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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Acts 17:6 – And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also. 

So many Christians today are weak. So many are defeated. This is something that should be a source of great consternation to the Body of Christ. It should have us all under conviction. We should be talking about it in our elite respected theological seminaries, preaching about it in our huge megachurches, talking about it on the Christian websites, singing about it in our rock or hip – hop style music concerts, holding conferences about it, talking about it on our talk shows, and so forth. We should be talking about how ineffectual and powerless so many Christians have become in their walk. In their faith. In their belief. How Christians have so utterly failed to change the world that they are no longer even willing to separate from it.  

But no. No one is really talking about it these days. They are talking about other stuff. Like asserting ourselves in politics; getting on the school board. Like taking back the culture; influencing
Hollywood. Like prosperity and economic empowerment. Like focusing on education; putting more kids in private school and getting “Bible history” courses in public ones. Like nutrition and healthcare. Like restoring families. Now all of those things are good. Most of it is reclaiming what God has already given to us or carrying out what God has told us. But it is not sufficient!  

Why? Because all of these things are basically Christian things for Christians to do and experience. None of this is taking on the world. None of this is challenging the world. None of this is going out into the world to rescue people from the world’s wickedness. None of this is geared towards directly challenging the wickedness of this world to beat it back. None of it is geared towards creating such a huge harvest for God in this world as to deal a huge blow to
Babylon. Imagine if we could take over a pagan nation and turn it towards Christ. What a victory that would be. Imagine if we could take a city even in America that is utterly wicked, filled with gamblers, murderers, abortionists, idolators, and so forth, and drive all the wicked people out so that the regular people in there can be preached to, hear the gospel, and raise their children up under the Lord free from all that overt corruption. What a victory that would be. What if we could gain access to one of these secular European countries and go into their cities and run revivals. Tell those people that they will never be happy if they keep on denying the spiritual, if they keep going along pretending that every tomorrow will be like yesterday because there is nothing there beyond time and space. They know it is a lie because of what is inside them, and they need for someone to go tell them what is inside them so that they can respond to it. If that were to be done, many would be saved, and it would be respectable to be a Bible – believing Christian again in
Europe. What a victory that would be. 

But no one is out there doing those things. Instead, we are sticking to the usual “Christian” thing; the “save the children” type of thing, the “promoting good values” type of thing.. Those things are fine, some Christians ought to be doing those things. But more Christians ought to be doing other things. But instead of seeking what else God has for us to do, we stay within the religious system and do not rock the boat. What we fail to realize is that the religious system is a lover of the world. It was created to exist within the world, so it allows the world to impose on it rules and boundaries that will allow the religious system to grow and thrive. The religious system gets a monopoly on all those who want to maintain the external and internal appearance of serving God to fill whatever need they might have, and the world gets a church that is no threat to it all. The religious system actually protects the world from people who seek to be righteous by serving as a buffer between the seekers of righteousness and those who have rejected it. The religious system keeps those people from doing anything that would actually impede or inconvenience those who want to do wickedness from doing it. 

That is why we have right today in this world absolute and total nonsense such as a church, or even several churches, located within a few yards from strip clubs, crack houses, liquor stores, and pawnshops. You even see drug dealers and prostitutes selling their product right on the church grounds or right in front of them. What is done about it? Nothing. In some places, the church officials might run to the local police and ask them to do something to dissuade the drug dealers and prostitutes from hanging out on church grounds, or ask the city council to change zoning laws to get the illicit businesses out from where the church operates. And this very fact shows how cowed down the religious system is to the world. You have church folk going to one part of the world asking it to protect us from the other part of the world. That reminds me of the scam that the Democratic Party plays on black people. Not saying that the Republicans are any better, but the Democrats go to black people and tell them that the government is racist, so we need to elect more Democrats in office so that we can appoint more government officials and create more government programs to protect us from the racism. It makes no sense! Blacks ought to be asking the Democratic (and the Republican) party why racism exists at all and what we should do to eliminate it. So, instead of trying to get the worldly officials to keep drug dealers, strip clubs, and prostitutes away from the vicinity of the church, we need to ask God why there are drug dealers, strip clubs, and prostitutes in our cities at all, and then do what God says we need to do to make them leave. 

