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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Lamentations 3:26 – It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD. 

Consider our war in
Iraq. Whether you support or oppose it or whether it is ultimately a success or failure in your eyes, the term “war” is incorrect, as per American law a war can only be declared by a vote of Congress! The president, whose only role in declaring war is asking Congress to do it – in other words the same role as that of an average citizen – has the ability to order the military into action. However, that privilege is supposed to be exercised in an extremely judicious fashion, such as deploying a small force for a short duration, or an emergency full – scale mobilization when there is BOTH no time to wait for Congress to declare war AND certainty that Congress will declare war immediately. According to any legitimate interpretation of our law, a president cannot send so much as a single soldier into combat for more than a few weeks without Congress declaring war, and he certainly cannot launch a full scale attack of another nation and then apply political pressure to Congress to declare war posthaste! Now the last time that Congress declared war was World War II. This means that by our own law, every war since then has been ILLEGAL: Korea, Viet Nam, Kosovo, and both
Iraq wars. (Our many other campaigns that were far lesser in duration, scale, and scope such as those in Cuba, Grenada, Iran, Libya, etc. would appear to be legal.) Now the fact that American presidents of (seemingly) both political parties and (seemingly) diverse political views have been able to get away with such obviously criminal conduct at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and significant social, economic, and political upheaval not only in America but worldwide without the slightest bit of consequence – or any demand for consequence by even a tiny portion of the populace – is quite frankly the biggest testament of how corrupt and lawless America has become. Oh, there are social and political protests of these wars, but generally on philosophical and ideological grounds. For instance, a common complaint has been that “the wars are against INTERNATIONAL law” because they were not properly approved by the United Nations or similar, but they never say that the “war” is illegal according to DOMESTIC law!

Now, this is why the powers that be, which includes the government, educational institutions, media, corporations, organizations, churches, etc. (and there is considerable overlap within those categories) are able to get away with it. Think of the justification that George W. Bush used for taking the United States of America to war against
Iraq: the threat to our nation posed by weapons of mass destruction. Now whether there ever were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – I believe that there were and still are – and whether Iraq was ever a threat to America – I believe that they were and shall soon be again – the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Iran, Russia, China, etc. were never a bigger threat to America than that posed by weapons of mass DISTRACTION. The American masses do not respond to things like illegal wars, environmental degradation, disintegrating families and communities, terrible schools, bad health care, and an awful economy led by skyrocketing debt because they are too distracted. It is in the interests of the powers that be to keep them that way so that there will never be a successful movement for change. And Christians are blind to the demons and dark spiritual powers and principalities behind these trends because we too are distracted, and trust me that is the way Babylon wants it, because unless Christians rise up with the power of the Word; the Name, the Blood, and the Authority of Jesus Christ, Satan continues to be the unchallenged unopposed undisputed ruler of this earth!
Oh, how we have failed to heed the Bible! It commands us over and over again to be vigilant! To watch and pray! To be elect! To discern the times! The Bible specifically calls us to be WATCHMEN, or lookouts or guards. But it is obvious that so many Christians are poor lookouts because they have allowed their eyes to become blinded and poor guards because they have fallen asleep on the job.  

Now this is not a new phenomenon. The human rulers of the earth – who are actually doing Satan’s bidding whether knowingly or not – have long resorted to tricks and gimmicks to distract the public. The Romans, for instance, held huge public spectacles in order to distract the people from the evil corruption of their empire. Now back then, at least, Christians were more elect. Why? Because we were the spectacle, being crucified, beheaded, burned at the stake, and thrown to the lions for the glorious Name of Christ’s sake! But as soon as nations came under majority control of professed Christians, they behaved the same. A common distraction tactic: propaganda and scapegoating! For an example of that, take post World War I
Germany: overwhelmingly Christian, but were seduced by propaganda and scapegoating against Jews and other minorities while Hitler was rising to power!

