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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Deuteronomy 32:8 – When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of

So many people seek God and seek to please God and know Him, but they do so not out of a perfect heart (II Chronicles 25:1-2). It is exceedingly hard to get to know God in the way that God wants to be known because it requires totally giving ourselves up. God is a spirit and must be served in spirit by total faith, obedience, and submission alone. But so many of us never reach the level of serving God the way God demands because we are of the flesh. The flesh is common and known to us, the flesh feels natural to us, and so we tell ourselves that serving God from the flesh HAS to be OK. We even take not only Bible verses but entire doctrines out of context so that we can justify serving God from our flesh. The reason is not so much that in our imaginations God is not good enough for us; because we do these things not to please ourselves. Indeed, many people who seek to serve God through the flesh live lives of great devotion, trial, and self – denial. Such people make things so hard for themselves as to conceal the fact that no matter how much effort they exert, they are still taking the easy way out! No, the reason we do this is because of our vanity! We are convinced of our own goodness, and we wish to convince ourselves, others, and God of our goodness. So, we work very hard to make God accept us. We have not accepted the fact that we are sinners. We have not accepted the fact that only Christ’s Blood covers our sin. Because of our vanity, we refuse to accept that apart from and outside of Christ, we are not good enough for God. We cannot even approach God without being cloaked in God’s righteousness. Therefore, whatever works we do apart from Christ come to God cloaked in our sinful flesh and corrupted within and without by that same sinful flesh, so God will obviously turn His Face from and reject it. Yet people reject this because they want God to accept them because they want to accept themselves and love themselves.  

The unfortunate result of this mindset and behavior is that virtually every Christian body and movement has been irreparably corrupted. Virtually every Christian body and movement takes the Bible and misunderstand it because they are reading it according to the knowledge, doctrine, and tradition of men that came before them and not according to divine Holy Spirit revelation. Indeed, many Christian bodies discourage people from seeking discernment as touching the Bible, calling it “special revelation.” Believing and promoting special revelation is indeed a sin, but special revelation seeks to add to, remove from, or deny the truth of the Bible. Others still read the Bible according to the spirit, but they reject it in favor of the flesh so that they can fit into and take their place in the religious system, which is of the world and by the world to suit the world’s purposes. I am not necessarily saying that if you are in a church you should leave it; that commandment should only come to you after praying to God. I am saying that few indeed are the Believers who are willing to seek God for themselves outside of the artificial barriers erected in front of them by the religious system, and those who do so are rewarded and called overcomers indeed (Revelation 3:5).  

What is this corruption that I speak of? The truth is that virtually every Christian body and movement have rejected the way of the gospels and the path set out for us in the New Testament, because the New Testament is 100% about the spirit. They instead go back to the Old Testament, which to them seems to be the safe, familiar ground of the flesh. Of course, the Old Testament is about the spirit too … to those who seek and discern it. Lover’s of God’s spirit can see not only the bearing witness of the Spirit but the Spirit itself in every letter of the Old Testament. Still though, unlike the New Testament, which specifically declares war on the flesh and calls it evil, the Old Testament gives plenty of places and opportunities for those who love their own flesh and the flesh of man and rarely seek God’s spirit plenty of places to hide. That in turn allows them to go to certain areas of the New Testament, such as communion, and treat it as just another ceremony, tradition, or doctrine. The result is that instead of going FORWARD and creating the church that God intended for us, virtually every Christian body and movement ultimately winds up losing its faith, getting complacent and lazy, and becoming self – seeking and self – pleasing and self – satisfying to the point where it goes BACKWARDS and tries to use the church as some re – creation of Israel. 

The church is NOT
Israel. We are NOT Jews! There is no reason for us to attach ourselves to them or be like unto them or their ways, especially those Jews who have rejected Christ. Now, you do have some Messianic Jews who attempt to mix Judaism and Christianity, and a lot of Christians are now attaching themselves to such people because they have grown weary of the deadness and powerlessness of their religious lifestyles. In most instances, these people are just trading one dead system of knowledge and tradition for another. They are not doing it because it is hard and rejected; they are doing it because it is trendy and fashionable. What they fail to recognize is that most Jews themselves did not keep those things, and even more to the point, the most zealous keepers of those things rejected Jesus Christ! Now there is some use in studying and perhaps even revering or observing – as opposed to keeping and worshipping – some of the Old Testament things, especially the Sabbath. Why? Because Christ did; as a matter of fact He died on Passover and Pentecost happened during the feast of weeks. Further, there is real spiritual meaning and power in the GOD – GIVEN observances. (Now the qualifier GOD – GIVEN is very important, as there are not a few observances created by Jews themselves despite God specifically warning them not to do so; in that manner they are no different from Christians usurping pagan festivals.) But realize that all of the LEGITIMATE Jewish observances and rituals have Christ in them and also point to Christ and the New Covenant. If your reason for knowing, acknowledging, and observing this is to honor God through Christ – which is the only way that God can be honored in this age – then it is fine. But if you do it to add Jewishness to your Christianity, then God will reject it! For instance, if you observe Passover because God brought Jews out of
Egypt, quit it. You are not a Jew; you may well be an Egyptian! The Jewish Age is over, we are in the church age. But if you observe Passover by recognizing that the lamb that you are eating represents the flesh of Christ and the bitter herbs represent sorrow on the day of His death (the same reason why the Magi gave the Christ child the gift of myrrh, and why Mary and Mary Magdalene were going to anoint the dead body of Christ with myrrh before they found out that He was risen) AND by recognizing that Christ died on the cross for your sins on that very same day, then it may indeed be a good work that you are doing. The goal of Christians should not be to imitate Judaism so that we can become better Christians. Instead, it should be to bring Jews to Christ so that they can be saved! Will it make them better Jews? Of course, but that is not the point. The point is saving Jews from the lake of fire; Jews, Muslims, Hindus, animists, New Agers, atheists, Mormons, Buddhists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, works “Christians”, etc.  