Oh, but drug dealers, strip clubs, and prostitutes are a fact of life. You can’t do anything about them. That shows how you religious people have been so boxed into your little corners of defeat by the world. Go back in time a few decades. See if you can spot the drug dealers, prostitutes, pawnshops, and such. Sure, they existed, but were not nearly so open or widespread. You had to go to “the big city”, and even then only to certain parts of “the big city”, to find them. I wonder how many of you are old enough to remember when you did not have to lock your doors at night. When you could walk on the beach or through the park at night. If you could do it then, why can’t you now? Yet we church folk are supposed to accept the current lack of safety as an inevitable immutable fact of life, when just a few short years ago it wasn’t. Again, accepting defeat. Even better. Go to a Muslim country; a nation filled with people who have rejected the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Or go to a communist country or dictatorship. Count all the thieves, rapists, robbers, drug dealers, prostitutes, strip clubs, and such. You won’t find them. They don’t put up with that nonsense in those countries. You try to do that stuff over there, they will throw you in jail. Cut off your hands and feet. Beat you with a bamboo rod until you lose consciousness, and then wake you up and beat you some more. So if they don’t have that stuff over there in countries where most of the population has rejected Jesus Christ, why do we put up with it in a nation where most people claim to have accepted Him? That is how defeated we are, and how we have accepted our defeat.  

That is why I follow the news and laugh at these huge debates between the so – called religious right and the liberals. The religious right bloviates about how they are going to take this country back. Take it back from who and to where? These people weren’t kidnapped from this country for 50 years only to come back and find it in this state of disrepair. All of the changes that they complain about happened right while they were in this country watching it and doing nothing about it. So if they didn’t stop it from happening 50 years ago when they started, what makes them think that they can turn it back now? And the liberals that they are “fighting”, the ones who get on TV screaming in fear that the “Taliban” religious right is going to take us back to the 50s, back to that horrible time when there weren’t drug dealers on every corner and children could walk home several blocks from their friends’ house at night. They know full well that all the religious people are going to do is what they always have, which is to petition the voting public, the legislative bodies the judges, corporate America, the schools, and the media for righteousness. And all those entities will do what they always have, which is to choose sin over righteous. And why should we be surprised? We give those who are evil the choice between good and evil, and they will choose evil every time. So in order to not have to deal with their inevitable and continuous failure, they distract themselves with meaningless incremental goals, telling themselves that failures are success. And the liberals come out every time we call one of our failures a success bemoaning how “our rights are being turned back” when deep down inside they know that the religious right is no threat to them at all. They know that the corrupt process will always reject righteousness, and it is all an act. You would be better off watching wrestling than this nonsense, because at least then you would not be deluding yourself regarding the predetermination of the outcome. This liberal knows that the world has made the religious system accept that it cannot change the outcome, and that both the liberal and the religious system are fine with that because it suits both their agendas.  

And then you have all these people sitting around waiting for Jesus Christ to come back. They have given up on the world. Pronounced it evil and corrupt. Each passing generation says that things now are worse than they have ever been, it cannot possibly get any worse than this, so any second now God will HAVE to come and judge and destroy the world with all its wickedness! Translation: I lack the will to fight so please God come A) take me ought of this mess and B) justify both my faith and self – righteousness so that I will know that I have not wasted my life while everyone else is having so much fun sinning. Please. These people lack the love of God, because if they had it they would know God’s Heart, which is His desire for us to do His Will by warring against and overcoming this corruption so that His Will would be done on earth as it is in Heaven and sinners would be saved and set free. Far from that, these people are actually envious of the sinners and the things that they were doing. They don’t love the sinner; if they did they would want the sinner to stop his evil ways and accept Jesus Christ, and do something towards that end. Instead, they covet doing the same things that the sinners are doing, are burning with both their desire for sin and jealously at those who do sin, and want God to come back and punish these sinners not because of God’s righteous wrath against sin but out of their corrupt desire for revenge borne out of covetous jealousy! Such people are completely oblivious to the fact that Jesus Christ would never come back were it up to the likes of them, because Christ stated that a condition for His Return would be that the gospel be preached to all nations. That prophecy will never be filled by bitter Christians sitting at home defeated by their unfulfilled desire to go out and drink and fornicate, but rather by people who were once fornicating drunks who get saved, acquire both a love of God and a hatred for their old ways, and go out into the world to allow God to use them to free others experiencing the same pain of sin that they were trapped in.
In many nations, the religious system is created in conjunction with the government. In other nations, the religious system is a product of the culture. In either case, the religious system seeks to exist in such a way as it maximizes its own influence. In order to accomplish this, it must ask as little of the worldly culture as possible. In nations where there are state religions, they preach that you are born into the religion if you are born in that nation, you are saved when you are baptized (usually as an infant) so you can go about doing whatever you want. We do not even need you to tithe because we receive tax revenue from the government and if you do not have any children the church will get your property when you die. In nations where separation of church and state exists, the church basically agrees to make itself ineffective by dividing into camps that argue over whether they should try to influence the state or not on this issue or not, and if so in what way. While that goes on externally, the church itself creates a parallel structure totally separate from society. Not only are they no burden whatsoever to people who choose not to be religious, but even church members only make use of the religious structure when it pleases them.

