and pleasure there was in this life and this world FOREVER if He wanted to, decided that the next life and the next world were better and decided not to fear Satan, hell, or death, why should you be any different? You are Christ’s servants; is the servant greater than his master? If Christ being God submitted to God, why cannot you as a man with the image of God and access to the Spirit of God submit to Christ’s example? By loving this world, you are loving corruption. Remember, Christ said that whatever a man loves so a man IS. So if you love corruption, you become corrupt. If you love this corrupt world, fear comes into you, and your lack of faith has the potential to give the enemy license to destroy you. Now God is a loving forgiving patient God, so He is not going to remove His protective covering every time you decide to reject his power and promises and walk in fear. But it can happen and does happen. But when it does, do not ever say that God did it. Do not ever say that Satan did it. Do not even say that some other man did it. Say that the person who it happened to did it. That person lost their faith, acquired fear, and gave up their power to man and the enemy, and that person used that man’s own spark plug to ignite their demise. Of course, this is not the case in ALL SITUATIONS. Truly innocent people, such as babies, die. So do people who live exemplary lives before God, as did many of the prophets and apostles in the Bible. God has a will, and his will shall be done. But failure to accept that fact is fear. We have to realize that those innocent babies and those prophets and apostles, no matter how much they might suffer while on earth and no matter how much we might grieve over them and miss them when they are gone, have gone on to a better place. And we need to realize that unless we cast off our fear, we will not be joining them! Why not? Jesus Christ said so in the Revelation to John: the fearful are not going to Heaven! I say it again, fear is the absence of faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God! It is impossible to be on God’s side without faith! 

Realize that we are in this world for one reason only: to be on God’s side, to do His Will, to fear God, to live by faith. A lot of people think that we are on this earth to have a good time. They say that simply accepting the evil that is in this earth is a copout. Not only do those who deny and reject God feel this way, but there is a lot of false Christian doctrine to this effect too, and no I am not only talking about the liberation theologists. You have mainstream traditionalist Christians who will not and cannot accept that experiencing pleasure is NOT our purpose on the earth. Do not get me wrong. God will bless us with prosperity, favor, His presence, and all manner of good things through His Goodness and Mercy by our faith while we are here, but that is not WHY we are here. We are here to do His will, and even the prosperity, favor, presence, and good things that God gives us for us to enjoy are to be used to do His Will! Yes, God did initially put man on the earth to have a good time, but man messed that up. After man messed it up, man was driven from the Garden of Eden, and God put a plow in his hand and told him to till the earth. That did not just mean that man had to work to feed himself; it meant that God wanted man to work for God and to even use God’s blessings for God. That is why we tithe. It is an example of how God gives us blessings for the purpose of our using those blessings to do God’s will. It is an example of how we exist to please God and not God existing to please us. Now, of course, in the new heaven and the new earth things are going to be restored and man is going to go back to being allowed to hang out and have fun all the time. But we have to get there, and the path to getting there is pleasing God while we are in this life. Folks to not want to accept that, and they resist. Every time something bad happens to them, they reject the notion that in this life it is not given to us to feel and experience good all the time; that is for the NEXT LIFE, and in this life we are supposed to tread the bad under our feet and give God the glory because we know that good is coming. But folks do not want to accept that. So whenever bad happens, they think that there is something wrong with themselves, and that there is something wrong with God, or even that God cannot exist if bad happens. That gives rise to fear, fear gives rise to sin, and sin gives rise to death (James 1:12-18).  

So Believers, do not fear, for fear itself is sin. Fear itself indicates not believing in God. Fear itself indicates that you love yourself; your own life in this world, more than you love God. How can you love a life that is filled with so much sorrow and disappointment in a world that is so filled with evil and corruption that you reject the perfect happy life in the perfect happy world to come? The very reason why people do not believe is because of the imperfection of this world. They decide that because this life and this world is so flawed and painful that they are not going to believe in the next life, the next world, or the God that gives it to them. You would think that the dire circumstances of this life would cause people to cling ever more to the hope of the next one, but with so many people the opposite occurs. You would think that anyone who has lost a child or a spouse or who has failed in marriage, education, or business would be comforted with the knowledge that their little baby is with God or look forward to a life where there is no loss and pain and failure as there is in this one, but the opposite happens. People who have already lost or failed fear losing and failing again; too selfish to realize that if they got through the last loss or failure they can get through the next one. And instead of running to God to leave the fear behind, they choose the fear over God and even make a false god out of that fear. Rather than look forward to the day that God will give them a new life, they renounce God over what happens in the current one. It makes absolutely no sense. It would be convenient to blame it all on Satan, the one who deceived the whole world, but we really cannot. Again, Satan does not have that power. It is all man. The same nature of man that caused Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is what causes man to reject and resent God over what happens to us. It is what causes us to choose this life over the life to come and rebel against God; to be so proud and selfish that we are only going to live and act in what we think that we can see or know. We cannot even see the angels around us that are protecting us from the demons and witches day and night, yet we think that we can see well enough to judge God? That is not Satan’s doing, it is man’s, and man needs to decide that he loves God more than he loves himself if he is going to be free from fear and enter God’s kingdom. For if you choose fear over God and suffer God’s wrath forever in the lake of fire, it will not be God who did that to you. It will not be Satan who did that to you. It will not be man who did that to you. You will have no one to blame but yourself, for yourself is the image of God with the free will and power therein, and you used that will and power to put yourself above God. Do not let it happen to you.Say the Salvation Prayer and start living a life based on the rejection of fear today.  


Father Jehovah in the Name of Jesus Christ, I know that you have already given me the victory, so I need not fear or worry. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I hereby claim the victory that you have given me over sorrow, suffering, and death and will walk in that victory all the days of my life. I will also do all that you bid me Lord God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ to set other captives free with Your Power given to us by the Blood shed by Your Word. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen. Higgaion. Selah.  


The demons that work in this area are fear and faithlessness. It seeks first to keep people from giving their lives to God so that their souls can be saved, and second to erect barriers to those who are saved to prevent the people of Jehovah from doing the mighty will of God in the name of His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Stand against fear in yourself and others! Do not let these fear demons roam the earth, blocking both salvation and God’s mighty works! Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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