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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

John 1:14 – And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. 

Whenever the issue of Christ Jesus arises, even those who believe upon Him, His existence, His birth, His identity, His miracles, His death for our sins, His resurrection and ascension, and His return to conquer and rule the world have questions. Why must we pray in His Name? Why is all power given unto us in His Name? Why can salvation only be accomplished through acceptance of Him? Why does accepting Him liberate us from the curse of the law? How is it that He was present from the beginning? And if He was present from the beginning, was there previous mention made of Him other than prophecy? 

Answering all of those questions is difficult if one only sees Jesus Christ as he is usually presented in most sermons, movies, artwork, and books; that being the anointed savior; God’s only begotten son born to a virgin who performed many miracles, died for our sins, rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven, and will one day return. Knowing this is all that is required to enter Heaven, but ending the knowledge there unnecessarily limits the power that a Christian can operate in, especially in the spiritual realm. From getting a clearer understanding of the scriptures to becoming more effective in the Five – Fold ministry, getting the complete picture of who Jesus is can be extremely edifying. 

The problem is that Christians generally go by how Christ is portrayed by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Paul. Not only are the many prophetic references to Christ not given justice (other than by those in the fields of apologetics and eschatology), but in – depth discussions of how John Mark presents Jesus Christ in The Gospel of John is rare outside of Bible colleges and seminaries. But John plainly spells out to all who read with understanding: Jesus Christ was and is the Word of God! People who have been brought up to revere the Holy Bible with all its versions as the Word of God might see right past this. People who are comfortable with the phrase: “Go to church and hear the preacher give the Word of God” may do the same. But the Bible is not the Word of God. Sermons are not the Word of God. Jesus Christ is the Word of God! The proof of this is Romans 10:17 – “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” How can this be so when so many people pore over the Bible and hear several sermons a week and still do not believe? I am not talking about the belief that everything in the Bible is basically true, but the belief that they can function as a Christian without needing to be told what to do by a pastor and without moving in concert with a congregation? Why do so few believe that God can work all things possible through them, and instead believe that great works and miracles – if they happen at all – can only be done by “special perfect people”?  Such people lack faith, because though they read the Bible and listen to the preacher, they do not hear The Word, which is Christ Jesus, and they do not hear Jesus Christ because they have not set their hearts after Him to seek Him. Such things are not going to just fall into your lap. What does? Do jobs, educations, spouses, children, wealth, influence, or even personal pleasures? No, you have to seek them, and often quite earnestly! So then, you must seek The Word as much or more so. Only when you have a heart to know The Word will The Word be known to you, and that is when you start to move from basic faith to real faith, and that is when you will start to have power. What is your motivation? Maybe you want to go to Heaven. Maybe you want to overcome some sin or thorn in your side. Maybe you want something from the Lord. Maybe you want to do great things for the Lord. Maybe you want to do the things that Christ and his disciples did. Maybe you want to confirm your own faith or increase the faith of others. Maybe you want to help others. So long as your desire is pure, that is seeking to please God rather than to advance yourself, you are on the right track.  

I say this not to denigrate the Holy Bibles, preachers, sermons, churches, etc. But understand: those point you the way to Jesus Christ. Your relationship to Christ must be personal. The Word must be embraced by you and live in your heart, and this must be so in a complete vacuum, apart from any other tradition, institution, person, or circumstance that you may have in your life. If everything else changes or passes away, The Word must be yours. You must come to realize that The Word is not only all that you need, but it is all that you truly have! Furthermore, that realization should comfort, strengthen, embolden, and motivate you to do the Will of The Father. Recall that Jesus Christ stated frequently that His only role on Earth was to do the Will of The Father. Why? Because He was the Word of God. So, God’s Will was all that he could do. That was why Jesus Christ, despite all of the trials, rejection, temptation, and his certain painful humiliating death, was absolutely guaranteed to redeem Adam’s original sin. Adam’s original sin could only be paid for by another perfect human like Adam. Yet, this perfect human could not succumb to faithlessness, rebellion, selfishness, and vanity as Adam. If Adam, who had been given every possible advantage, would not yield to God, then what man would? Only a man who was God’s Word Himself.  