Fellow believers, we have to stop this. We will never change the world so long as we obey the religious system that was created by the world so that believers can live in agreement with sin and sinners. Is that what happened in the time of Christ and the apostles? No. They challenged the religious system at every turn. And by challenging the religious system, they upset the apple cart. They altered the sensitive balance; the détente between people who wanted to live in sin and the people who wanted to let them so that they could maintain their own influence. Now I am not among those who believe that the Romans instigated the death of Jesus Christ on the cross because it is not biblically supported, and quite frankly the Romans had no motive. Teaching that Christ was some political rebel against Rome is thoroughly unsound because it contradicts Christ’s own words in the Bible, and it makes it appear that Jesus Christ was a false messiah who tried to free the Jews from Rome but failed. You know what that means? That means that He was not the Son of God! And of course, that is why so many revisionist historians buy into the “Christ as rebel” notion. It is not out of any sensitivity to Jews, but rather to portray Christ as a political and religious figure and not as God. But if there are those of you who for some reason feel the need to hold onto this doctrine, or to mix what the Bible says with modern interpretations, then there you have it. There was clearly an understanding between the polytheistic Romans and the Jewish leaders. After all, the same Herod who slew every Jewish male child in
Judea looking for Jesus Christ rebuilt the temple. Other Roman leaders built synagogues. And when the Jewish leaders wanted Jesus, John the Baptist, James the brother of Jesus, and many others arrested, the Romans generally did what they asked. The Romans were using the Jewish religious leaders to keep the Jews from outright rebellion. Outright full scale rebellion was neither in the interests of the Romans or the Jewish leaders, so the Jewish leaders instituted a corrupt religious system that would allow them to exist within the confines of Roman rule. By exposing that system as corrupt and getting the people to leave the Jewish leaders and followed Him, Jesus Christ threatened to upset the very thing that was keeping the peace between Jews and Rome, which was the willingness of the Jewish leaders to be ruled by Rome and the willingness of the Jews to be ruled by their leaders.   

And it continued after the death of Jesus. The apostles and other believers went to the ends of the earth, challenging corrupt and false religious systems wherever they went, working miracles, casting out devils, making disciples out of men, establishing churches. And of course, wherever they went, their fame went with and before them. So we get to the scene in Acts 17, where when they were arrested and brought before the authorities, it was said of them “These are the men who are turning the world upside down! We had a good thing going on before. You would worship your false gods, we worship the true God but not in spirit and in truth, so therefore you have nothing to offer me to cause me to leave my fake religion for your fake God, and you have no reason to leave your fake God for my corrupt religion. But these men, they are upsetting the apple cart! They are upsetting the balance! Our people are learning to worship our true God and leaving our corrupt system! Your people are learning how their god has no power but our God has a power – a power which we denied with our false religion but was always there – and are leaving you! You need to get control of this situation! Otherwise, the peace we had from both of us working iniquity will be gone! If you insert righteousness and God’s Power into this situation, you won’t be able to control your people, we won’t be able to control our people, we will both lose our power and commerce, and the whole nation will collapse! These are the men who are ruining this good thing for all of us, and they must be stopped!” 