Realize that the law was never given to Israel for their salvation, nor was the
land of
Israel given to them for that reason, and neither was the priesthood given to
Israel for that reason. Yet we Christians are convinced in this modern age that we do a good thing by following legalistic codes, by working to make nations and cultures in them “Christian nations”, and we try to copy or create our own hierarchical ecclesia. None of that stuff was given so that man, even Jews, can be saved. Christ told the Jews that Himself, and they had Him crucified for it! No, God gave
Israel the law, the land, and the priesthood in order to create a distinct people and nation through which Jesus Christ would come out of. He gave them those things so that
Israel, the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, would be a distinct group of people, God’s people, known throughout the world. The purpose was so that Jesus Christ would be associated with God’s People and thereby with God Himself. And it was a successful plan. Because of the law, because of circumcision, because of the priesthood, because of the sacrifices, because of the keeping of the holidays, because of their victories in battle, the Jews were a people known throughout the world, and are still so today. As a result, it is known that Jesus Christ is one of them, and not only that Jesus Christ being one of them has real meaning! Even the most anti – Christ and anti – Christian among all Jews (of which there are exceedingly many) cannot and will not deny that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Even the Romans who persecuted and slaughtered Christians cannot deny that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Even the most ardent anti – Semite with the blood of countless Jews on his hands cannot deny that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Even the most hardened atheist has to admit that if there ever was a real historical person named Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary, that He was a Jew!

God’s old covenant was never for eternal life; it was for blessings in this world. God wanted HIS PEOPLE to be blessed above all others so it would be known to the world that He was the one true God, and so that when His Son came out of HIS PEOPLE, it would be known that He was the Son of The One True God. The new covenant, however, is built on better promises: eternal life in the next world. We are not to go back to the old covenant seeking prosperity and blessings in this world. No, they are sound principles that you can use to manage whatever God has seen fit to give you; or for you to seek that which God has laid up in store for you. All the while, know that it isn’t YOURS. The money that God gives you in this dispensation isn’t YOURS the way that the gold, ivory, spices, etc. that was given to Solomon was SOLOMON’S. No, what God gives you in this dispensation is to be administered; to be used to help the poor, spread the gospel, and do God’s Work! These people who are using the principles of prosperity to lay up wealth for themselves will have to answer for it on the day of judgment (Luke 12:16-21). All things belong to God, including you, and to all things will God return, including you. You do not give God 10%, you give God 100%, because under the new covenant you are not free but bond, you do not own yourself because you were bought for a price! And we are certainly not to go back to the old covenant seeking things which are given by grace: salvation, sanctification, blessings, spiritual growth, etc. Now this is not against works, but do realize that even the works in the old testament are different from the ones shown in the new testament. Where David smote his enemies, Jesus Christ told us to love them and pray for their salvation!  

Remember, Christ did not say “Salvation is from Judaism.” He said “Salvation is from THE JEWS.” After Christ came, there was no more need for Judaism. The sole purpose for Judaism, including the law, was creating the conditions that God desired for the Jesus Christ to be born. Now of course Israel and
Jerusalem are still very important, as are God’s people. We are supposed to pray for the peace of
Jerusalem and blessings upon God’s people, as it is required in the Bible. But how is peace given in this dispensation? It is not a physical peace, for Christ Himself said that there will be wars and rumors of wars. No, it is a personal, spiritual, inner peace that comes from accepting God through Christ. And what blessings are there in this dispensation? The only true meaningful lasting blessing is eternal life through accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. It is God’s Will that Jews accept Christ and be saved so that they can know the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses through Christ as we do. So Christians must do the will of God by praying for the peace of
Jerusalem and the blessings of the Jews by praying that they accept Christ. 

