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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Romans 6:16 – Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? 

Sin is mentioned many hundreds of times in the Bible, with the first being in Genesis 4:7 when God spoke to Cain after he murdered Abel. The origin of word comes from the name of the main false god worshipped by the forerunners of the Islamic peoples in the north African – Middle Eastern area. Contrary to the popular claim, Ishmael, the son of Abraham and the Egyptian slave Hagar, was NOT the father of Islam, and Allah and Jehovah are NOT the same! Such is a lie originally trafficked by Muhammad and his followers to try to steal Jewish and Christian converts that has now been resurrected in modern times to support the political aims of Muslims and those who oppose Judeo – Christians (i.e. “Palestinian statehood” and “multiculturalism” advocates); the true people of the One True God!  Islam was once a polytheistic religion with a system of false pagan gods similar to that of nearby
Egypt. A difference is that where the main Egyptian deity was “Ra”, “the sun god”, the original main Islam deity was “Sin” – also spelled “Zin” -, “the moon god.” What Muhammad did was convince the fellow – worshippers of their already long – existing paganism to give up their other lesser “gods” and to instead concentrate their worship on “Sin” only. The lie that these people were descendants of Ishmael – and hence a legitimate alternative way to God and Heaven given by the One True God to a descendant of Abraham as part of God’s covenant with Abraham – was merely part of a propaganda campaign of lies that continues to this day! So Christians ought not to be duped into attempts to find “understanding” with Muslims as with Jews, and should instead view Islam as no different from Scientology, Buddhism, New Age, and so forth. As with everyone else, the only way to love a Muslim is to convert him, and they have no legitimate claims to anything except salvation through Jesus Christ and citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven should they choose it upon it being offered to them. And as Christians, it is our responsibility to do the offering to each and every one!

The “Sinites” named various geographical regions after their “moon – god”; among them the Wilderness of Sin (in which Moses, Joshua, Aaron, and the children of Israel wandered for 40 years after coming out of Egypt before entering the Promised Land) and Mount Sinai (where God gave Moses what is commonly called The Ten Commandments). Of course, God instructed the children of
Israel not to imitate or partake of any of the practices of the Sinites. The children of
Israel began to refer to the Sinite abominations as “sin”, after their false pagan “moon god.” The word was then applied to all idolatry and witchcraft in general, and ultimately the word was applied to all things that God commands one not to do. And the term is appropriate, for the First Commandment is “thou shalt have no other gods before (meaning in addition to) me.” That includes anything that you make a god, including yourself. It includes anything that you prefer to God, including yourself and your own will. Excepting the ignorance of those who have not heard The Word of God, the only reason for disobeying God is placing SOMETHING ahead of God, your love for him, and desire to obey and please him. In that context, the behavior, no what it is or its motivation, makes it a violation of the First Commandment; idolatry, or worshipping another god!

Sin is anything about a person that is against God’s commandments, will, desire, and nature. We must differentiate, however, between “sinning” and “living in sin.” “Sinning” is an act. It is something that true mature Christians should paradoxically war against, as we are to aim for perfection, and not consider much, for we all sin but are saved by grace through our acceptance of Jesus Christ as the only way to God the Father and his Kingdom of Heaven. What we instead aim for is a perfect heart, not perfect actions, as actions are of the flesh. (We attain a perfect spirit when we accept God’s authority by salvation through Jesus Christ.) On the other hand, “living in sin” is a state! It is an existence apart from God’s divine presence and grace whether by choice or ignorance. You come into God’s divine presence and grace by truly accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. So realize, brothers and sisters, that you are not defined by the actions of your flesh! You are defined by your spirit; whether you have accepted Christ or not! You can live an ideal life free of any sin, and still go to the lake of fire because you are still in your sinful state by virtue of your spirit. Meanwhile, a person who for whatever reason wages a losing battle against various behaviors but still LEGITIMATELY WANTS TO OBEY GOD AND HAS ACCEPTED SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST will receive God’s Heaven and rest from behavioral and all other flesh – vexations.  

How does one get to the state of “living in sin?” Simple … everyone seeded by man was born into it. Only three humans who have ever walked the earth were not born in sin. The first two were Adam and Eve, who were not seeded by man or even born, but rather created as adults perfect in body and spirit … Adam as clay and Eve from Adam’s rib (and presumably clay). The third was Jesus Christ, who was born a baby of a woman but to a Virgin, seeded by the God Himself with the Holy Spirit, making Jesus Christ both God’s spiritual and carnal child. As Christ had not only God’s Spirit but his actual physical DNA – making him God’s flesh – he could not sin!  