Now please recall: Jesus Christ and His followers did NOT practice or preach sedition of any kind! And neither do you. You can turn the world upside down as did Paul, Peter, and everyone else in the Bible and still be perfectly within the laws of the land. You will not, however, be within the laws or customs of the religious system. You may actually help destroy the religious system. And that is a good thing. For it was the religious system that rejected and killed Jesus Christ, not the Jews or the Romans. Jesus Christ was not killed to protect Jews or Rome, but rather the religious system that kept the corrupt Pharisees and Sadducees in power, and (if you choose to make this leap but I do not; I believe that the Romans crucified Jesus Christ only because the Jewish leaders asked them to) kept the Jews from going into full – scale rebellion (although it is obvious that the followers of Jesus Christ, who chose tax collectors as his disciples and commanded his Zealot followers to pay their taxes to Rome, were not going to lead or participate in any rebellion).  

So how can you turn the world upside down? By living and preaching the gospel. Living it is important, because most people will not turn their hearts to God because they see no difference in their own lives and the lives of most Christians. The only difference between them and most Christians is where most Christians spend a few hours on Sunday. They see these Christians, live among them, and talk to them, and see nothing that convicts them. More to the point, they FEEL nothing that convicts them, for what works true conviction is the Holy Spirit. The religious system is not conducive to people living consecrated lives before God so that the Holy Spirit anointing is strong on them wherever they go. Remember: the anointing was so strong on Peter that sick people would place themselves where his shadow would pass over them so that they would be healed. The anointing was so strong on Paul that pieces of his clothes were sent throughout the land and people would use them to be healed (the beginning of this “prayer cloth” tradition that I have real problems with). So if the anointing is strong enough on you and your righteous lifestyle is so apparent, just by being around you people will come to the realization that they are corrupt lowly sinners headed for destruction and their only hope for salvation and redemption is for them to be saved through Christ as you. I am not talking about people being happy. About their having good values and being good people. That is what the religious system turns you into; ambassadors for mere happiness, values, and virtue; things that will be tossed into the unquenchable flame and burned like chaff and leaving behind an unredeemed condemned spirit of the sinner doomed to be forever destroyed in the lake of fire. The sinner recognizes that, realizes that he can go to the lake of fire as a rank riotous miserable sinner just as much as he can as some happy virtuous person with good values, so he stays just the way he is. Why? Because there is no power of the anointing, no Holy Spirit conviction to cause him to change, to turn his world upside down. 

And then there is preaching. That is what Jesus Christ did. That is what John the Baptist did. That is what Peter, Paul, and the other disciples did. Sure, they went to the synagogues and temples and preached. But when they did, they did not follow the religious system! They went and preached the truth as concerning Jesus Christ being the Word of God by which men would be saved, and they were straitway rejected by the religious system. We Christians need to do the same and challenge these layers of traditions, idolatries, paganisms, and dead works that is cluttering the minds and clogging the hearts of so many Christians like so much cholesterol. We need to challenge the poison of the religious system, the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, so that people might hear the Truth and feel the anointing of the Spirit of Truth and make a choice between good and wickedness for themselves. If they will be good, they will come out of the religious
Babylon. If they will be wicked, they will stay there. Maybe they will not go to hell, but they will be virtually useless to those other than themselves. If you are unwilling to separate yourself from the religious ghetto that the world has exiled yourself to, then how are you going to separate yourself from the world? This is like the Jews in
Europe during Hitler’s rise to power. Hitler did not just rise up and kill all the Jews. He demonized them and sent them into ghettoes first. Many Jews could have simply left
Europe at that time. Their friends and family members were begging them leave
Europe, but only a few listened. The rest just went along into their ghettoes as they were told. They were unwilling to turn their world upside down and get up out of their country for a new place as God had told their father Abraham. Though he was their father, they did not take on and walk in his faith or obedience. They stayed in
Europe, allowed their eyes to be blinded so that they could not see, their ears to be stopped so that they could not hear, their hearts to be hardened so that they could not feel. So when they finally tried to leave, it was too late;
Europe would not allow them to leave, and no country would take them. And so they perished. It had to happen to fulfill the prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah, and was referenced again by Paul in Romans 11 (where he predicted that the Jews would one day accept the Messiah), and was done to facilitate the re – establishment of
Israel in 1948 (also prophesied) so that the beginning of the fulfillment of all things could begin. It had to happen to the Jewish people, but it did not have to happen to so many Jews, or to specific Jews. So many of them had a choice and chose death.