Some might say “Well, so what. Christ had an advantage. He knew what was going to happen. He knew that the things that He would suffer would only be for a time, and that His God would deliver Him and bring Him back to paradise where He would rule with God forever. So, Christ did not have to go through what we go through. Heck, Christ saw God, was with God. We struggle to even know if God is real half the time.” Well, did not Adam have those advantages? Did not Adam regularly talk to God? Was not Adam already in paradise? And as for us, we know what is going to happen. We know that the things that we will suffer will only be for a time, after which God will deliver us, take us to Heaven, and we will rule with Him forever. And yes, deep down we know that God is real for our spirits cry out for Him, and when they do not the very rocks do. Not only that, we know that God will deliver us ON EARTH from our circumstances because He has in the past. After all, are we not still here? Apparently, God has been healing our diseases, removing our mental and emotional anguish and torment (which causes suicide and stress – related death), shielding us from disease and accidents and wars and crime, and feeding and clothing us. Lots of other people – good, innocent people – have suffered those things and been taken away from us, but we are still here! God has delivered us! So if God delivers us on Earth, why do we doubt that He will deliver us in eternity? Jesus Christ had no particular advantage due to knowledge over us or even the people living in His time. Why not? Because they had that same knowledge! Did they not have the prophets? Even eschatology, what will happen in the last days, is spoken of in Daniel, Joel, Isaiah, Nahum, Ezekiel, etc. all of which serve as a preview of the Revelations to John Mark. But we reject all of that and choose to live in rebellion against God, which leads to faithlessness, fear, and death. Why? Because we want to be like Adam. 

And that is why we need Christ. We need Christ because once the Word is in us through Christ, then like Christ WE BECOME THE WORD. Once we become The Word through Christ, we will inevitably do the Will of the Father! Now, we will still not be perfect like Jesus Christ. So we may yet still fall. But it does not matter. Why? Because we will be a member of the Body of Christ. So when we fall, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ will pick us up. Even though we fall and do what we are not supposed to do, the prayers that we did, are doing, and will do in the future are still working even though we are in our temporary state of rebellion. God hears those prayers and applies them through the Blood of Jesus Christ to the other members of the Body. The other members of the Body pick up and do the things that we aren’t doing. The other members of the Body stand in the gap until the Good Shepherd comes with His Rod and His Staff and pulls us back up where we are supposed to be and begin laboring anew. When you accept Jesus Christ into your life, you do it on an individual basis and you are supposed to seek, cultivate, and strengthen an individual bond, relationship, and faith in God through Jesus Christ. But you do not stand alone! Not only do you have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but you are part of the

Church, the corporate body of Christ! You and all of  your fellow – servants are the Word! Remember when John Mark saw the messenger of God and fell at his feet to worship him, and the messenger said “Don’t do this, because I am just like you (Revelations 19:6-10)”?

Once you recognize that Jesus Christ is nothing other than the Word of God, then you realize that you can receive the Word of God and be the same. That is when you will stop accepting corruption, defeat, failure, sickness, oppression, and temptation. Why? Because Jesus Christ did not accept those things. He didn’t have to. He was the Word of God, and as the Word of God He could destroy those things by doing the Will of His Father. Well, if you receive the Word of God, have the power of the Word of God, and become the Word of God, then you do not have to accept those things either! You can defeat them just like Christ did! You should defeat them just like Christ did! You will defeat them just like Christ did! You can, should, and will do the very same things that Jesus Christ did, just as Christ said that you would in John 14:12. You do not believe? Jesus Christ was not a liar. He could not have been even had He wanted to be, for He was God’s Word! God’s Word is true! 

You are already doing things as great as or greater than what Christ did. You just do not know it yet. Or at least you did not until you read this. God is taking your prayers and taking your spirit and using them to do things in the spiritual realm that you cannot even imagine, and those things spill over into the natural realm. Whenever you pray, whenever you read your Bible, whenever you hear a sermon, whenever you tithe and give offerings, whenever you show charity and forgiveness and selflessness and submission, whenever you praise and shout, whenever you give guidance or encouragement (or reprove) to someone using either a Bible verse or principle or a word from God, and whenever you prophesy, minister, evangelize, preach, or teach, and whenever you use one of the gifts or fruits of the Holy Spirit, then it goes right up to Heaven, right into the spiritual realm where God uses it. That is why God tells us to pray without ceasing. That is why God tells us to have His praise continually in our mouths! We are already casting out devils, interceding, healing, raising the dead, walking on water, making the blind see, releasing faith, etc. without even knowing it on a passive basis.  