Like Adam and Eve (and unlike his mother and foster father) Christ Jesus was perfect in body and spirit. Unlike Adam and Eve, Christ had the perfect heart that we Christians strive for! Why? Because Christ received the mind, heart, and will of God … the soul of God … from his father! Meanwhile Adam and Eve’s minds, hearts, and wills … their souls … were of their own. Now did Christ have free will? Yes! Otherwise, he would not have been human. But all humans receive their will to some extent from the seed, the father. Where all born of natural man receive the corrupt seed of Adam, Christ received the incorruptible seed of The Father In Heaven. (I should also point out that all are heavily influenced by their mothers, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a woman of strong virtue and faith who accepted her Son as her Lord and Savior and believed in his Resurrection!) So, again paradoxically, where Christ had free will – and was hence subject to temptation – he would inevitably use that will to never sin! Impossible? Illogical? Contradictory? Well here is something that you can understand to prove this assertion! Everyone born of natural man’s seed also has free will, yet despite the freedom of will shall inevitably use it to sin! Those born of natural man are doomed to sin because of the corrupt seed. The One born of the Holy Spirit of God was blessed to never sin because of the perfect seed of God! Ye of little faith, have you never read Matthew 7:18 and pondered its deeper meaning? Have you not discernment and revelation? Even if you lack those, then rejoice for you have them through me on this issue this day!  

But alas, where God gave Adam and Eve perfect bodies and spirits, he gave them their own wills; their own hearts! Why? Because they were made into the image of God and those like unto him! Just as Satan had the right to disobey God out of his corrupt will and heart, so did Adam and Eve … and so do we. However, God did not create Satan to sin. He did not create Adam and Eve to sin. They all chose to set themselves against God by their own free will. All humans seeded by man were then endowed with will that is both free and not free. How so? Our will is not free with regards to sin, which we will inevitably choose! But our will is free with regards to salvation through Jesus Christ, which we may or may not choose! Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only thing that can remove our spirit from our sinful state! Though the body may sin and naturally die because of it, so long as we retain perfect hearts towards God and his will, our spirits will remain clean and live forever! That is the promise given to all who will accept of Christ dying on the cross as payment for the sins of all humans who have ever lived! 

How is it possible for one man’s singular action to redeem all the sinful actions of the entire race? Again, Christ did not die for your sinful actions. One is not a sinner because of sinful actions. One is a sinner because of a SINFUL STATE. When Adam disobeyed God, his perfect spirit and flesh were made corrupt. Further, they were made corrupt not by his actions but his WILL, his DESIRE to do evil! (Recall that so as a man thinks, so he does?) Suppose Adam had WANTED to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil but had been somehow prevented? I am not talking about being tempted and resisting (as even Christ did), but wanting but for whatever reason not being able to? He would have still sinned in his heart, in his will! Thus, the sinful actions of Adam that came out of his will went forth and corrupted his spirit and flesh. That corruption was genetically transmitted into every other human seeded by a man – that is every other human but Jesus Christ! One can debate on whether the corrupted flesh and/or spirit is inherited as well as the corrupt will (or nature), or whether the inherited corrupt will later corrupts the spirit. Or perhaps one may receive it from a divine revelation. Regardless, the end result is the same.  

And also, let us go back to the word “sin” being an extraction of the word “idolatry.” Why did Eve eat of the fruit of the tree of life? Because the serpent told her that she would be as God if she did. Eve committed vanity, or self – worship, wanting to make herself a god before God, a violation of the First Commandment! And why did Adam eat of the fruit? Because Eve offered it to him. With that act, Adam either violated the First Commandment by obeying Eve instead of God and thereby making Eve a god, or because Eve was his primary source of pleasure and he wanted to continue to feed and experience that pleasure unthreatened, making himself a god, or because he too wanted to be as God as Eve did. It was likely a combination of the three, as Eve was perhaps also motivated to both curry favor with Adam AND to be as God and thereby escape Adam’s God given authority and power over her. In any event, both Adam and Eve wanted some combination of making themselves and each other God. In a similar fashion, Satan rejected God’s authority and wanted to be as God! The original sin, hence, idolatry … borne of vanity! As the original sin was idolatry, the First Commandment was a prohibition of idolatry of all sorts, and as such the word for idolatry of all sorts became the all – encompassing word for sin! 