It is going to be no different with us Christians. Out of Christianity is going to come up a worldwide religious system from which will come the beast and the false prophet who will rule and oppress the world during the great tribulation. It is going to happen, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a part of it. It certainly doesn’t mean that you have to be around to witness it. You have a choice … to leave religious Babylon, to leave Egypt, to leave captivity in Persia to rebuild the temple, to leave the Pharisees and Sadducees, to leave Nazi Germany, or to stay where you are and keep right on doing what you are doing. If there was a mass exodus from these dead churches, would not the religious system have to realize its corruption and adapt to the people with this hunger for God and his righteousness? That is what happened after

Azusa Street

. Before Azusa Street, for centuries the official line in Protestantism was that there was no speaking in tongues anymore, no faith healing, no casting out devils, none of that. After

Azusa Street

when everyone left their Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, and what have you churches for the new Pentecostal churches, the Protestant establishment said “OK. You can speak in tongues now. You can have your deliverance services now. You can have your faith healing services now. You can go watch Billy Graham speak.” So imagine if all of these people were to start tomorrow deciding that they are going to be committed to Christ, petition the leaders of the church to make changes that would facilitate a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and make the members of their churches true warriors for Christ, or else they will leave. When the religious leaders say no, as they will do, then leave. God did not call us to be insurrectionists and to overthrow these churches. That is Satan’s way. That was the way of that murdering Barabbas who was set free in place of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whom modern blasphemers now claim was the son of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene whom Jesus Christ taught to be a seditionist as He was. No, Christ started His own movement with whoever would follow Him. Go back to Abraham. God did not tell Abraham to take over his father’s house because of his father’s idolatry. That was the way of Absalom, who would have taken the kingdom from his father, prevented the building of God’s temple, and killed not only his father David but David’s wives and children with the sword. No, we are to preach the truth in our churches so that people might hear, and when we are thrown out of them (again, as Jesus and His disciples were many temples and synagogues), whoever will follow us to a new spiritual land where we will build our own congregations apart from the religious system that is willing to exist where the sinful world tells it to. Only when we turn the world of the religious order upside down can we begin to turn the sinful world upside down.  

And how do we do that? Well, this is why I laugh with frustration at these TV evangelists and megapreachers who claim that they are going to do all of these mighty things by engaging politics, the educational establishment, and Hollywood, fighting a battle that they know they are going to lose, and they know this because if they were a threat to these worldly systems those worldly systems would declare war on them. That is what it did to Jesus Christ and to all His apostles save John, remember? The worldly systems did the same to countless martyrs over the centuries. William Tyndale was thrown into prison and ultimately executed for translating the Bible into English. That could not have been done without the cooperation of the state and the church. But who in a western nation has been imprisoned or killed for the testimony of Jesus Christ in the last 100 years? I am not talking about Christians advocating some political or social stand that may have been related to their Christian beliefs, but rather people imprisoned or killed just for preaching Christianity? And you have to as yourself: why not? It is certainly not that we are better than John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, or Jesus Christ. And it is not that there is any lack of sinful people and practices in our society. No, there is no persecution of the righteous because the righteous stays within the confines of the religious system rather than challenging sin and sinners. If these celebrity preachers – all of whom are very powerful and extremely well compensated – wanted to change things, then they would do what Jesus Christ, Peter, Paul, and the rest did. They would simply find some street corner, go out, and preach. Get right where people are going to buy condoms so that they can fornicate, buy pornographic videos and magazines so they can fantasize about fornication, buy guns so that they can rob and kill people, buy movies and video games so that they can root for and fantasize about the thieving and killing, and preach. Go to these upscale suburban gated communities and tell them that though they may be educated and wealthy that if they are not redeemed through Christ Jesus and have God as the head of their lives they are still doomed despite being productive esteemed citizens.  

Tell these people that they are sinning and sinners and are going to be destroyed forever in the lake of fire unless they get Jesus Christ in their lives and turn from their evil ways. I am not talking about door – to – door evangelism. Where is it written anywhere in the Bible that Jesus Christ or His disciples ever went into someone’s home to spread the gospel unless they had first been invited as Zaccheus did Jesus Christ or the centurion did Peter? No, they preached out openly in public places so that all could hear and be convicted in their hearts because of their sins. This limiting our evangelism to door – to – door stuff and handing out tracts and targeting specific populations like prison inmates or accepting whoever will amble into a tent revival or happen across a Christian TV program is what the world has imposed on the religious system because the world does not want to be confronted or reminded of its sin. So, they push us behind close doors, and keep us from reaching the vast majority of the population, both people who know they aren’t saved and false Christians who think that they are. They don’t want us in the malls preaching righteousness. They don’t want us at the beaches preaching righteousness. They don’t want our kids on the playground preaching righteousness. It is so ridiculous: we have spent decades and untold millions of dollars fighting to regain the right to allow teachers to lead our kids in prayer in school. Even if we win that right back so what … will true Christian prayers or the sinner’s prayer be allowed? And if prayer is allowed, what prevents a Muslim or a witch from praying? But we tilt at those windmills instead of taking advantage of the rights that we already have. That is what the world has imposed upon the religious system, and that is what the religious system accepts.  