But are you going to settle for that? Why, when you can start doing those things on an ACTIVE basis? Why not seek The Word, accept The Word, become The Word, and become a knowing, willing, active miracle maker as God commands you? Why not desire and seek after becoming someone who can say “Take up thy bed and walk?” Or “Lazarus (or Leroy or Michelle or Miguel or Xiang), come forth!” Remember, you will not be doing this of your own accord. You will have The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit with you every step of the way, and if that is not enough you have the corporate actions and faith of the entire Body of Christ from the foundation of the world! What does “from the foundation of the world” mean? It means throughout all time! Remember, the natural world is limited by time, the spiritual world is not. So all power is lent to you through the Body of Christ via Christians who died hundreds of years ago, and Christians who have not even been born yet! The great prophets of the past? Accept that you are The Word, and you can stand on their works. The great soldiers that God is going to raise up in the last days, the 144,000 that are going to be marked by God? Accept that you are The Word, and you can stand on their works. You do not merely have to read about these great works in the Bible and about saints in history and think about the people who are going to stand, to be slain for the testimony, and the people who right now are being oppressed and slain for the testimony in Africa and Asia for just inspiration! Now there is nothing wrong with inspiration, but inspiration is not power! You can read about those brave souls resting in the bosom of Abraham and RECEIVE POWER from their faith, their prayers, their works! The Christian woman in Rwanda or Saudi Arabia or China who is being brutally beaten and raped to try to get her to renounce Christ who says “Forgive them Father and save their souls” before yielding up the ghost, her martyrdom can travel in the spirit world without regard for time or place or politics and empower you to go out and get those criminally inclined youths hanging out on the streetcorner in the part of town that you never enter to give their lives to Christ! It can happen if you will only believe The Word, seek The Word, become The Word, have faith, and put your faith in action all in accordance with The Will of The Father, the same Will that Christ did. 

If you recall nothing else, recall that Christ is more than just The Son of God who was and is with God in Heaven who was born of a virgin, died for our sins, rose again on the third day, and ascended into Heaven. That is true, and we should love and embrace Christ for all of that. But that is not personal, because we are not those things. We were not with God in the beginning. We have not beheld God’s face. We were not born of virgins. We did not die for the sins of all mankind on the cross, rise on the third day, and ascend into Heaven. And all power and salvation is not conferred onto others by people believing on us in our name. So, we can love Jesus Christ for that, we can appreciate Christ for that, but it is not 100% personal. Why? Because we cannot be that! It must be something for which we must put Christ on a pedestal, stand back in awe and reverence, and appreciate from a distance, however short it must be, but yet a distance. We must treat that as the children of Israel were to behave in the Holy Temple, in the tabernacle, and in the presence of the ark of the covenant; where they were not even allowed to open the ark and look upon the tablets on which God gave The Law to Moses.  

But Christ being the Word, that is the New Covenant! That is what makes it personal! That is what can live in our hearts! It is more than what we can just appreciate and be thankful for, it is what we can appreciate and become! And that is the meaning of the communion. You did recall that Christ said “You must eat my flesh and drink my blood to have salvation and eternal life”? You know the saying “You are what you eat”? Well that is true! We can become incarnations of Jesus Christ, The Word, within the context of the Body of Christ by consuming Christ. By bonding with Him, by personalizing Him within us. By deciding that we want more out of life and our relationship with God than just sitting on pews Sunday after Sunday and doing all of the churchy religious things and that we can actually get up and do the things that Christ did by worshipping God through Christ as He is … a spirit. By realizing that God is a spirit and we have spirits … indeed, our true selves which will live forever are spirits … and learning to worship and interact directly with God through our spirits. Our human bodies will never see God BUT OUR SPIRITS WILL! Only when we eat the flesh and drink the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by having a burning desire to actually be a manifestation of Him, to do as He did, to BE HIM will we truly understand. Not by ritual, not by association, but rather by the true desire of our hearts can this happen. As they say in athletics, “You have to want it to get it!” You have to take it personal, make it personal, and then allow God to make it happen. Please, let God work on you so that you can become The Word, an active miracle worker for God today.  


If you have not said the Salvation Prayer (or another version of it), please do so now. If you have, then please say this prayer: Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, right now I am seeking you in spirit. Right now I am wanting my spirit to bond with you. Right now I am seeking a personal relationship, a spirit to spirit relationship, with you through my spirit with the Holy Spirit as the mediator. Lord God, I wish to receive directly from you true revelation and true understanding. I want to do your will, God, in the way you want it done. I want to do as and be as Jesus Christ did, and not in a figurative or allegorical or indirect sense, but directly. Please Lord, bond with my spirit. Please, Lord, multiply my faith so after this happens I will go and do your will, and once I have done it I shall believe. Please Lord may I be baptized in the Holy Spirit and receive your anointing. Lord, please lead me and guide me to instruction as regarding the true meaning of Your Word so that I may learn how to be Your Word in the Body of Christ and operate in it to do your will and please you. I know that all things are possible through Christ Jesus, and by your will I am naming and claiming the impossible through you and for you! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

The demons that operate against Christians knowing and acting as The Word of God are complacency, fear, skepticism, faithlessness, worldliness, and false doctrine. The goal is to try to get Christians to limit what they think that God can do and what they can do in Christ, and to try to seek solutions in the natural realm. You are required by God to go into and/or seek spiritual warfare for deliverance from these evil spirits for yourself and for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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