You might say: “We aren’t throwing people to the lions or putting Jews and gypsies in ovens in
America!” Sure we aren’t (at least not right now anyway). But right now, we don’t have to be. Consider this: can you imagine life in
America 150 years ago? No movies, TV, or radio. No CDs or MP3 players. No sporting events or popular music concerts attracting tens of thousands. No computers, video games, or Internet. And so on. Just your job, your family, your neighbors and close friends, and the occasional book to be enjoyed by candlelight. In that environment, whatever spare time you had could be spent in quiet prayer and praise, communing with the Lord. Now tell you what: go back THIRTY years ago. Professional basketball existed, but the games weren’t shown on television. Very few football games were shown on television, and they were all shown on Saturday and Sunday afternoon! As recently as 15 years ago, football was only on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Now, football is literally on national television seven days a week. Not only that, there are national TV and radio shows devoted exclusively to talking about football. Now of course, the vast majority of these games shown and discussed on TV and radio involve teams that the vast majority of the population has no real interest in. So why millions watch not only the games but pay heed to radio and TV coverage for games involving teams that they care nothing about? GAMBLING, which has become much more popular since you can place your bets OVER THE INTERNET and not have to deal with criminals in some grimy bar. Every Internet sports site has prominently placed ads for gambling sites. And every Internet gambling site not only features prominently placed sexually provocative images of women, but many of them are actually advertisements that take you to Internet pornography sites! So just football alone can have you occupied with not only watching the games seven days a week, but constantly reading, watching and listening to “football analysis”, gambling, and looking at pornography. That is just one example; there are many other ways to go through life distracted by things trivial and unedifying, and yes, there are many millions of Christian men and women who partake in this lifestyle.  

Now while being addicted to gambling, sports, pornography, TV, video games, politics, etc. is horrible and Christians need to not only seek deliverance from their addictions and go into spiritual warfare to help non – Christians who are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, even physically trapped by these things, addiction is not an issue. Why? Because addicts have an excuse of sorts: they cannot control their behavior. Many actually want to stop but cannot! So no, the real problem in the church is Christians who are not “distraction addicts” and hence choose this behavior of their own free will. If nothing else, their behavior distracts them from helping others who really need it. It also makes Christians far more sympathetic towards people who engage in related sinful behavior than they need to be. And it also diminishes the moral authority of a Christian when they try to help someone that is unsaved who has a real problem. How are you going to tell a sports addict who never goes to church that he has a problem when that sports addict knows that you speed home from church every Sunday to watch the ball game, and that he watches only a few more hours of sports a week than you do?  

Oh, and make no mistake, church is actually a distraction for a lot of Christians also. Do not be deceived: the only reason to attend church is to spiritually edify yourself and others, and that edification only comes through a fellowship of sincere believers for spirit – filled preaching, teaching, prayer, and worship. Little – if any – of that goes on in the vast majority of churches, and even where that does happen A) not everyone participates and B) it constitutes a very small part of the services and activities around the church. Churches exist for A) the spiritual edification of the body of Christ through fellowship of members who use the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit in assemblies and B) to facilitate works – especially but certainly not limited to evangelism – through organization. Anything else that goes on at church is a distraction, and to be quite honest the vast majority of what has become the church structure and lifestyle is a distraction! No matter the denomination or movement, the vast majority of churches promote a religious system that not only heavily distract people by focusing on activities that have nothing to do with the real purpose of the church, but they equate those activities with righteousness! Now these activities themselves are usually not wrong in and of themselves, but rather what is wrong is how the religious system not only assigns great emphasis and importance to them – passing them off as legitimate works that lead to spiritual development and in some church movements even salvation – but allows the legitimate spiritual functions to be neglected in favor of them. For example, many is the church that chooses as its pastor not someone spirit – filled and possessing and mature in the gifts and fruits of the spirit required for the pastor office, but rather someone with a degree from a seminary run by the church’s denomination, and someone who is a good administrator and fundraiser and capable of attracting new members with oratory, secular works, and publicity campaigns! Now do not take this as a statement against the ministry of helps. The ministry of helps is an exceedingly important one that many people who seek and serve in other capacities would do themselves and the body of Christ much more good serving in. But realize this: in order to perform a legitimate task in the ministry of helps, what you are “helping” has to be something spiritually useful in the first place! To be exceedingly simple, it is better to spend two hours cleaning toilets for a spiritually living congregation than to work 30 hours a week helping run a soup kitchen and homeless shelter for a spiritually dead one. Satan is much pleased by the fact that so many sincere dedicated Christians spend so much of their time toiling in spiritually useless tasks to support what is ultimately a spiritually useless congregation. You can spend all of your life doing what amounts to dead works for a dead church (or even dead works for a living church) and never oppose Satan! Christians need to quit being distracted by dead religious things that never truly oppose even their own flesh, let alone Satan, and focus their attention on things that are important to God.  