A fraction of the money, time, and effort spent on these culture wars that the religious right is fighting could be spent on training and sending people out to preach in public places. The few churches that still promote evangelism already train people to go out and practice person – to – person evangelism, but again, that is still in keeping with the world’s desire to keep religious expression personal and private. What they ought to be doing is sending a preacher out WITH the evangelism teams so that the evangelism teams can work on the people that are hearing the preacher. But the religious system doesn’t do stuff like that. They don’t even buy commercial airtime on secular radio and TV stations and in newspapers. They have the right to … as a matter of fact it is illegal for the media to refuse in many instances. Even those who want to refuse would not be able to because of criticism: Rolling Stone had to accept an advertisement from a Bible publisher recently. And of course, they have the money. There is nothing preventing them from running 15 – 30 second spots telling people that if they do not give their hearts to Jesus Christ and quit sinning that they are going to go to hell. They don’t even run those spots on Christian radio stations anymore! They just say: “Come worship with us at our church.” They don’t even say WHY you should come to the church if you are a sinner: so you can be saved and not be destroyed in the lake of fire. Why not? Because they do not want to offend people. And this is on the CHRISTIAN radio stations! See how the religious system has so thoroughly accepted the restrictions of the world?

Another example: take the beach. Now the beach used to be a great place for family entertainment just a few years ago. Now people go there and drink and smoke. (If either has been curtailed, it is due to public health and safety, not the actions of Christians!) They use foul language and play filthy rock and rap music on their stereos. And they wear “swimsuits” that fully expose their buttocks and frequently “accidentally” expose their entire breasts. And keep in mind: these are the public open access “family” beaches, not the restricted ones or the resorts. Now if Christians still go to beaches and willingly subject themselves to such abominations, I must ask two questions. 1.) Why do you do such a thing, knowingly sinning and looking approvingly upon and consenting to sin and allowing your family to do the same? 2.) How can you be in the presence of such sinners without being moved by the Holy Spirit to anger against the sin and compassion towards the sinner and hence be driven to preach righteousness? Do not claim to fear offense. The men drinking beer, cursing, and playing filthy music on their stereos in front of your 8 year old daughter do not care about you or your feelings. The women flashing your 12 year old son with their continuously bare buttocks and occasionally bare breasts (and loving the fact that virtually every male and homosexual female on the beach is staring at them) do not care about you or your feelings. If they did, they would not act in such a coarse, openly sinful manner. It is one thing to sin in private, but it is another thing to corrupt others with your speech and the intentionally sexual presentation of your body. So why should you care if they are offended by you? If anything, you would be better than them: willing to offend their feelings in order to save their souls. And if they are offended by you, then count it all for joy and give God the glory that you were accounted worthy to suffer for the sake of His Name and His Gospel. If you are not willing to do such a thing, then you must honestly first ask yourself why even bother with going to the beach, and then ask yourself why you even bother with going to church. If you are not willing to turn the world upside down as Christ commanded you to and gave you the power of His Name to, then what kind of Christian are you? And if your church is not exhorting and molding you to go out and use the power of Christ’s Name to turn the world upside down, then what sort of church do you attend? 

Christians have fallen so far from where the early church was because we allowed the religious system to be imposed upon us. If we are going to get back to where God wants us to be to prepare the world for Christ’s coming, we are going to have to leave the religious system so that God will restore us. In the Name of Jesus Christ, please Lord touch the hearts of Your true believers so that they might heed Your call and this might be so in these very days.  


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please lead your people to go forth and turn the world upside down by living and preaching the gospel wherever they go, and to seek the fellowship of those who are willing to live and preach the gospel wherever they go. Please Lord give them an urge to do so, give them a drive to do so, and give them a boldness to do so. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


The demons that work in this area are worldliness and complacency. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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