This is very diverse from the agenda of many Christians today, who take it to mean that Christians should be actively involved in helping and defending the current physical nation of Israel and current cultural and ethnic Jews from poverty, violence, wars, etc. Now the Jewish people and the state of Israel are still close to God’s Heart and are hence very important in things such as endtimes prophecy, but be very careful. Do not be deceived. Christians are not God, we do not act as God, we are not in the place of God. We are chosen and directed by God to do His Will! Christians cannot deliver or save
Israel; only God can. We owe Jews love and charity as God commanded us, but we are also to show that to everyone else on the planet; every other nation, every other tongue. But we are foremost to pray for their salvation and to evangelize them. Being born into the line of Abraham – which not all who claim to be Jews are – and keeping the laws and rituals given to Jews – which not all Jews do – will not save them on judgment day. Only knowing God through Christ will. How can one claim to be showing love for Jews and praying for the peace of Jerusalem, how can one claim to be a defender of God’s land and His people if we are not day and night interceding for them, praying for their salvation, and witnessing to them?

Of course, if we do such a thing, we will be hated and rejected by the world, including so many Christians. People will call us anti – Semites. They will call us bigots, even link us to the Holocaust. There will be attempts to curtail and censor us. People will lose their positions of esteem and influence. But doing those things should let us know that they are right! Look, anyone who rejects Christ is a sinner. Jews who reject Christ are SINNERS. They need Jesus Christ. Why should we as children of the most high through Christ play games with and follow the ground rules of SINNERS just because of their heritage? We would not do that with Arabs and Muslims, or with pagans from
South America or
Africa. The fact that so many prominent preachers have adopted a dual covenant theology or have come to an “understanding” with Jews such that attempts to convert them are ceased or limited is exactly what I am talking about. Many of these people are literally making deals with the devil, and will have to answer for leading people astray on judgment day! Now it is true that in
Israel there are laws against proselytization, and Christians must show those laws their due deference, as those laws are not our doing and we will not be held responsible for them. But those laws do not exist in America, so if the Holy Spirit leads you to evangelize a Jew, to tell the Jew that the Jewish dispensation is over and the best thing that he can do for himself and his people is to join himself to Christ, then you had better do it! 

But as for the church, the main thing to remember is that we are not supposed to be trying to impose a code, the Jewish code or any other, on ourselves. We are supposed to be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit. Why else does the Book of Acts exist? And we are not supposed to be taking orders from some group of men posing as priests before God. Please recall that the Levites were a tribe, and being a priest was based on your Jewish line, not attending some seminary and being ordained and placed in some position by some denomination. Indeed, virtually all of these people were not called by God; if they were they would resign their positions and go somewhere and start a true biblical church. And no, we are not supposed to be trying to re – create biblical
Israel by imposing the Ten Commandments or anything else on society. Recall that Jesus Christ said that you cannot put new wine in old bottles because the old bottles will break and the wine be wasted, and that you cannot put a new patch on an old garment, because the new patch will cause the tear in the old garment to become worse than before. So, you cannot expect the unsaved to live according to righteousness; it is impossible. Even more to the point, even if they COULD live according to righteousness, it would do no good; it would not save them. Only Christ can save them! Bringing back our idealized memory of the 1950s may lower the divorce and crime rates, but it will not save people’s souls. Indeed, it will only increase the number of people who are righteous in their own eyes and decide that they do not need a savior; that being born and baptized in “a Christian nation” and upholding “Christian morals and values” and contributing to a “Christian culture” is enough!

God did not give us the gospel to use to try to make nations into
Israel. Why? Because there was only one
Israel; only one chosen people and chosen land. Read Revelation! New
Chicago or New
Paris or
New London isn’t going to descend out of heaven; New JERUSALEM is! Further, the point of the gospel is for us to preach it so that men can see that they are sinners, need a savior, and be saved no matter what nation, culture, or society we are in! The gospel is not supposed to transform lands for God. If the law did not even accomplish that for
Israel, why should the gospel accomplish that anywhere else? No, the gospel is supposed to transform HEARTS for God! People who have not accepted that fact are those who still love the sinful world and are trying desperately to redeem and save it because that is where their heart still lies. In many cases, that is where their treasure lies. They may have land, many family members and friends, a nice job, status, etc. in this world and do not want to give that stuff up. So rather than preaching the gospel to save souls OUT of this sinful world, they want to change the world in a manner after their own concept of their own righteousness. Such people have not accepted that one day they will die and take their concept of righteousness with them, and they will leave people behind with nothing to stand on! This applies to not a few prominent preachers of the church age who are working desperately to redeem a wicked world using the law so that they can establish the power of the church with themselves in it rather than working to win souls from this wicked world to play their part in establishing God’s Kingdom. Such people and their works will not be accepted by God; instead God will spue them out!  

So forget about the old way, the old covenant. The old covenant has served its purpose and is not to be missed, mentioned, or thought of anymore, just as Isaiah prophesied about the ark! No, instead work to get people into the new covenant by saying the Salvation Prayer today!  


Father Jehovah in the Name of Jesus Christ, please lead your people into accepting what has already been done for them on the cross so that they may start living it and getting others to accept what Christ has done for THEM on the cross. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.    


The demon that works in this area is legalism. It causes people to stop seeking the way of God in spirit and instead to seek in vain to establish their own righteousness and righteousness in others through works. By this, the demons work to keep people from ever knowing and walking in the spirit of God through Jesus Christ our Savior. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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