Since the actions of one man, a special man with a perfect flesh and spirit from origin, was able to plunge all mankind into a sinful state through his corrupt seed, another special man born with perfect flesh and spirit required to redeem all mankind! By redeeming the original transgressor, the inheritance debt is paid for the inheritors, thereby making all who accept the payment of the debt inheritors of the Kingdom of the God of Heaven, heirs and co – heirs with Christ, rather than inheritors of iniquity, death, and destruction, which is the portion of all who refuse the offer and reject and disbelieve in favor of their idolatry! While perfection of flesh and spirit were necessary ingredients to produce equality with the original transgressor and hence stand in as a substitute, perfection of WILL, which caused Jesus Christ to bow to and obey the Father despite AND because of being God himself, was the ingredient final ingredient needed to make it all happen.  

Now recall that in law given to Moses, the only acceptable sin offering was a life! So the life of Jesus Christ was an acceptable sacrifice unto God under the covenant of the time; the law; the Old Testament! No other sacrifice would have been acceptable for the grievous rebellion of Adam that introduced sin and corruption into mankind and the world save that of Adam’s equal or superior. (Recall that under the Mosaic law, the worse the sin the bigger the sacrifice of atonement.) And there was no other way that the debt was able to be paid, for God was bound by his covenant with man, and God is One Who Cannot Lie, Break Promises, Or In Any Wise Rebel Against Himself (God is not double – minded)!  Further, the only reason why the law as given to Moses was needed was because of Adam’s actions! Only after Adam’s actions were paid for could the law be fulfilled! Note that I did not say removed, but fulfilled, completed, matured, “grown up”, for the law is God’s commandments, and the maturation is salvation by grace through acceptance of Christ Jesus! When one accepts the actions of Christ and the Authority of God, though our flesh remains corrupt, our spirits become as Adam’s was … clean. However, we are not inferior to Adam even in his original state, because when one truly accepts Christ in knowledge, love, faith, and power, where Adam had a perfect body but lacked a perfect will, we have the converse. So where it was possible for Adam to corrupt his spirit (and ultimately his body) through his actions (again the fruit of his corrupt will), so long as we believe our spirits will NEVER be corrupted no matter our actions because our wills have been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ along with our spirits! 

You wish for evidence of this? First, though Adam was the first man, God made no covenant with or through him! Rather, God’s first covenant was actually with Adam’s son Cain, when God promised sevenfold vengeance upon anyone who touched him! Further, God’s first covenant to anyone serving as an ambassador to mankind was Noah! Second, God did not require any atonement for Adam’s sin! He did not ask any sacrifice, or even any repentance! God merely instructed him to labor and multiply! Though Eve continued to acknowledge the Lord, there is no record of any further communication between them and God! Why? Because God did not WANT Adam to attempt to atone for introducing sin into all man seeded by man. The error of Adam’s ways was so grievous that Adam could not atone for them even with his own life! Also, even had God commanded Adam to give up his life for his seed, because of Adam’s imperfect will, there was no guarantee that Adam would obey!
More to the point, God wanted perfection to redeem imperfection! Realize that God allowed common animals to redeem the routine sin of corrupt man. Not that animals were the equal of man even in the corrupt state, but man nevertheless was corrupt still, making animals a suitable sacrifice acceptable before God. But to SPIRITUALLY MANKIND ITSELF, rather than to pay for specific flesh actions of specific flesh men, GOD REQUIRED THE LIFE OF A PERFECT MAN! Why? Because God is perfect. God cannot sin nor look upon sin. Why? Because sin is rebellion. Were God to countenance sin, he would be divided against himself! So it took a perfect, sinless man to reconcile mankind with the perfect, sinless God!

Christ put no god before The Father, even to the cross. Not only did there walk a man on the earth who never broke the First Commandment, but the same man’s death redeemed all who did! That is … all who did that will accept Him! So for mankind, the debt created by the Original Sin is paid, and by that all other sins are washed away. Again, that is, if you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. If you have not done so, please, do not delay. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior today! Say in your heart, believe in your heart, and be sincere in your heart our Salvation Prayer, just for you! If you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then please remember to close the deal by seeking, acquiring, and maintaining a perfect heart! Why? Because part and parcel of salvation through Christ Jesus is bowing to the sovereign God and to his commandments! He must be total complete unquestioned ruler over every area of your life! God wants all of you … and it is really nothing to ask when you consider what you get back in return!


If you have not said the Salvation Prayer (or another version of it), please do so now. If you have, then please say this prayer: Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, please give me a perfect heart towards you! Whatever it takes Lord, please cultivate this perfect heart within me, and please help me, guide me, goad me into retaining it before thee! Lord, I renounce all but you, I bow to no one but you, I seek to be found righteous by no other standard but yours alone for the rest of my life on earth so that I may live forever with you in Heaven. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

The demons that operate against Christians having perfect hearts are idolatry, vanity, and lack of knowledge. You are required by God to go into and/or seek spiritual warfare for deliverance from these evil spirits for yourself and for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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