And what are the things that are important to God? At both the most fundamental AND the highest level, it is doing what God Himself tells you to do! Obedience is more important than sacrifice; the contents of your heart more meaningful than works (I Samuel 15:22-23)! If you say that performing whatever the religious system asks of you is obedience, then you have been duped by the religious system. Even if it is something that the pastor told you to do: is the pastor called by God and obedient to God? This is not to say that you should rebel against a pastor that is not called by God, for so long as you are in that congregation the pastor is your authority, and rebellion against authority is confusion (Babel) and as witchcraft. No, that is why you should LEAVE a congregation where the pastor lacks discernment or refuses to obey God, lest that pastor cause you to sin and prevents you from obeying God as you ought. You are to obey God, not a man or a system, and hence you can only obey God by obeying a man if God is using and speaking through him, as was the case with Moses. And even then, the man of God is not constantly with you to instruct you in everything you do. More to the point, even if he is constantly with and instructing you, he is not the steward of your heart! You need to do what the children of
Israel never did – and as such never entered the Promised Land the vast majority of them – and seek God for yourself. That is not to say on your own, as a truly called and faithful pastor and the assembly of like – minded believers can help you seek God, but instead to be one who seeks and discerns God’s voice and instructions to the individual self as an individual self; to be a fully functioning bondservant member of the body of Christ worshipping and serving God in spirit and in truth.

How is this done? One way is through prayer. Labor in prayer, making earnest supplications and confessions and seeking revelation into your heart and mind. This takes effort, and it takes time. The other way is reading the Bible, and not just selected passes but in a comprehensive manner. Again, take considerable effort and time to do so, and while you are doing it believe not only in what you are reading, but believe that you understand the meaning of what you are reading and in its meaning are principles, concepts, and instructions for you to follow that very day! You should literally read your Bible until you become aware and convinced that you are supposed to do something – and what that something is – and you should also pray until that happens too. You do not believe that such is possible? Then you are not a Christian, because you fail the important qualification of believing in Jesus Christ, who is not only God’s Word Himself, but says in God’s Word that doing so is possible, and not only does He demonstrate such in the same Word, but He specifically stated that every Christian would have that same ability, and in that Word many others do so by His example. You lack faith? Well, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Now the religious system tells you that “hearing the Word of God” means listening to a preacher. How is faith going to come by listening to a person who may not himself be saved, called, obedient, or faithful? Look, if your preacher is those things, he will be the first to tell you that true faith comes not by listening to HIM (or her) but by reading THE BIBLE. (If you are illiterate, then obtain an audio Bible.) The Word is THE BIBLE, and you need the Word in you in order for the Word, Jesus Christ, to form faith in you. That is why even people who saw Jesus Christ performed great healing miracles were not themselves healed: they rejected Jesus Christ and His Teachings and hence had no faith.  

Praying and reading your Bible in this fashion takes a great deal of mental concentration, which yields to spiritual concentration. Yes, this takes a lot of time and a lot of effort; hours of undivided attention each single day. Now how are you going to be able to accomplish this along with all the other things that you have to do (i.e. children, family, household, job, church attendance and activities, friends and relatives) if you are distracted by not only vain activities but by dead religious works? Simple: you won’t! The people who created the charismatic/Pentecostal movement did so by holding prayer meetings that lasted several hours a day seven days a week, and that was in addition to the time that they spent praying on their own! Obviously that did not leave much time to follow the local sports teams, theatre scene, or political debates. Now the great irony is that in this modern age, we have more free time than any people have ever had in history. Eight hour workdays with children in free public schools and low cost daycares (not to mention the fact that people are having far fewer children, including Christians), timesaving appliances, and modern economies leave most westerners with hours of spare time even on workdays! Now let alone the fact that simplifying one’s lifestyle even to the point of sacrificing economic status in order to spend more time with and get closer to God is something that would be well worth it. No, instead, the truth is that most western Christians even in their current lifestyles have ample opportunity to get far closer to God and do not use it! Start, for instance, with the 28 hours per week that the average person spends watching television. Christians are no different, and yes very few of those hours are dedicated to Christian television. Not that Christian television would replace prayer and Bible reading anyway, but Christians are forsaking God to do things that not only do not edify, but actually corrupt! (And that’s just TV, not time spent on the Internet, reading books and magazines, listening to music, or talking on the telephone.) Just cutting that 28 hours by a mere ¼ would give each Christian an hour a day in prayer and reading their Bible, and that would be enough to change the world for Christ.  

This generation has the greatest potential to do great things for God than any generation that ever has been because of our wealth in not only resources and time, and we are not using it!  Please, please change. Stop going along with this culture of distraction, and start serving the Lord today. 


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, may I give you time, energy, and devotion to seeking Your Will in prayer and Bible study, and then doing it. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen!  


The demons that works in this area are sloth and worldliness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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